The Lost Art of Penmanship on It's a Living!

MASTER PENMAN JAKE WEIDMANN ON TODAY FOR IT'S A LIVING!  And if you have no idea what a master penman is, watch this video.

His passion for writing and handwriting is on full display during this Tedx Talk.  You should watch it.

He's on today at 3.  Color me geeked out.  See more of Jake's work by visiting his website here

MY FRIEND DAVID, THE ECONOMIC NERD, PASSED AWAY TODAY. He used to call the show a LOT, but has been battling an extremely rare form of cancer (cardiac sarcoma) for the last 2 and half years so his calls have slowed down.  He leaves behind two young sons and a wife he adored.  He was an entrepreneur, a hands on Dad and an extremely supportive husband who always knew he married up.  He was one of the smartest minds I have ever met, cared deeply for this country and LOVED to nerd out about economics.  He taught me a lot, and I'm grateful I knew him.  Even battling a cancer that only 90 people in this country are afflicted with, he never lost his sense of humor.  His fight lasted two years longer than any doctor thought it would, and I know his fearless approach to aggressive treatments is going to help some future family beat this insidious disease.  Since I believe in some sort of Heaven, I imagine David has already found Henry Hazlitt, Ludwig Von Mises and Milton Friedman for a rousing discussion on where the US has gone wrong.  The world is less today.  RIP, friend, you will be missed.  

IF MIAMI TAKES A DIRECT HIT FROM IRMA It's going to make Harvey seem like a day in the park.  It will be interesting to see if the rather expensive building codes put in place after Hurricane Andrew 25 years ago actually work.  Miami was spared a direct hit from Andrew, but it does not currently appear that they will be so lucky this time.  Pray for my family who have decided not to evacuate from Fort Lauderdale.  Yes, I think it's a bad decision too.  

DO SOMETHING TO PROTECT YOUR CREDIT.  NOW.  Because credit reporting agency Equifax has been hacked.  Criminals now possess such useful information as your credit card numbers, address and Social Security number.  But don't worry, only 143 million Americans were possibly compromised.  I've signed up for Lifelock and I suggest you do something similar.  Want to see if you were affected? Click here.  

I SURE HOPE THIS BIT OF INSIDER TRADING GETS PROSECUTED Because the jerks at Equifax who were on the job while our info was being stolen sold their stock before they broke the news to the rest of the investors about what happened.  The company says the trio didn't know about the breach before they sold a "small portion" of their total stock holdings but who is going to believe them?  This needs to be investigated thoroughly and I hope it does prove to be nothing more than a significant coincidence.  

SOUTH PARK TAKES ON RACISM IN THEIR NEW GAME.  AND YES IT'S SARCASTIC GENIUS. When you play the new "South Park" game The Fractured but Whole you get to choose which character you play as.  If you choose a dark skinned character, the game is harder.  It's out in October.  

STUDENTS AT AN UBER LIBERAL COLLEGE IN OREGON SHOW THAT THE CHICKENS HAVE COME TO ROOST IN A WAY THAT IS NOW OFFICIALLY OUT OF CONTROL.  And I can't say I have any sympathy for the professors in this case because THEY MADE THIS.  This is what happens when you steep your classrooms with victimhood and anti-American dogma.  Watch these students disrupt an actual class so they can selfishly promote themselves as some sort of warriors for making demands about the Humanities syllabus. Watch this, and my favorite part is when the student activist calls professors "crusty white old guys".  Heh.  Just kidding, you don't need to watch the whole thing, it's as stupid as you think it is.  Just know there is a hearty round of applause by the other idiots in the audience at the end.

If I were a student in this class, I would file a lawsuit and sue these people for wasting my time and money.  But then I wouldn't be attending this stupid college anyway.

MASTERPIECE CAKES JUST GOT A BIG ALLY As the Department of Justice is weighing in on the case of a baker refusing to make a cake for a gay wedding.  Recognizing that Colorado's overreach violated Jack Phillips' First Amendment rights, the DoJ has filed a brief in support of the baker as his case is heading to the Supreme Court.  This is the right thing to do.  And of course it will be used as proof that Trump hates gay people.  Or he loves the Constitution, but whatev.  

I WONDER IF DENVER MAKES A PLAY FOR THE NEW AMAZON HQ?  Because this is going to be a big deal.  Jeff Bezos wants to replicate the Amazon HQ in Seattle, which is MASSIVE and employs 40,000 people.  His demands requests seem a bit over the top, unless you're Detroit or some other nearly failed city that everyone has left behind.  Check the whole thing here, but expect cities to throw the kitchen sink at Amazon to make this happen. 

NOW AI HAS BETTER GAYDAR THAN I DO I am notoriously unobservant when it comes to ferreting out if someone is gay or straight.  Mostly because I don't care about someone's sexual orientation.  But now a new artificial intelligence program officially has better gaydar than I do.  And you too, probably.  The scary part?  It uses facial recognition to correctly identify gay men 91% of the time just based on a photo.  Whoa.  It's not as good with gay women, but it's close.  How do humans do with the same photo?  Not nearly as well, about the same accuracy as a coin flip.  Read all about it here.  It's a bit frightening to think that a computer could "sort" people into straight and gay.  Because a nefarious evil doer could use this information to do great harm. 

DO, DID YOU SEE THE PATRIOTS LOSE LAST NIGHT?  No?  Well they did.  That's why the day seems a little bit brighter today.  

TIME TO BUST OUT THAT SLOW JAMS MIX TAPE FOR SEXYTIME!  Because a new study says that sexy music actually changes our perception of touch.  As it, sexy time music makes touch sexy too.  Time to bust out the Marvin Gaye and...

THE PRAGER ORCHESTRA KERFUFFLE ENDS AS IT SHOULD With a beautiful performance by the Santa Monica Orchestra and a stellar job by Dennis Prager.  Read a review here

MA'AM, I'M GOING TO NEED TO SEE YOUR TENNIS LICENSE. Yes, a tennis license is a thing in New York City.  What does your $100 permit get you?  The right to pay for a court at various places in the city.  If you can make it there....

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