This Horrible Mystery May Not Be Solved

DID YOU WAKE UP TODAY AND IMMEDIATELY CHECK THE NEWS? I did.  I wanted to see a screaming headline that announced they KNEW why it happened.  But there isn't.  Everyone is still scratching their heads about why a seemingly financially secure retired accountant would pull of the worst mass shooting in history.  And we currently don't seem any closer to understanding the man or his motives today.  This is going to be very frustrating for those of us who are used to the team on Law and Order wrapping things up in a neat package in an hour.  

WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO GIVE UP FOR A FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY?  And I pose the question like that for a good reason.  After 9/11, we were told that standing in excessively long lines while being manhandled by strangers was necessary to keep us safe.  The reality of the TSA is that as recently as July the screeners in Minneapolis missed 95% of the weapons, drugs and explosives that were taken through security by undercover federal agents.   The multiple unsuccessful terror attacks on planes since 9/11 have been foiled by passengers, not the TSA.  (although I'm sure the TSA has stopped something, we just don't hear about it) So what are we willing to give up now?  Do you want snipers protecting every outdoor concert, even if you have to pay a higher ticket price for it?  Do you want to end all outdoor events?  So you want your bags screened at every hotel, knowing it doesn't do much at the airport?  What are you willing to give up?  The sad truth is that we can't maintain our free and open lives and expect security.  We can't even agree to give up certain things and expect security.  

JARED POLIS LEADS THE CHARGE FOR GUN CONTROL And since he's running for Governor, this will be a very hot issue in this race.  He took the floor of the House yesterday to ask for more laws, while not actually defining which laws will make us not have to fear a madman hell bent on destruction. 


WHY AREN'T THERE WOMEN IN BASEBALL?  It seems to me that at least SOME women should have at least TRIED to crack the Diamond Ceiling of Baseball at this point, doesn't it?  I'll talk to documentary Jon Leonoudakis about his new film "The Sweet Spot"  about why women aren't in baseball and how that may have been by design.  Watch the preview here


WE ARE ALWAYS TOLD TO LISTEN TO THE GOOD WOMEN OF PLANNED PARENTHOOD.  OKAY. These are the good women who LEFT Planned Parenthood and are now working to expose PP for what it is: nothing more than an abortion mill.  Watch this.  By the way, Abby Johnson is a former PP Clinic Director who had a change of heart after assisting with an ultrasound guided pregnancy on a 13 week old fetus.  Her story is remarkable, read more here

Mandy Connell


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