Weather Wednesday and Paying for a Check Mark

CHRIS SPEARS KNOWS WEATHER And he joins me at 3pm to discuss weather and take your weather questions.  With the storms as of late, we have a lot to talk about.  

WE HAVE A CANDIDATE RUNNING AS SANTA CLAUSE WITH THE WORST PRESENT EVER And that would be Medicaid for All right here in Colorado.  Democratic candidate for Governor Cary Kennedy says that people on the exchange should be allowed to buy into the Medicaid program here in Colorado.  I guess she missed the article on doctor's nearly going out of business because the Medicaid program isn't paying it's bills in a timely fashion.  But never let it be said that candidates aren't afraid to bribe people for votes using other people's money.  You know the REALLY funny part of this whole article?  

Cary Kennedy said she wants to allow anyone on the individual market to join the Medicaid system or the state employee health care plan to provide more affordable and high-quality health care options.

The average 27 percent rate hike announced for 2018 is “simply too much,” Kennedy said at a campaign event Tuesday in Denver, “and far too many people in our state are not able to get the care that they need.”

You know why this is HILARIOUS??? Because this is the plan government created to allegedly bring down costs.  And yet, somehow, she believes government will create a different plan and get a different result.  

HOW MUCH IS THAT BLUE CHECK WORTH TO YOU? I have no idea why someone would be desperate enough for validation that they would go to a black market to get a "verified" account on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, but apparently there is such a thing.  How much does the blue check, which means you've been given some sort of blessing by the 25 year olds who push the buttons as those places, make in the grand scheme of things?  I have no idea.  Because I don't care.  But now I must have one, and I'm gonna get it for free.  Just kidding, I still don't care.  

I'M GETTING WORRIED ABOUT SAN FRAN NAN And I'm not being sarcastic.  Watching her try to honor playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda is downright painful.  

APPLE CULT MEMBERS MAY NOT LIKE THE NEW BIOMETRICS FEATURE Or they may not like the RIDICULOUS $1000 price tag.  Did you see the new Iphone 10?  It looks just like....a Samsung.  And some of the features people are raving about I already have on my Samsung.  A new survey says people are not quite ready for the face recognition software that Apple has pretty much made a mandatory feature on the new IPhone.  I'm still stuck on paying a grand for a phone that I will pretty much assuredly lose or break. 

DID YOU WATCH THE WORLD'S MOST DISAPPOINTING FUNDRAISER LAST NIGHT? It was on every network, including HBO for goodness sake's, and it only raised a lousy $40 million bucks.  ON EVERY NETWORK.  To give you some perspective, Houston Texan J.J. Watt raised $31 million BY HIMSELF for Hurricane Harvey relief.  You know why this fundraiser tanked?  Because no one wants to be lectured by celebrities about climate change.  That's my theory anyway. 

EVEN SUPERMAN IS GOING TO LECTURE US NOW But this is nothing new.  The latest Superman comic has him protecting illegal immigrants from a flag wearing, gun toting white guy.  This is what we've become. 

MY JOB IS GOING TO KILL ME. At least that's what I got from this study about sitting.  The three hours a day that I spend in the Big Chair doing the show adds to my time sitting, which is mostly getting ready for the show at my computer and driving to and from work.  And the fact I exercise doesn't seem to help.  I'm going to an early grave for you people!  

DO YOU SLEEP WITH YOUR CHILDHOOD TEDDY BEAR? If so, you are not alone, at least according to a survey put out by the Build-A-Bear company.  They say that 40% of adults sleep with a stuffed animal every night.  Dave and I aren't buying this.  I feel a lightning poll coming on. 

WHO NEEDS TO BUY HILLARY'S BOOK AT THIS POINT?  Because it has been dissected so completely in the media.  But it does  seem to be an embarrassment of riches for those of us who truly don't like the woman.  Today's kerfuffle comes from Hillary missing completely the entire point of George Orwell's 1984. She thinks the message is listen to authority.  

Got that?  Trump is an authoritarian because George Orwell thought we should listen to authority.  For those who told me repeatedly that Hillary was the smartest person ever, I demand a retraction based on this alone. 

FATBERG, DEAD AHEAD!  What is a fatberg, you ask?  It's a giant mass of disgustingness in a sewer, and right now, it the nemesis of sewer workers for the Thames Water company in London.  It's a mass made of fat, diapers, feminine items, condoms and other such detritus which gloms together to form a hardened chunk.  This one in London is bigger than a 747!  

COULD ISRAEL HOLD THE KEYS TO SUCCESS FOR WATER STARVED NATIONS?  This is a very cool video on how Israel has figured out ways to make the desert green and the people hydrated. 

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