The Emmys, the UN and a Boy Mowing the White House Lawn

GREG LOPEZ WANTS TO BE YOUR NEXT GOVERNOR And he is in the Republican primary.  Find out more about him here

PRESIDENT TRUMP GAVE A STRONG SPEECH AT THE UN TODAY And I'm not sure how the reporters and columnists who hate him are going to spin this as the ravings of a lunatic, because it wasn't lunaticky at all.  Here's what I liked.  He clearly established the rightness of each nation putting it's own sovereignty first.  He praised the reform movement begun by the current UN General Secretary António Guterres and laid out how the US would like to see the UN define success.  And he called out other nations who do not support the UN funding scheme as much as we do.  He also called the North Korean dictator "Rocket Man" which is funny, even if it is provocative.  The Washington Post went with that as a the lede.  I actually like this take on the UN.  I don't mind the concept as much as I mind the execution thus far.  Which has sucked.

DID ANY OF YOU WATCH THE EMMYS?  NO?  NO ONE ELSE DID EITHER And for those of you who have tired of celebrities walking air conditioned red carpets lecturing you about climate change, this is good news.  The Emmys continued to stink in the ratings.  Why?  Well if you ask Hollywood there are MILLION reasons, none of which are Hollywood's fault.  From

But correlation is not causation. We don’t know precisely why viewership was so low, but here are a few things we do know: First, the number of pay TV subscribers has been falling at fairly steady rate since the second quarter of 2014. Cord cutting has been most pronounced among viewers under 50 years old. And Sunday night’s Emmys ratings were down 19 percent in the key demo (adults aged 18-49). Secondly, the devastation from Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma left significant markets in Texas and Florida with limited access to television. Finally, the Emmys was up against a rematch of last year’s NFC Championship game.

The third explanation may have had an impact on Sunday night’s Emmys ratings but larger forces are at play. The Emmys goes up against a prominent NFL game every year, after all. And Conway wasn’t just talking about Sunday night’s Emmys broadcast. She also mentioned the Miss America Pageant and sports. This year’s Miss America Pageant, which aired September 10, also suffered a loss in ratings. As has the NFL this season. As has ESPN. Competition from the NFL can’t be blamed for all of those declines.

Mmmkay.  Except you can't use competition from the NFL as an excuse while also noting ratings are down for the NFL too.  People have tired of the celebrity pontificater and no longer want to be called stupid while watching a meaningless awards show.  It's not that complicated to understand.  I think this is another nail in the Hollywood coffin.  That's not to say that people will never watch movies or tv, but there is a LOT of competition for entertainment time, and Hollywood is making it easy to choose not spend it with them.  And when stars can no longer get millions for a measly six weeks of work, they can thank the Democrat party for dragging them into the fray.  

THIS IS AN EXCELLENT EXAMPLE OF TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME AT IT'S PEAK Did you see the adorable story about the 10 year old boy who wrote the White House asking if he could mow the lawn?  Did you see the photos of President Trump out there giving the kid encouragement?  

Trump with the Lawn Mower

Trump with the Lawn Mower

Seriously, it was adorable.  And what a thrill for the little entrepreneur who normally mows lawns for $8 a lawn (why doesn't he live in my neighborhood for that price???) to meet the President on the White House lawn?  It was a great thing to everyone.  Everyone except an incredibly uptight reporter for the New York Times, who tweeted out this:

Steven Greenhouse @greenhousenyt

Not sending a great signal on child labor, minimum wage & occupational safety >> Trump White House lets a 10-year-old volunteer mow its lawn

Yep, that's right, he complained about child labor and minimum wage laws.  At least the end result was him getting absolutely rightfully pasted on Twitter about this idiocy.  But this is what we're up against, folks.  

ABOUT THE DANGER OF CLIMATE CHANGE, THEY GOT THAT WRONG TOO Right now that popping sound is the heads of Warmies all over the world as the hear about the new report by some prominent climate scientists that says they got wrong the Magic Death Number when it comes to climate change.  NOW scientists say (and yes, they are SCIENTISTS and we all believe in science, right?) that reaching the aforementioned Magic Death Number is avoidable because they have the MDN of CO2 Parts per million wrong.  But with their new models, which I'm sure have avoided EVERY pitfall of the old models, which were wrong, are perfect and we should listen to them now even though they are admitting that they were totally wrong before.  Mmmkay.  By the way, the timing of this couldn't be more perfect, as they try to salvage the Paris Treaty, which will collapse entirely if the US leaves it.  They did say however that they didn't need the US to reach the goals of the Paris Treaty.  I don't think that's going to have the effect they think it will.  

SO WHAT WOULD YOU DO IN THIS SITUATION?  For all the folks out there who are transgendered, I want you to read this to understand why people are so concerned over changing bathroom rules.  It's NOT YOU.  It's this guy:

From: ********

Sent: Monday, September 18, 2017 9:37 PM

To: Connell, Mandy

Subject: men in women's bathroom


 I was was with  my husband and a family fried at a restaurant at the Orchards in Westminster today.  As I entered the women's restroom I realized a man was relieving himself, with the door to a stall open    I said, REALLY, THIS IS A WOMEN’S  BATHROOM!.   He left, but I was mad and later thought about what my 13 year old daughter should do in that case.  ( My husband wanted to kick his ass)    In this day of PC, what can you do?   What do you tell a 13 year old to do in this case?  I advised my daughter to run out and scream a man was in the women's bathroom and SHE was uncomfortable.

 Any thoughts?  I am really beyond disgusted.

So, what would you do here?  I now have another thing I have to talk to my 8 year old daughter about.  

SAN FRAN NAN IS FACING THE WRATH OF HER OWN CREATION And honestly, I can't stop laughing at this.  Nancy Pelosi went to have a press conference full of Dreamers she could use as political props to promote how much Republicans hate them or something.  Except the Dreamers didn't get the message and actually shouted Rep. Pelosi DOWN as she tried to talk.  My favorite part is where she tries to take control at about the 40 minute mark.  Heh.  The chanters are absolutely right about one thing.  This is what democracy looks like.  It's why we have a representative republic instead. 

WHY DO TEENAGERS NOT WANT TO GROW UP THESE DAYS? Again, it's not their fault, but it's not necessarily a quick and easy blame game here.  This article by Jean Twenge (I'm a big fan of her work) makes the case that we are in a cultural time of a "slow life strategy".  This means that we are lucky and privileged to live in a time when our conveniences have given us more time to focus on our kids, and this may be to their detriment, at least when it comes to getting them to adulthood.  I think this theory holds merit.  


CAN WE ALL FINALLY AGREE THAT LOS ANGELES SUCKS AS A SPORTS MARKET? And why the NFL does not know this is beyond me.  But they don't, so now LA has not one, but TWO NFL franchises.  And they both played this weekend in front of largely empty stadiums.  LA has never supported an NFL team well, and yet, the greedy NFL owners and management want to try to milk that huge television market.  What they don't understand about LA though is that the people there only want to see THEMSELVES on tv.  #truth

AND DON'T EXPECT SAN DIEGO FANS TO FOLLOW THE CHARGERS And if the ratings in San Diego are any indication, the NFL might be lucky if anyone there watches any games at all. 

SAY IT AIN'T SO, GEOFFREY!  TOYS R US IS BANKRUPT. But they say they will come out of bankruptcy protection stronger than ever.  What brought them down at a time when toy sales are up 5%?  Crushing debt.  

THE PEOPLE RUNNING THE SCHOOLS IN DALLAS ARE A SPECIAL KIND OF STUPID.  Because they are in the process of renaming schools that were named after Confederate anything, and they have a "secondary" list for further review to the honorees "connections" to the Confederacy.  Who are these scofflaws?  Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison.  Read this whole thing again and pray for the students who are lead by these morons. 

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