So What Does the Cassidy-Graham Bill Do?

WILL PEOPLE REALLY DIE IF CASSIDY-GRAHAM PASSES?  That's what you hear if you listen to the full court press being executed by the Left and Democrats as they try to save the sinking ship of Obamacare.  I'll talk to Marie Fishpaw from The Heritage Foundation will join me at 2pm to go over the bill and discuss what it really means for healthcare.  

IT'S TIME FOR OUR MONTHLY VISIT WITH WORD NERD CHARLES HARRINGTON ELSTER  And if you have a question for Charles, please email me at so we can be sure to get it in.  He's on at 3.  Find out more about Charles by clicking here.

MSNBC'S LAWRENCE O'DONNELL IS SUPER SORRY ABOUT CURSING OUT HIS STAFF And now we're supposed to believe again that he is a super nice guy and caring liberal because he apologized for cursing and dropping f bombs while taping his mediocre show.  You can watch it by clicking here, but if the F word offends you, or the S word, or using the Lord's name in vain, you probably want to skip it.  I'd love to say that this sort of behavior is isolated to O'Donnell only, but I personally know of people who are super famous who pretty much act like this all the time. 

THERE IS A BASIC INCOME EXPERIMENT UNDERWAY And this one I'm perfectly fine with, because it's being funded by private money.  

THE EPA IS WASTING YOUR MONEY ON  A PROGRAM THAT IS HOT GARBAGE.  AGAIN. And what program is this?  It's the Energy Star certification that you see on all new appliances.  Except it's run so badly that when the Government Accounting Office filed applications for 20 FAKE products, 15 of them were approved!  And one of them was a gas powered alarm clock!  But I'm sure government will do just fine with running our healthcare system.  By the way, if we cancelled this worthless program, it would save taxpayers 52 million bucks a year.  But that's not all, there is so much waste in government that will make your head explode and you can read about it here

AND NOW, STRAIGHT FROM THE UM...WHAT? FILES And Israeli artist who had a heart transplant last year buried her old heart under a tree during a ceremony that included the them to The Love Boat.  That is all. 


THAT NEW DEAL XCEL IS TOUTING?  IT'S GOING TO RAISE YOUR RATES TOO. And William Yeatman and Amy Oliver Cooke explain why all the talk of how Xcel is going to save rate payers money while they spend, spend, spend on things that make XCEL more money is nonsense.  This is very important and you should understand it.  Because most of you will be footing the bill. 

SO IT APPEARS THAT CHINA IS ON BOARD WITH SHUTTING NORTH KOREA DOWN Because President Trump announced new sanctions on North Korea that may actually do something.  He said that China's Central Bank has ordered it's banks to enforce the new UN sanctions completely, which means that North Korea is going to find it increasingly difficult to find anyone to do business with them.  And here I thought Trump calling Kim Jung Un "rocket man" was going to drive allies away.  Oh, my bad, that was just failed Secretary of State John Kerry spouting off.  

OH YEAH, PRESIDENT OBAMA'S ADMINISTRATION DID SPY ON REPUBLICANS AND REPORTERS But I'm sure it's because they deserved it. Of course that's crap.  Sharyl Atkisson was working at CBS News at the time when she began to realize someone was bugging her phone and her computer.  They told her she was crazy, but she's gathered up significant evidence to prove her case.  It's here in this story.  

SILLY RABBIT, ARTIFICIAL COLORS AND LOTS OF SUGAR ARE FOR KIDS At least that's what General Mills found out after they tried to make the colorful kids cereal Trix more nutritionally healthy.  What they found out when they replaced the various dyes and crapload of sugar with things like radishes, purple carrots and turmeric instead.  Consumers have been less than enthusiastic about the change.  General Mills is now changing it back.  

THE WORLD IS GOING TO END SATURDAY!  PARTY HARDY ON FRIDAY NIGHT! A guy named David Meade says that according to his careful calculations using the Book of Revelations and some math the world is going to be destroyed by a rogue planet THIS Saturday!  What to wear?  Lots of journalists have covered this story with a wink and a nod, as Mr. Meade has been on record several times before prediction the end of the world.  We all know, of course that he was wrong and therefore fodder for making fun.  I mean, if you make a prediction and it's TOTALLY wrong, why would anyone take you seriously again?  Unless you're a climate scientist.  

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