Are Communists this stupid, Hugh Hefner and Meat.

WAS THERE ANYONE WHO LAUNCHED MORE BOY FANTASIES THAN HUGH HEFNER? And now he's dead after a long, very full life at the age of 91.  Talk about a guy who changed the world, and I don't think he changed it for the better in the long run.  I would say more, but I'm sure you are all mourning him for the articles, amiright?  ***I shamelessly stole that last joke from my gay friend Rob, who posted it on Facebook this morning and made me laugh.  

CAN THE GOP PULL OF TAX REFORM THAT IS VERY PUNITIVE TO DEM STATES?  And I can't wait to hear some pundit point out to some Californian that eliminating the deduction for state income taxes is only FAIR as I've heard them talk about not cutting Medicaid because it wouldn't be FAIR.  So far there are not many solid details about Trump's tax plan, except that it would limit the home mortgage deduction and the state income tax deduction, plus increase the standard deductions and child credits and level multiple tax rates into three while cutting corporate taxes at the same time.  Sounds good to me.  Mark me down.  But of course there will much screaming and bloodshed before any real bill gets done.  

SAVING UP FOR A NURSING HOME?  BETTER SAVE A LOT MORE Because the cost of nursing home care is rising at a rate faster than inflation.  By 2027, when a lot of people are going to be searching for something for a loved one in need, the cost will have risen to 10 grand a MONTH. Why?  Supply and demand is part of it.  And giving quality care to someone is expensive anyway when you are talking around the clock care.  Time to call someone about long term care insurance.  

DID A BOEING COMPLAINT ACCIDENTALLY START A TRADE WAR WITH THE UK?  If it does, it would super ironic because Boeing would most certainly be the biggest loser in the whole deal.  It seems that as Delta Airlines placed an order of the Canadian Bombardier aircraft, Boeing decided to file an Official Complaint with the Department of Commerce because they say the Canadian government support creates an unfair advantage for Bombardier.  The DoC levied a rather large and punitive tariff as a possible response, and the UK is on fire today about this affront to our "special relationship".  Why is the UK involved in a dispute being the US and Canada?  Because the wings for these planes are made in Ireland, and the UK is trying to protect 4,000 jobs.  Canada is threatening to cancel a huge Boeing fighter jet order because I'm sure they know we will protect them if anyone attacks.  

THIS KID IS A COMMUNIST AND TOTAL MORON, BUT THEN I REPEAT MYSELF. Have you seen the story about the moron who went to West Point and then took a photo of himself showing his Che Guevera shirt under his uniform at graduation?  That lead people to his idiotic social media posts where he celebrated communism in all it's forms.  Now the military says they are "looking into it".  What I want to know is how NONE of his instructors at West Point knew about this?  He was pretty open on social media about his love for communism and Chelsea Manning's actions.  I sure hope they slap him with a $200,000 bill for his education before the court martial him and kick his ass out.  

I SORT OF FEEL SORRY FOR MEGYN KELLY.  SORT OF.  It's hard to pity someone who is going to get a $20 million paycheck, but Megyn Kelly is doing worse than even I expected.  Her show has been referred to as a Bride of Frankenstein venture, and she's already made news for asking Jane Fonda about plastic surgery and using the phrase "that gay thing" to a gay lawyer in the set to watch the cast of "Will and Grace".  It's almost like watching someone get murdered and not being able to stop it.  Oh well, NBC made it's bed.  What they are finding out is that when you use your other network (MSNBC) to vilify another (Fox News) incessantly, it's probably not a good idea to hire someone from that other network and expect your people to like them.  

WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT? EAT STEAK AND AVOCADOS.  That is the finding of a new study about which foods make you feel the most full.  Certain foods release an amino acid into your brain to signal fullness.  Find a list of them here.

WORKING AT DYSON MUST BE HELLA COOL Because where else do you get directives like, hey we're worried about air pollution so we're just gonna build an electric car.  Some are making jokes like, but will it double as a street sweeper, but I think they do so at their peril.  Think about the way Dyson has revolutionized pretty much every product they touch.  I CAN DRY MY HANDS WITH AIR IN ABOUT 15 SECONDS NOW thanks to Dyson.   They have fans without blades and their vacuum cleaners REALLY suck, and I mean that in the BEST possible way.  I don't understand why erebody is so gaga over Elon Musk and yet they don't have the same love and appreciation for James Dyson.  Don't underestimate this dude or this company.  They make an electric car I may actually want to buy.  Read the announcement, it is all sorts of do-gooder badassery.

IF I EVER GO THROUGH BANKRUPTCY COURT I HOPE A KID WRITES A LETTER FOR ME THAT IS THIS ADORABLE The news broke that Toys R Us had declared bankruptcy and little Andrew knew he had to spring into action.  He sent a letter to the judge overseeing the bankruptcy and it is so precious I just about can't stand it.  We'll see if the store near Andrew closes, and if the judge has a heart, the answer will be no.  

HERE'S A HANDY LIST SO YOU CAN CHECK AND SEE IF YOUR BOSS SUCKS AS MUCH AS YOU THINK HE OR SHE DOES And we've all had them.  The bosses who are the absolute WORST.  The ones who don't even know what your job is, let alone how to do their own.  If you are wondering if your boss is horrible or if it's just you, check this list and see.  If you answer yes to more than one of these characteristics, you may want to look for another job in this booming job market.  For me the MOST annoying Bad Boss characteristic is incompetence.  I can't STAND someone who doesn't know what he's doing.  Can't. Stand. It. 

DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE GIANT VOLCANO IN BALI THAT SEEMS LIKE IT MIGHT BLOW? Unless you have a Balinese vacation planned, this shouldn't concern you, right?  Not so fast.  A large eruption will send lots of stuff flying into the atmosphere, which will have a significant impact on OUR weather.  Perhaps.  Or perhaps not.  And by the way, though the volcano is showing all the signs of erupting, even the experts have no idea when or even if it actually will.  Either way, I'm not heading to Bali anytime soon.

THANK YOU PEYTON MANNING, FOR LEAVING OUR MEMORIES OF YOUR GREATNESS ALONE Because he is officially OUT of the political arena he never wanted to be in in the first place.  At least according to a recent interview on a Nashville radio station.  

IF YOU'VE BEEN WORKING ON FORGIVENESS, YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS Because if THIS woman can forgive a Nazi, you can forgive your neighbor who borrowed your tools and then broke them. 


To be clear, Chuck Todd has NO idea that the Founders believed our Rights come from God, not government, because to imply our rights come from government affirms they can take them away.  His high school  civics teacher must be horrified.

ONE POSITIVE MAY COME OF THE NFL PROTESTS As fans in Baltimore are signing a petition demanding the statue of unconvicted accessory to murder Ray Lewis be torn down.  Heh.   Because even if Ray Lewis didn't murder anyone himself, he knows who did and helped them get away with it.

HOW A DIRTY COACH COULD BRING DOWN AN ARENA If you don't follow college basketball, you might not know that an earth shaking event is taking place in Louisville, Kentucky.  Rick Pitino, who has been something of a scumbag for some time (just google Karen Sypher for that backstory) has finally been relieved of his duties at basketball powerhouse the University of Louisville.  It took an FBI investigation into corruption involving athletic wear maker Adidas, but Pitino is out.  What isn't getting any attention yet is the effect this investigation could have on the taxpayers of Louisville.  The Yum Center is a beautiful arena, built by the taxpayers for U of L, and it's been in financial trouble since the doors opened because of the way the deal with U of L was corruptly struck..  You are watching the Death Throes of what you get when politics and sports run a town.  And if U of L gets the "death penalty" for it's program, which is surely being considered by the NCAA, the Yum Center loses it's main tenant and will surely head into bankruptcy very quickly.  Expect lots of lawsuits against the school and the company who sold the bonds in the first place if this happens.  This is going to be a true economic disaster in a city I grew to love in the short time I lived there.  

AND NOW AN NFL STAR DOING SOMETHING GOOD Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson, whose own family worked for and received a home from Habitat for Humanity years ago, donated his game check to three women in the cafeteria who were hit very hard by Hurricane Harvey. 

THE GREEN BAY PACKERS UNITY MOVE ISN'T VERY UNIFYING It seems the Packers, who play the Bears tonight on Thursday night football, have asked their very passionate fans to "join them" by locking arms tonight during the National Anthem.  Why?  What does this even mean?  Unite how?  Under what?  To what end?  This is an example of an NFL team trying to have it both ways and failing miserably. 

DUDE.  JUST DUDE. This super lifelike android robot is super creepy only because it looks absolutely and utterly real.  

REMEMBER WHEN 1 1/2% GROWTH WAS "THE NEW NORMAL"?? That's what the Obama Administration told us as the economy limped along under his leadership.  Unfortunately, growth in the 2nd quarter of THIS year during the Trump administration is 3.1%.  You read that right.  Seems that someone is making America great again.  By the way, that story about 1 1/2 percent being the new normal was from October of LAST YEAR.  

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