What Really Turned the Vietnam War?

DID ONE BATTLE TURN THE VIETNAM WAR?  My guest today at 3:35 is Mark Bowden, who also wrote Black Hawk Down.  He's a reporter and author and has a new book called Hue 1968: A Turning Point In the War In Vietnam. From the reviews I've seen from guys who were IN Vietnam, this book is garnering wide praise for it's even handed telling of the story.  Buy the book here

I SORT OF DIG REX TILLERSON Because the same day that a "bombshell" report came out saying that VP Mike Pence had to BEG Secretary of State Tillerson to stay on after Tillerson allegedly called Trump a "moron", Tillerson gave the following press conference.  

His visible irritation at the stupidity of Washington D.C. makes me like him.  A lot.  

THIS MAY BE BLASPHEMY TO SOME, BUT THERE MAY BE A GUN LAW I CAN GET BEHIND. And I guess I'll take the hit from all of you who are going to tell me I've gone soft and any gun control legislation is simply the camels nose under the tent on the edge of a slippery slope.  But I'm going to say it, it may not be a bad idea to outlaw kits to make semi auto fully auto, and that includes bump stocks. If fully auto is outlawed except in tightly regulated situations, why should these things be allowed?  My thinking is there is simply not a good enough argument to keep them legal while fully auto is not.  Especially when a madman may have used them to kill a bunch of people at a concert.  I always ask of gun control nuts, "would the law you are proposing have stopped what happened?" and the answer is always no.  However in this case, the answer may be, "it could have made it less horrible" which is a good enough reason for me.  I'm not the only 2nd Amendment supporter coming to this conclusion.  

NOW, NOT OFFERING WIFI IS REVOLUTIONARY FOR A COFFEE SHOP Call it a digital backlash, but some business owners are trying to get people to actually have a conversation again, but are getting a load of crap for it.  A cafe in Canada declared themselves "screen free" after 5pm in an attempt to get people to close their laptops and chill out.  But the very people who were supposed to chill gave a chilly reception to the message many found condescending.  But this might be a thing now, as new coffee shops in NYC are *GASP* not offering wifi at ALL to their customers.  Maybe there is hope for society.  

ONCE YOU RESEARCH GUN CONTROL THE HOUSE OF CARDS FALLS APART But don't take my word for it, take it from a woman who was PRO gun control until she actually researched it and realized the folly of her assumptions.  She wrote a column for the Washington Post about it. 

IT'S NATIONAL TACO DAY!  And that means the Rockies WILL score at least 7, and you can get a free or cheap taco at a bunch of places.  Here's a handy list of what the big chains are doing. 

AND NATIONAL VODKA DAY!  And here is a list of some really good vodkas for you to celebrate with some tacos.  

YOU CAN MAKE THE FOOD WITH LOVE, YOU JUST CAN'T LIST IT AS AN INGREDIENT At least according to the FDA, which told a baker they must remove "Love" from their ingredients list on granola.  The company says the whole thing felt very Orwellian.  I find this funny because based on what I read in the letter to the company about other violations, this place is staffed with likely Bernie voters.  Which makes the whole shock they feel about Big Government sort of funny.  Sort of. 

ABBY IS LEAVING NCIS!  And yes, I realize that someone as cool and hip as I obviously am should not be watching a show beloved by hoi polloi BUT I DO.   And now one more of the original stars is leaving and I'm not sure how many of these departures I can take.  I feel like we're near the end now.  Sigh.  

HE HATED ABORTION UNTIL HE KNOCKED UP HIS MISTRESS Well Rep. Tim Murphy THOUGHT his mistress was pregnant and immediately offered up abortion as the best choice.  Unfortunately, that was at the same time he was actively promoting the Pro Life movement and taking accolades for his stance against abortion.  It's always convenient to be against something if you don't think you need it.  

LIBERALS NOW RUIN HALLOWEEN Because now even Halloween displays have to be used to make a political statement.  

YOU CAN'T FIGHT EMOTION WITH LOGIC SO I'VE GIVEN UP TRYING Right now is NOT the time to have a meaningful conversation about gun control.  You know why?  Because people in a highly emotional state are incapable of making rational decisions.  Emotion clouds our judgment and leads people to say things like "Jimmy Kimmel has become America's Conscious".  Except that was from an alleged news organization, CNN.  Newsbusters does a nice job reminding us how Jimmy Kimmel really cemented his space in American pop culture, which is having women in underwear bounce on trampolines.  But more importantly, Kimmel was WRONG about so much.  Just WRONG.  And there is nothing I can say to him to change his mind.  So I'm keeping my yap shut until legislation is actually proposed and then it's on like Donkey Kong.  

NO, THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION IS NOT GOING TO EXECUTE GAY PEOPLE NOW And you can just ignore the histrionics trying to use yet another thing that isn't a thing to make the Trump Administration look bad.  And lo and behold, it is Buzzfeed who explained why this isn't what the Gay Mafia is trying to make it.  Read the explanation here


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