Let's Talk About Immigration with Someone Who Knows It

YOU'VE GOT QUESTIONS ABOUT IMMIGRATION, HE'S GOT ANSWERS And former INS Special Agent Michael Cutler joins me at 3 to talk about it.  He's going to be one of the keynote speakers at Constitution Week in Grand Lake, which is a STELLAR series of events focused on and celebrating the US Constitution.  It is happening this week, and you can find out more about it by clicking here

STOP TRYING TO CHANGE PEOPLE'S MINDS At least that's the message in this column about how we talk to/at each other these days.  I saw myself in this quite a bit, and as I am making a concerted effort to move from complaining to problem solving, I am going to take this to heart.  Not so I can "win", but so we can work together to solve the significant problems we are facing in the country.  

I'VE ENCOUNTERED YET ANOTHER WEIRD TYPE AT THE GYM And I want to know if this guy's behavior is a thing or as weird as it seems.  There is a guy, maybe mid 50's, at my gym who feels the need to comment on how you look in relation to how tough your workout must be.  I thought he just did it women, but now I've seen him do it to men.  For instance, I look like I'm going to die when I get done with my workout.  When he sees me, he says something like, "must have been a real tough workout!" but if he sees someone who isn't sweating much, he says "taking it easy today, huh?"  It's bizarre.  Is this a thing? 

YOU CAN WEAR THESE UGLY SHOES WITH YOUR PRE STAINED JEANS I do not claim to understand fashion, but I can certainly announce when something is fugly.  These shoes are fugly.  And they are $795. They come pre dirtied.  And look vaguely like they pulled them off a homeless persons feet.  

WANT A BETTER NIGHT'S SLEEP?  SLEEP WITH A DOG IN THE ROOM But not ON the bed.  This is the result of a study of adults without any sleep issues.  Researchers found that people who let the dogs sleep in the room actually slept better than those who didn't.  But if Fido is on the bed, all bets are off. 

THIS SHOULD SURPRISE NO ONE WHO PAYS ATTENTION TO THE NEWS The media coverage of President Donald Trump has been over the top negative since he took office.  It's not just my opinion, the Media Research Center has watched EVERY bit of coverage from EVERY network and has broken down EVERY mention and this is what they came up with.  Of course, this is a subjective survey but it's not hard to believe this graph is accurate.  

Trump TV coverage

Trump TV coverage

President Trump may not always be my cup of tea but this is ridiculous.  And people wonder why people don't trust the media anymore.  

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT SINGLE PAYER FIND OUT GOVERNMENT CONTROLS IT?  Spoiler alert: they like it way, way less.  The Kaiser Family Foundation which has been a tireless advocate for single payer, has done a new survey about single payer.  And in case you don't believe me, they polled the effectiveness of the arguments AGAINST single payer.  And guess what?  When people found out that government would be in control of their healthcare, support dropped pretty significantly.  Check out these graphs from the full survey:

It's making progress, right?  We're practically there!  But let's talk details....

And now 60% are against it.  Seems to me opponents of Single Payer had better get cracking on the message that Single Payer means Government controls healthcare.   See the whole survey here

GENE THERAPY IS SUPER EXCITING!  AND SUPER EXPENSIVE. And this will be something that needs to be sorted out somehow, since drug companies are pretty much protected against free markets of any kind.  The newest gene therapy drug that can stop leukemia in it's tracks is $475,000.  Other specialized gene therapies will run $750,000 or more.  This is not sustainable, and drug companies are justifying the high prices by saying, "but what's it worth to the patient?" which is them trying to say, "we LOVE free markets!" except they enjoy monopoly protections that no other industry does.  They should not be able to have it both ways.  

JIM CAREY DOES NOT THINK FASHION IS WORTH ANYTHING AND SAYS SO This is the most awkward interview I've seen in some time.  But I don't disagree with him that fashion events are somewhat meaningless.  I feel for this interviewer, as she really tries to pull this thing out of the ditch. 

But that's not all he said!  His rambling continued elsewhere.  You can watch it here, but I promise you, you will HATE him forever if you watch it.  

IN WHAT WORLD DO YOU THINK WISHING RAPE ON SOMEONE IS OKAY? And maybe I'm out of the loop where people casually say, "I'd be fine if so and so was raped" in casual conversation, but this seems a bit beyond the pale.  A Texas lawyer has resigned from his own law firm after tweeting out this:

“I’m not wishing for it… but I’d be ok if #BetsyDevos was sexually assaulted.”

Mmmkay.  I'm sure that seemed like a good idea at the time.  

DENNYS PROVES THAT ARE INDEED DUMB IDEAS And making a mascot that looks like poop is right at the top of the list.  

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