Howdy from Durango, Erebody!

HOLY COW HAVE WE HAD A GOOD TIME IN DURANGO THIS WEEKEND! We have had a jam packed weekend and we're going to tell you all about it.  I have to start the show by thanking the kind people who made our weekend simply spectacular.  Please consider giving these people your business when you come to Durango.

WANT TO SEE UPCOMING EVENTS IN DURANGO?  There is a crapload of them, and you can find them by clicking here.

JACK LLEWELLYN FROM THE DURANGO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE IS THE MAN.  Jack went above and beyond to set up not only our many adventures this weekend, but took care of a lot of the details so we didn't have to.  

THE DURANGO SILVERTON NARROW GAUGE RAILROAD IS A MUST DO And I strongly recommend you pay for the ticket on the Narration Car, as it is staffed by a spieler dressed in period costume and playing the role of someone from Historic Durango.  It was a GREAT experience and the leaves are really beginning to pop so if you're a leaf peeper, go next weekend for sure.  The do the Polar Express during the Holidays too!  Find the website by clicking here.  

STEAMWORKS BREWING IS TOP NOTCH And they celebrated their 21st Birthday a few years ago.  Stop there for a beer and a killer meal.  Here's the website.  

DINNER AT THE ORE HOUSE WAS OUTSTANDING And should you be in the mood for a delicious steak and great atmosphere, you should check it out.  Click here for more.

WE WENT TO PURGATORY AND DAVE ISN'T EVEN CATHOLIC And we got to enjoy their summer activities like the alpine slide and the scenic chair lift before the rain set in.  I'd come back here for skiing, but the Double Diamond run I saw before I saw the green run truly terrified me.  Winter starts November 18th!! Find out more and get your tickets here

WE SPENT THE AFTERNOON REACHING (ALMOST) THE TOP OF A 14ER  And it was Sunlight Peak, which we ALMOST went to the tippy top of thanks to Durango Rivertrippers.  We certainly had the most adventure-y (I just made that a word) part of our trip riding in the back of an  open 4x4 truck up the mountain up a very, very rugged road.  The upside is the scenery and the view at the top. The downside was the sleet and rain we got caught in on the way down.  Durango Rivertrippers does all KINDS of stuff, find out more and book your trip here.  

I have LOTS of photos but am having a tough time getting them posted.  This will be my project on the drive back so they will be up tomorrow.   

Mandy Connell


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