Let's Talk About Anything Other Than the NFL Today!

HOW DID THEY BUILD THE GREAT PYRAMIDS IN EGYPT?  We may know now, as a diary of an overseer has been uncovered.  So how did they move the giant blocks of stone from 500 miles away?  They dug canals in the desert and floated them up.  

NOW HERE ARE 10 GADGETS YOU CAN BUY ME FOR CHRISTMAS And I'm not kidding about that, because I would gladly have any of these bad boys.  

RESORT FEES ARE GARBAGE AND NEED TO BE STOPPED AND INSTEAD THEY ARE SPREADING Have you ever checked into a nice hotel only to find out they have tacked on a ridiculous "resort fee" for all the amenities you have no intention of using?  It's infuriating.  It should be stopped, but no, now it's spreading to hotels that can hardly be called "resorts".  TELL ME HOW MUCH SOMETHING COSTS.  It's why I fly Southwest and avoid places with unposted "resort fees".  

THE COLORADO HYPERLOOP COST HOW MUCH AGAIN?  Because I was sure that the price tag for the world's first hyperloop (read the details on what a hyperloop is here) bringing high speed transport around Colorado and into Cheyenne surely couldn't be $24 BILLION dollars.  And yet, it is.  Uh, no. 

BUT I'M SURE MORE PEOPLE WOULD RIDE THE HYPERLOOP THAN THE R LINE That's the light rail to Aurora, which was supposed to average 500 riders per hour by next February.  How close are they?  40 riders per hour close.  Not as in they are boarding 460 riders, they are only boarding 40.  But please tell us again how light rail will change our lives?  

THE NEW XCEL ENERGY PLAN WILL TAKE MORE OF YOUR MONEY AND PUT MORE IN XCEL'S POCKETS And if you think otherwise, you need to read this column.  It's very cool how Xcel uses existing laws to find a way to make themselves look SOOOPER green when in reality they are gaming the system to pocket more of your money.  

OUR MOBILE PHONES ARE A MAJOR DISTRACTION, BUT WE'RE NOT ALONE.  THANKS, JAPAN! Two recent studies have shown a real issue, and that is smart phones are coming between our families.  Parents feel kids are addicted, parents feel parents are addicted, and kids think kids are addicted.  Our culture has not caught up to our technology yet.  

AND YOU THINK YOUR FRIENDS SUCK And Indiana college student has the WORST FRIENDS EVER because they didn't notice when he got separated from them in A CAVE and then LOCKED HIM IN THERE.  Two days later they came back and got him when his parents noticed he was missing.  

BEST. COMMERCIAL. EVER. And why I live in Colorado.  For this drug.

GLOBAL WARMING CAUSES 11 INCHES OF SNOW IN GRAND MESA! At least that's what I'm told by junior clymatologists who write snide emails.  See the gorgeous snow you didn't have to shovel here! Winter is coming and I for one am excited!

PUERTO RICO IS GETTING HELP, I PROMISE And please don't let the talking point that Trump is focused on the NFL instead of Puerto Rico continue to circulate.  Here is an article from the hardly Trump friendly AP that outlines the significant actions taking place right now.  And they are significant.  As to what you can do?  Pray for them and keep paying your taxes, because Puerto Rico is about to hoover up some of your money to right itself.  

DEPARTMENT STORES ARE FAILING, BUT THE DISCOUNT CHAINS ARE BOOMING.  And I am probably the reason why.  I went to the mall last weekend (along with everyone else trying to get out of the house on a rainy day) and without fail, I found something cute, looked at the price tag and did NOT need it.  I am thankfully at a point in my life where I could afford a $120 shirt, but WHY.  I can get a similar shirt, if not the SAME shirt at Marshalls in about six months for a fraction of the price.  Is anyone else out there like this?  Based on sales, I'm not alone by a long shot.  

THE DREAM ACT GETS A REASONABLE FACE LIFT FROM SOME REPUBLICANS And of course, Democrats will hate it because it pushes off naturalization for so called Dreamers for 15 years.  I think I could actually live with this version.  So far the Democrats are mad about the dates given for the Dreamers, but that's negotiable.  We all know, however, that as soon as action is taken on Dreamers, there will be demands to do something about the REST of the people living here illegally.  Also, this bill is not, according to the authors, a stand alone bill and would be made part of a package deal with additional border security measures.  I'm cool with that. 

THE PRINCESS BRIDE IS 30 YEARS OLD!  INCONCEIVABLE! This movie is a classic and one of those movies that I will always turn on when I see it on the guide.  Why?  Because I can watch it with my 8 year old and not be worried that she will see something horrible.  Here are some fun facts about The Princess Bride for you!  

COULD YOUR JOB MAKE A DIVORCE MORE LIKELY? Yes, someone has compiled a list and it's not all that surprising.  Jobs high on the list are mostly people who work in hospitality or entertainment, and for the most part, the salaries are not high in this list.  On the OTHER end of the spectrum are jobs that seem very reliable and methodical and well paying, combinations that don't scream "risk takers" if you know what I mean.  Girls, date the bad boy, marry the nerd.  Just saying. 

DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE SOCIAL MEDIA SITE WHO HURTS GIRLS FEELINGS SO THEY SUED? And the best part is they didn't sue the social media platform Yik Yak, they sued THEIR OWN COLLEGE for not stopping Yik Yak from being on campus.  I would give you the details but the story genuinely sounds like a bunch of 9th grade girls thought it up and a judge threw it out.  But you can read them here. 

YES, TRUMP CONFIDANTES USING PRIVATE EMAIL IS STUPID AND WRONG.  BUT IT'S STILL NOT AS BAD AS WHAT HILLARY DID.  And the ONLY reason I am bothering with that distinction is because Madame Former Secretary is calling out the Trump Admin.  She is drawing a moral equivalence to her sending classified emails on a home brew server that was totally insecure and that requires a rebuttal, which is nicely done here

TRAITOR REALITY WINNER DOESN'T LIKE PRISON FOOD And this is where I put a snarky comment about how she probably shouldn't have downloaded a bunch of secret stuff after being on the job for five minutes at a defense contractors.  But it must be hard for her as a Kosher vegan to get the right stuff at a prison in Georgia.  Too bad.  

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