It's a Living: Comedy Works Edition!

WENDE CURTIS KNOWS HOW TO RUN A COMEDY CLUB And I don't say this simply as a patron of Comedy Works, I say this because of the comedians I personally know or those who I've interviewed say the same thing.  She has a STELLAR reputation in a business not known for upstanding people, and she's in for It's a Living today at 3.  I can't wait!  Buy your tickets to Comedy Works here! She also has a pretty cool podcast here

PATRIOT ANGLERS IS HELPING VETERANS AND NOW YOU CAN HELP THEM! I learned about Patriot Anglers from my friends at Veterans Passport to Hope.  They are an organization that takes veterans on fishing trips.  That is a very simplified explanation of what they do.  I'll talk to Louis Chapman about how you can help these guys help struggling veterans by joining their fishing tournament.  Find out more about it here! If you want to join Patriot Anglers to learn about fishing, click here for the Meet Up page

ROCKET MAN FIRES BACK.  VERBALLY, AT LEAST. This is the part where the squirrelly North Korean dictator saber rattles and calls people names and then the US gives him something to shut him up.  Except President Donald Trump has flipped the script and is not only tightening the sanction screws but also calling HIM names.  Do I know if this will lead us into war?  Nope.  But I do know what we have done since the Clinton administration to "contain" this guy and his nuclear ambitions has been an abject failure.  We'll see what comes next.  

THERE'S SNOW IN CALIFORNIA AND I'M SURE IT'S GLOBAL WARMING'S FAULT At least I'm sure that's what AlGore would tell me if he were around and I'd be willing to listen to him.  Lake Tahoe got a few inches of snow on the last day of summer.  Olaf would be thrilled!  

NO PLANS FOR TONIGHT?  One of my all time favorite bands is playing at Red Rocks tonight.  They are JJ Grey and Mofro and they are amazing.  I first saw them 20 or so years ago when they opened for my friend's band in a bar in Orlando.  They blew me away that night and have been doing the same since then.  And JJ is from a town just down the way from my hometown in Florida, so that's pretty special to me.  Buy your tickets here.  Here's a little taste.  

And this song makes me long for the Florida of my youth.  Before the "That's Not How We Do It Up North" crowd took over.  Last time he sang it at Red Rocks, he subbed "Colorado" for Florida and it unfortunately worked too well.  

ARE YOU A POTENTIAL CHEATER?  IT'S WRITTEN ALL OVER YOUR FACE And I mean that completely in the literal sense, as new research shows that the shape of your face correlates to your sex drive.  And not just that, your attitude about casual sex as well and whether or not you'd consider cheating on your partner.  Why the long face?  It's the least likely to stray.  

THIS IS WHAT'S WRONG WITH AMERICA And it's a story of a lineman coming off a 12 hour shift in Georgia after Hurricane Irma.  While he was sitting in Taco Bell, enjoying a meal of kings, a woman came up to him and yelled that he had time to eat, but not fix her power and she threw a drink on him.  She genuinely needs to be slapped for this.  Right across the face.  Maybe it would wake her up to being a decent human being again.  

ON THE FLIP SIDE, IF YOU KNOW A COLORADO LINEMAN WHO WENT TO FLORIDA To work and restore power, my friends in Florida want you to know how GRATEFUL they all are for your long hours and hard and dangerous work.  I've gotten multiple messages from friends specifically about Colorado lineman and they all want to say THANK YOU!  

ANOTHER THIS IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH AMERICA STORY And I sure hope this mother who is making excuses for her criminal thug son who tried to rob a Starbucks sees herself and feels some shame.  A stupid thug was trying to rob a Starbucks when a customer intervened.  The fight was pretty brutal, with the customer being stabbed in the neck, but the customer ultimately won and the thug got stabbed too.  Now the thug is going to sue.  Please, Lord Jesus give the Judge who gets this case the wisdom to laugh it out of court. 

HOW IS WHAT NBC IS TRYING TO DO WITH MEGYN KELLY NOT SEXIST? I am on record as believing that Megyn Kelly is going to fail in morning television.  It's not because she's not smart, or talented, or hard working enough.  It's because morning television is more like Hoda and Kathie Lee than Megan The Bulldog Interviewer.  So NBC knows this so they are trying to show the softer side of Megyn in a media blitz that is pretty insipid.  I can't imagine them asking Matt Lauer to record a video explaining which of his personality traits drive his family the craziest, can you?  

WANT TO LIVE TO A HEALTHY 111?  DRINK SCOTCH EVERY DAY.  SCOTCHEY SCOTCH SCOTCH... That is the advice from "Amazing Grace" who just celebrated her 111th birthday in England.  She is sharp as a tack and healthy, and she credits her longevity to a daily glass of scotch before bed.  


LOOKING FOR HEARTWARMING FAMILY PROGRAMMING?  Read this column.  There are several movies and a tv show I'm going to be checking out.  It is so true that there is NO family programming on tv these days.  And it's sad.  

I WONDER IF HE'LL HANG THIS NEXT TO HIS OTHER NUMEROUS PRESTIGIOUS AWARDS Former NBC News anchor and current MSNBC something or other Brian Williams won the “Dan Rather Memorial Award for the Stupidest Analysis” this past week from the Media Research Center.  What got him the honor?  Saying on the passing of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro:

“It’s still one of those nations [Cuba] where you see donkey carts alongside cars, trucks and buses in downtown Havana, because that’s exactly what they’d rather have for transportation.”

They'd rather have donkey carts, because those are so much more useful than say, trucks built after 1964.

COULD THIS BE THE FIRST STEP TO PREVENTING AUTISM?  A husband and wife team of doctors may have found a connection between a certain gut bacteria and a higher chance of having a child with autism.  In addition, a different study may have identified a protein expressed by the brain that can cause the social or physical symptoms shown by children with autism.  This is the most promising research I've seen in a very long time!

ABOUT THAT WHOLE GLOBAL WARMING THING If you missed the story where climate change scientists admitted that 12 of the most used climate models in the world are all wrong you should read this column because they add some juicy reminders of how shaky this science really is.  

IF WE CAN'T MAKE LACK OF RELIGION A LITMUS TEST FOR JUDGES Then we sure as hell can't make the presence of religion and faith in someone life a litmus test for judges.  Senator Dianne Feinstein believes that if you are person of a faith she disagrees with you are incapable of ruling fairly and impartially.  At least that's what I assume she means when she says such judges should not be put on the bench lest they spread their *gasp* religion from the bench.  And yet, an atheist is above reproach?  

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