No Vaccines? It's Jail Time for YOU!

FIRST AND FOREMOST, THANK YOU ROCKIES FOR A GREAT SEASON!  I can't wait for next year and I am proud to be a Rockie this morning! 

IS JAIL TIME REALLY NECESSARY IN THIS CASE?  A Michigan woman is looking at seven days in jail after she didn't follow through on an earlier court order to vaccinate her nine year old son.  Of course she is divorced from the boy's father, so this whole thing ended up in court.  The order violation aside, it doesn't seem right to me that a judge can force a boy to be vaccinated against the wishes of one of the parents.  But on the other side, it doesn't seem right that the dad's voice wasn't being heard by the mother.  Poor kid.  Because if they can't work out something like this without the courts being involved, they are in for a long 9 years of co-parenting.  The mother says the judge is pro-vaccine and that played into her decision, and the mother has followed all the rules for vaccine exemptions in Michigan.  Except the rule that challenged a court order, apparently. 

WANT TO NOT GET DEMENTIA?  GET MOVING!  Repeat after me: exercise is the magic bullet.  We learn consistently that getting exercise as you age is critical to a healthy body.  But now we're learning that it may be critical to a healthy mind.  A new study on mice showed that mice who ran on a wheel had a healthier brain function than those who didn't.  I realize it's mice, but studies in the past on people showed a positive impact on brain function for those who exercise.  So get up and move!! 

THIS IS HILARIOUS AND VERY EFFECTIVE Did you see the man dressed like the dude from Monopoly at a Senate Hearing?  No?  It's pretty priceless. 

So what is he doing there?  He's with a group called Americans for Financial Reform and he's trying to bring attention to the forced arbitration clauses that banks are forcing everyone to sign these days.  And you know what?  It was effective because it made me look it up.  Well done, group I've never heard of! 

THAT DELICIOUS SALMON YOU LOVE MAY BE ENRICHING NORTH KOREA! And this is the issue with food from China.  It seems that China has contracts that allows large groups of North Korean workers to be shipped to China to work in plants that do things like process seafood.  Seafood which is then sold to grocery chains like Walmart and Aldi and under the labels of Sea-Trek and The Fishin' Company.  The real issue is that most of the salaries given to those North Korean workers is funneled back to the North Korean regime.  As the world gets smaller, it gets harder to avoid supporting a dictator.  

WANT TO FEEL OLD?  LOOK AT THE NOMINEES FOR THE ROCK HALL OF FAME And realize that Rage Against the Machine and Radiohead are both 25 years old.  Nina Simone should already be in, although she isn't exactly a "rock" musician.  I say yes to Bon Jovi and the Moody Blues.  See all the nominees here

IS THERE A GROWING DETRANSITION ISSUE IN THE WORLD?  What is "detransition"?  It's when a transman or transwoman decides they made a mistake and want to go back to their assigned gender.  It's such a growing problem (and by growing, I don't mean hundreds, but handfuls) that a prominent genital reconstruction surgeon asked an academic to study it.  However when the academic proposed the study to his university, they shot it down because it was too politically incorrect.  They were afraid of being attacked for being transphobic, I'm guessing.  This is officially the death of academic freedom.  This column by a former transwoman who detransitioned explains the complicated nature of changing your mind when you are transgender.  This girds my loins in my opposition to parents helping or encouraging their children to transition before they are adults. 

IS THERE ANYTHING LEFT IN ENTERTAINMENT THAT POLITICS HASN'T RUINED?  In the interest of full disclosure, I can't remember the last time I watched any late night tv.  Heck I can't remember the last time I was AWAKE late night.  But this column on how political late night tv has become makes some good points about the Colberts and Kimmels and their declining audiences because of the fracturing of entertainment.  But it raises the question for me of where do we get our entertainment these days?  What has been left unscathed?  Where do you go for laughs?  What do you do for fun?  

WOMAN FIRED FOR BEING NASTY ONLINE UPSET PEOPLE ARE NASTY ONLINE TO HER You remember the story of the now former CBS Executive who got canned after saying this:

“If they wouldn’t do anything when children were murdered I have no hope that Republicans will ever do the right thing, I’m actually not even sympathetic bc country music fans often are Republican gun toters.”

She said it about a hot minute after the Las Vegas massacre and CBS fired her for it.  And now she's super unhappy that people are being mean to HER online.  Poor poodle. 

HE WHO CONTROLS THE GATEWAY TO INFORMATION CONTROLS THE WORLD And this column has me a bit concerned about the future of society.  Why?  Because the author demonstrates how much control three companies have when it comes to access to information.  Not information itself, but how we ACCESS information.  I honestly had not considered this issue previously, but now I may be more amenable to looking at anti trust movements against Big Tech.  

THIS SHOULD HASTEN THE END OF THE EMPIRE NICELY And it comes in the form of a Pew poll demonstrating how deep the political divide is in this country.  These paragraphs jumped out at me.

The Pew questions on “political values” ask poll respondents to pick between one of two statements. For example, respondents were given a choice between these two sentences: “The government should do more to help needy Americans, even if it means going deeper into debt,” or “The government today can’t afford to do much more to help the needy.”

Overall, half of Americans say the government should do more to help the needy, while 43 percent say it can’t afford to do more much. Over the past two decades, the percentage of Americans who want the government to do more has moved in a band between 41 percent (in 2011) and 63 percent (in 2007).

This demonstrates that Americans have no idea that our debt can ultimately be our undoing.  It also demonstrates that people don't recognize the trillions of dollars our government has ALREADY spent "helping" poor people, only to have the pretty much the same level of "poverty" we had when we started.  And it's not both Democrats and Republicans, it's Democrats.  

In the latest survey, however, the percentage of Democrats who think government should do more has surged to 71 percent. But Republicans have held steady: Just 24 percent want government to do more for the needy.

For a party which holds it Powers of Rational Thinking in high esteem, these folks seem to be more interested in moral signaling than actually solving a problem.  But then, it's Democrats I'm talking about.  And they also demonstrate a total lack of knowledge about what crushing debt does to an economy.  Look at history, people, it's riddled with bones of former empires whose people voted themselves the Treasury.  You should click that link I just embedded over there <<< because it is a fantastic, although depressing article on why empires fall.  It will unnerve you when you put it in the context of both our bloated and super controlling central government and the rise of Islamist extremism.  

LET'S JUST DITCH THE SECOND AMENDMENT!  SO SAYS NOTED NUT MICHAEL MOORE Before you dismiss this out of hand, let's think about this.  If we're going to ditch the Bill of Rights, this could work to our advantage.  Just as Moore says we need to create strict new rules about who can own a gun and under what circumstances, enforced by the government of course, why don't I make the argument that we need to curtail that outdated First Amendment too?  I mean the Founding Fathers could never have foreseen the cesspool that is Twitter, amiright?  And why should someone be able to encourage others to "punch a nazi"?  We need to create a government speech agency to decide who and why someone gets to post online or say ANYTHING really.  And right now since my team is in charge, I say we barrel ahead!  

AND NOW THE GOOD NEWS STORY OF THE DAY!  A couple born on the same day, in the same hospital, just got married.  And they are just adorable.  Check them out here

AND NOW FOR THE BAD NEWS STORY OF THE CENTURY And I wasn't trying to find this video on the demise of our empire, but here it is.  Watch at your peril. 

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