An Arborist and a Hypnotist Walk Into the Studio....

IT'S TIME FOR IT'S A LIVING: ARBORIST EDITION! In case you are confused, an arborist is a guy who specializes in trees, and I've got Denver Arborist Derek Fox on to talk everything trees.  He'll take your questions at 3.

MY FRIEND RICH GUZZI IS GOING TO HYPNOTIZE RICHARD THE INTERN Because that's what we do to our interns here.  Rich is performing all weekend long at the Denver Improv in Stapleton, and you should go see him.  Buy your tickets here. 

ROSS KAMINSKY FINALLY HAS A GREAT ANALOGY!  My friend and co worker (at 630 KHOW Mornings) Ross Kaminsky likes to say he is the King of the Bad Analogies and mostly he's spot on with that assessment.  However, he makes a food related analogy to the NFL which is perfect both because green peppers ruin everything and politics in sports ruins everything too.  Read it and know #bellpeppersmustdie   

JUST FOR FUN, MORE PROOF THAT PAUL KRUGMAN IS AN IDIOT I mentioned on yesterday's blog that GDP growth for the 2nd quarter was 3.1%.  This after the Obama administration told us over and over again that we should just recognize that the "new normal" was going to be 1 and 1/2%.  And doing the job he loves the most, pseudo economist Paul Krugman sold that bill of goods repeatedly.  Here he is from January of this year saying Trump possessed "economic arrogance" for believing GDP growth would be between 3 and 31/2%.  He does know how to spell "economic arrogance", he just doesn't know who actually possesses it.  

LIBERALS RUIN EVERYTHING, INCLUDING LIBRARY BOOKS AND GIFTS Did you hear that Melania Trump worked with the Department of Education to pinpoint a high performing school in every state so she could send a gift of books and a letter of recognition?  She chose ten Dr. Seuss books for each school.  Apparently 49 librarians took the gift in the spirit it was intended.  One Connecticut librarian however, took the opportunity to school the First Lady on how stupid and thoughtless her gift was.  Because Dr. Seuss is racist and HER school has PLENTY of resources and didn't need them.  Obviously they need to direct some of those resources into lessons on common courtesy.  Read the bitchy missive here.  

ANOTHER RUSSIA ELECTION STORY COLLAPSES.  And I find it interesting that Glenn Greenwald, who is a very famous liberal reporter, is asking other liberals if they can finally start doubting the entire Russia narrative yet.  The latest red herring was a report last Friday that Russia tried to hack into the election systems of 21 states.  Rachel Maddow reported it with the appropriate breathlessness and newspapers all over the place ran with SEE! headlines.  Except it's not true.  I love this paragraph especially:

But this is no isolated incident. Quite the contrary: this has happened over and over and over again. Inflammatory claims about Russia get mindlessly hyped by media outlets, almost always based on nothing more than evidence-free claims from government officials, only to collapse under the slightest scrutiny, because they are entirely lacking in evidence.

Wouldn't it be nice if this liberal reporter would apply this same standard to, say, global warming? 

MILEY CYRUS HAS QUIT SMOKING POT And normally I wouldn't give two hot craps about a story like this, but check out her reasoning:

“I think if people told me to, I wouldn’t do it,” she laughs. “For me, I wanted to be clear-headed — it’s part of living in the moment.

“There are many intelligent and inventive people who are marijuana activists but, for me as an entertainer, it doesn’t allow me to have as much energy as I’d like to have or to focus on my work.

“I really want to be clear about my music and what I am doing.I want everyone else to be as well.”

In an interview with Billboard, she said this:

'I like to surround myself with people that make me want to get better, more evolved, open... and I was noticing, it’s not the people that are stoned. 

'I want to be super clear and sharp, because I know exactly where I want to be.' 

Since Cyrus has been an outspoken pothead for years, I thought I'd share this so you can share it with your kids who may think she is cool.  And here's hoping she isn't such a hot mess going forward. 

"AND YOU GET A FREE CAR, AND YOU GET A FREE HOUSE, AND YOU GET FREE HEALTHCARE!"  This is what I imagine Oprah running for President would sound like.  And columnist John Podhoretz makes the case for her being the best chance for Dems in the future.  And he might not be wrong. 

LADIES, IF YOU'RE SEARCHING FOR THE PERFECT MAN, YOU MIGHT WANT TO READ THIS Because science has determined which dudes are most likely to provide you the Big O on a regular basis.  

WHAT DO WE WANT?  WE DON'T KNOW!  WHEN DO WE WANT IT?  NOW?  This is actually really sad yet wildly entertaining at the same time.  The protesters in Berkeley have no idea what they are protesting. 


IT'S NATIONAL COFFEE DAY And I've already celebrated with way too much coffee today.  Here are a few places you can get a free cup of joe

WANT TO USE YOUR DRONE AT A NATIONAL LANDMARK?  TOO BAD. Because the parks service has now banned the use of drones around Mount Rushmore, the Statue of Liberty and eight more monuments.  My question is what the policy is if a drone is seen around them.  Do park rangers have the authority to shoot them down?  That would be a cool job: Professional Drone Sniper! 

ACCUSED TRAITOR REALITY WINNER IS NOT MUCH OF A WINNER But she is what happens when you grow up in a country where you are consistently told that America is everything wrong with the world.  She says she "only" says she hates America "like three times a day" and that America is the worst thing ever because of air conditioning.  Yep.  Treason is justified because of ac.  

THAT WHOLE "JOIN US IN UNITY" THING IN GREEN BAY DIDN'T GO SO WELL As the crowd decidedly did NOT link arms as a show of diversitysomethingjusticesomething.  The crowd saluted the flag.  It's a pretty strong picture of unity, just not the one the Packers were hoping for.  

WANT TO KNOW IF YOU'RE A HORRIBLE PERSON?  PLAY SOME OF THESE GAMES Like Cards Against Humanity for instance.  This game asks you to make "matches" between horrible things in horrible ways.  It's extremely politically incorrect, although wildly popular with people from BOTH sides of the political aisle.  Why?  Maybe it's our collectively secret way of saying Screw You to political correctness.  Read this theory expanded here

PATS FANS BURN JERSEYS AND TORTURE HURRICANE VICTIMS Patriot fans angered by the Patriots display at last week's game decided to fight back.  One man hosted a jersey burning party and 100 people showed up to torch their gear.  Unfortunately not ALL the gear was burned, as they collected it for hurricane victims.  Haven't they suffered enough??? 

COLIN KAEPERNICK PUTS HIS COP HATING MONEY WHERE HIS MOUTH IS From the coffers of his foundation anyway.  He gave $25,000 to an organization devoted to sharing the ideals of a convicted cop killer who escaped from jail and went to Cuba.  They sound lovely.  At least he's consistent. 

I MUST HAVE MISSED THE COLORADO SPECIAL DISTRICTS BAKE SALE You know the one where the special taxing districts in Colorado make cookies to fund things a special session called on their behalf? No?  That's because they don't.  They get all of their money, every bit of it, from the taxpayers.  So when the Governor tells me to not worry about the cost of a special session to fix a sloppy bit of accounting because the special districts will pay for it, don't be surprised if I roll my eyes.  Talk about a sloppy bit of accounting. 

DAVE THE INTREPID BRINGS BACK THE HATE! He's rocking it old school today. 

Mandy Connell


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