My Guest Beat the Feds! Plus, A White House Photog!

THE GOVERNMENT WENT AFTER HOWARD ROOT.  AND HE FOUGHT THEM BACK.  Howard Root was the CEO of a successful medical devices company when the Justice Department got a complaint from a former disgruntled employee and decided to investigate.  Five years and $25 million in legal fees, Mr. Root was vindicated, but his prosecution exposed a legitimate question about who polices the police.  He's on today at 2pm to share his story.  You can buy Howard's riveting book here

WHAT'S IT LIKE TO TAKE PHOTOS AT THE WHITE HOUSE?  IT'S A LIVING!  Rick Wilking knows because he's done it, along with photographing pretty much every newsworthy event as a photog for Reuters and other news outlets.  We'll find out what the life of an itinerant picture taker is like today at 3 for It's a Living: Photographer Edition! Find Rick's website here

I FINALLY UNDERSTAND THE VISCERAL REACTION TO TRUMP'S PIGGISHNESS BY HOLLYWOOD DAMES And I got clarity from the New York Times story about the Super Creep Harvey Weinstein.  Did you read it?  Let me give you the Cliff Notes version.  Liberal darling and super successful movie producer Harvey Weinstein is a disgusting pig of a man who used his position as those things I just mentioned to demand young actresses and production assistants do things like give or get massages from his massive banana fingers or WATCH HIM SHOWER.  It would be like Jabba the Hut washing himself I'm guessing.  He has written checks (or someone has written check on his behalf) to quietly settle many lawsuits about his behavior, but it didn't seem to stop him.  But the New York Times has outed him.  The Noted Feminist Ashley Judd, who thought nothing of demanding to see an airport screeners boss when he DARED to call her "sweetheart", breezily noted that everyone has known about Harvey's behavior for years.  THIS IS NOT OKAY, ASHLEY.  But something dawned on me that connected this story to the over the top reaction to Donald Trump's "Grab they by the P*ssy" comments.  This is what women in Hollywood probably deal with all the time.  Men in power positions who can give them jobs making demands of a sexual or dehumanizing nature is probably the norm.  And as these women, who want to present themselves as the leaders of the New Feminist Revolution to the rest of the world, either kept their mouths shut so they don't get black balled in the industry or gave in to said demands (you know it worked for Harvey more than once or he wouldn't keep trying) heard Trump, they found an outlet for their rage.  Because they couldn't show up outside of Harvey's office wearing a pink p*ssy hat, they showed up in DC instead.  And part of me doesn't blame them. So where are they now?  Nowhere.  No one is saying a WORD.  

EVEN LATE NIGHT HOSTS, INCLUDING THE NEW CONSCIENCE OF AMERICAN JIMMY KIMMEL ARE SILENT On an abusive man who happens to celebrate liberal and progressive causes.  They could have just dusted off the pile of jokes they lobbed at Bill O'Reilly when his scumbagginess was exposed.  But they didn't.  Not even a little bit.  Read more here. 


AND NOW LIBERALS RUIN DR. SEUSS The Dr. Seuss museum wanted to have a Children's Literature festival  and they invited several prominent children's authors.  Three of those author's said no because they found the mural outside the museum of a scene from "And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry" offensive.  Sigh.  Just sigh.  

IT'S OFFICIAL, THERE IS NO POINT TO COLLEGE ANYMORE. Because students refused to take a test at Berkeley and demanded a take home test instead and why bother paying for this kind of crap really? 

I HAVE TO GIVE CAM NEWTON CREDIT FOR THIS ONE Because if you screw up in this world, many times a canned apology is released the media.  Even worse, an apology is read from behind a podium.  But Cam Newton apologized and I actually think he meant it.  And I don't even like the guy.  Watch it for yourself.

MY SECRET ACTOR BOYFRIEND GAVE THE BUSINESS TO JERKS WHO HATE COPS I don't watch The Walking Dead, but I would if I could stand gore at all because Jeffery Dean Morgan is on it and he is straight up DREAMY.  And now I love him more because after he got a rash of crap for DARING to wear a Blue Lives Matter shirt, he gave the haters a good dose of STFU.  

COSTCO IS NOW OFFERING HOME DELIVERY AND MY LIFE IS COMPLETE Because now I can have 64 rolls of toilet paper delivered to my HOUSE.  Shut the front door, this is amazing. 

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