These are the Days I Hate My Job.

TODAY IS A TERRIBLE DAY.  There is no right thing to say today.  Maybe except I am so sorry for the families and children and parents and loved ones of the people mowed down for the crime of attending a concert.  But people who were completely unaffected by the tragedy are already using it for their own political agenda.  As to be expected, really because some look at any crisis and immediately begin to find ways to not let it go to waste (I'm looking at you, Rahm Emanuel).  Once again we are faced with a massive loss of life for what will surely be a stupid and nonsensical reason, and once again, we are left to try to figure out WHY.  Why did this man do this?  Why did he take out his frustrations on innocents?  We may never know.  

DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, DON'T COMMIT ANYTHING YOU HEAR ABOUT THIS SHOOTING TO MEMORY JUST YET Because a LOT of what is pouring onto the internet is completely false, totally fabricated or going to be found to be incorrect at a later date.  A great example is the woman that was being reported as a travelling companion of the shooter this morning, but who now has been completely cleared because she was out of the country.  Wait about 48 hours and then start digging in.

SO WHAT NOW?   I know I'm the talk show host and I'm supposed to have all the answers, but I've got none.  But maybe you do.  So today, I'm looking for solutions.  They can be far fetched, not so far fetched or simply wishful thinking.  But there has to be something we can do.

IF YOU WANT TO HELP, PLEASE DONATE BLOOD Because this is actually a time when that could be very helpful.  Find a Bonfils near you by clicking here

I CAN ALREADY PREDICT THAT COMPLETELY CREEPS WILL ASK FOR THIS HOTEL ROOM And I certainly hope that the Mandalay Bay will take it out of circulation permanently to prevent ghouls from getting their rocks off by staying in it.  

NO, AUTOMATIC WEAPONS ARE NOT "LEGAL" IN LAS VEGAS Any more than they are "legal" in Colorado.  They are legal, but require a level of background screening and licensing that most people can not and do not have.  Read more here

I DECLARE THE LAST FIVE MINUTES OF EACH HOUR THE "GOOD NEWS BREAK" And I need your help.  When I call for good news, you guys bring it.  I don't care if the good news is your C student got a B on a test, or your new puppy didn't pee on the carpet all weekend.  Just bring it.


SPEAKING OF GOOD NEWS, THE PATRIOTS ARE "IN SHAMBLES" Or so says this columnists who seems to think Pats fans should be worried.  Good thing Matt the Dead to Me will be in today filling in for Richard the World's Oldest so we can see if he saw this article

PERA IS IN TROUBLE AND THE DENVER POST HAS SOME ANSWERS And I'm hoping that since it's coming from the Post, retirees or employees who will be counting on PERA for their retirement pay attention.  I have one quick question.  Why not tie COLA increases to the same formula the Feds use for Social Security?  Read the editorial here

BUT WHAT STARTED THE "COMMON ERA"?  I ask that because some schools in the UK have replaced BC (Before Christ) and AD (Anno Domini, which means "in the year of the Lord") with BCE (Before Common Era) and CE (Common Era) to avoid "offending" non Christians.  There is so much wrong with this.  Not because I'm super religious, but because by doing this you deny how much of our culture is traced back to it's Christian roots.  Whether the agnostics and atheists like it or not, we are intertwined with Christianity at our core.  You want to know why the Brits feel they are being buried by Islam?  Because of crap like this.  

CONGRATS TO MY SECRET BOYFRIEND CHARLIE BLACKMON!  Charlie won the NL Batting title and is a very serious MVP candidate if you ask me.  But then, I'm biased. 

AND NOW HERE'S A VIDEO OF ZEN MUSIC AND NATURE Because we can all use this today.

CURSES ON YOU, GOOGLE!  You know how you used to be able to search an article using Google and get past the paywall to see it?  Not so much anymore.  It's why I don't share Wall Street Journal articles on the blog anymore, because there is nothing more I hate than a paywall when I just want to see one article.  

WHEN TOM BRADY LOSES CONAN, HE'S LOST THE WORLD Because Tom Brady says that if you drink a lot of water you won't get a sunburn.  And this is how Conan responded.

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