Can't We All Just Get Along? Yes, the answer is Yes.

IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO TALK TO SOMEONE FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE AISLE My guests today at 3 may be able to help.  Caitlin Quattromani and Lauran Arledge are friends.  But they are friends from the opposite side of the political spectrum.  Did one unfriend the other?  No.  They figured out a way to share their views without ending up not speaking to each other.  They join me at 3 to share.  Here's the Ted Talk they did recently about the issue. 


HAVE TAX ISSUES?  WE HAVE ANSWERS!  And I mean not I have answers, but the team from Fraser Waldrop and Company have answers.  They are going to be here answering your sticky tax issues, but don't worry, we're not going to air your troubles ON the air.  They will be in a separate private area to take your calls, so call 303-713-8255 and get some free help with the IRS from 1:25 to 2:30 today!  Find out more about Fraser Waldrop or give them a call later for the help you need by clicking here.

I WILL ADMIT I DON'T "GET" RACHEL MADDOW, BUT THIS SEEMS WEIRD EVEN FOR HER Because she was interviewing Hillary Clinton and she "interrupted" her interview with the former Secretary of State to show it.  Watch this. 


THERE HAS BEEN ANOTHER LONDON SUBWAY ATTACK And it seems this one merely (!!) burned a lot of early morning commuters.  The suspect may have already been identified.  We'll see what his motivations are.  Unless he's Muslim, then the government will be completely baffled as to what could have inspired him or her to commit mass murder.  

IT SUCKS WHEN YOU FIND OUT A "MALE FEMINIST ALLY" IS USING THAT COVER TO ASSAULT WOMEN This is a long and sordid story, but one worth reading.  I know men who fit this guy's description to a T.  In public, they play the "women rock and you can't hold them down!" character, but then they use that reputation to come to and behave inappropriately towards women knowing they have "street cred" on the feminist issue which they believe protects them.  It doesn't.  And it shouldn't.  Read the story of a film critic/feminist ally who turned out to be a complete scumbag

I HAVE TO TELL YOU WHAT'S BEEN HAPPENING ON MY PERSONAL FACEBOOK PAGE Most of you know I am originally from Florida and still have so many friends and family who live there.  Since Hurricane Irma blew through, my Facebook page has been full of requests for donations and help by my friends.  Not for THEMSELVES, mind you, but for other people they are trying to help.  One friend is trying to help her elderly neighbor, another has her faith based organization going from motel to motel helping families who were poor before the storm and are now devastated.  For all that is wrong in this world, I am so proud of the people in my life who think nothing of reaching out to help those in need.  There is good.  And it is on display in Florida right now.  

TRUMP SAYS NO CHAIN MIGRATION IN THE IMMIGRATION BILL And if he can pull this off, it will be a UGE victory for people who want a compromise on the so called Dreamers.  

A FORMER COP IS ACQUITTED OF MURDER IN ST. LOUIS And I would not be surprised if we didn't see some civil unrest over it.  The cop was accused of planting a gun on a parole violating felon who rammed the police car before leading the cops on a high speed chase and then refusing to follow commands before he was shot and killed.  It was a bench trial, but the judge did not heed the warnings/threats about civil unrest when he ruled.  I don't know what the evidence was, but if you're going to charge a cop with First Degree murder, you better make sure you have a pretty airtight case.  

GOODBYE AUTOSTART VIDEOS!  YOU'RE A MENACE TO SOCIETY Hats off to Google Chrome and Safari for including a super duper little something in their next update.  They will SILENCE auto start videos.  SILENCE THEM.  No more crap blasting you out of the room when you just want to read a story about something.  Hooray!  

SO HOW DID THINGS GO AT BERKELEY FOR FAKE JEW BEN SHAPIRO LAST NIGHT?  I'm being sarcastic about the "fake Jew" thing as that has recently been hurled at actual Jew Ben Shapiro lately.  He was in Berkeley last night to give a speech and no one died.  Read his account here, it's actually pretty interesting. 

WTF.  SERIOUSLY.  WTF.  I can't even explain how bad it is that the California Legislature violated the First Amendment to the Constitution over pronouns.  Read it here

HARVARD DECIDES NOT TO HONOR TREASONOUS TRANSGENDER PERSON AFTER ALL But convicted leaker Chelsea Manning will still speak at the University.  She will not however be carrying the title of Harvard Visiting Fellow, as Harvard has rescinded the ill advised offer.  I'm guessing they got an earful from lots of people they rely on for big checks to their billions of dollars foundation.  

THE DEATH STAR IS CIRCLING SATURN, BUT I'M SURE IT'S NOTHING Actually it's a moon with a hard, rocky exterior which happens to STRONGLY resemble the Death Star.  

GUESS WHAT A REPUTATION FOR HARBORING SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS GETS YOU? Declining enrollment and budget shortfalls, that's what. It's happening at colleges where students are more concerned about proper pronoun use and shouting down differing opinions.  

Mandy Connell


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