What is Universal Basic Income? And Why Is It a Bad Idea?

UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME IS HAVING A MOMENT As Tech CEO's, who really should be able to pay their employees enough to scoff at this notion, are coming out in favor of a Universal Basic Income.  A relatively new study from the Left wing Roosevelt Institute (named after our redistribution loving President FDR) has a new study that says a UBI would increase economic growth by almost 13% over ten years.  They also maintain that the national debt would decrease, but this seems like voodoo to me.   I'm bringing on Romina Boccia from the Heritage Foundation to discuss why the UBI would actually work.  She's on at 2 to discuss it.  

WHAT ANNOYS YOU THAT REALLY SHOULDN'T?  I realized yesterday when I got a friend request from an old distant friend who shared a Facebook account with her husband.  Why??? I have no idea why this annoys me so.  And can someone explain why you would do that?  My friend Lori Lynn hates whistling with a passion.  These are not the most egregious crimes in the world, so WHY do they irritate us so??  What do you hate irrationally?

THE SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER HAS MORE MONEY PARKED OFFSHORE THAN INITIALLY THOUGHT  And we're talking like $69 million in offshore investments.  This place is shady.  And they do shady things.  And libs love them.  Have you read this scathing expose from Harper's from 2000?  You should. 

ARE YOU A CYBERCHONDRIAC?  YOU SHOULD CHECK THE INTERNET TO SEE IF YOU HAVE IT. I am an internet doctor.  When I have a problem, I go to the internet and pretty much diagnose myself before I get to the doctor's office.  I'm right about 95% of the time.  However less skilled internet doctors are clogging doctor's offices in the UK worried they have brain cancer or typhoid or some other horrible thing they found on the internet.  And it has a name.  Cyberchondriac.  

HERE IS A NIFTY SOLUTION TO DACA THAT I WISH POLITICIANS WOULD PAY ATTENTION TO And I can't take credit, a listener named Daria sent it to me after yesterday's conversation.  Here are her really stellar ideas on what to do about immigration.  She may not have thought of everything, but she got pretty darn close.  

Daria's solution.

Prevention Process

1) close the border

2) impose strict requirements on employers to follow and enforce the e-verify requirements and punish employers that don't comply

3) computerize the social security system so e-verify works, in every case

4) no legal documents, no government benefits

5) babies born here to non-citizen parents will only get a legal birth certificate if their parents follow the path to citizenship process I am listing below.

6) if a fraudulent social security card is/was used, all benefits related to that number will be transferred to the legal owner of that card number, or the closest living relative of that card owner, if they are deceased, which apparently happens all of the time. Commit fraud lose everything you paid in and start over.

7) no non-citizen, person or corporation, may own property, in the form of land or other critical resources

Discovery Process

1) every DACA qualifier must present themselves as such, with all of the individuals that participated in the illegal activities that landed them here. No DACA if their parents, or grandparents, are in the shadows.

2) the DACA candidate must swear and sign a document that all illegal family members are accounted for, punishable by revocation of all legal status and DACA benefits

3) all involved must show proof of their legal citizenship in their home country and document when and how they got here.

Path to citizenship for DACA candidates and their ENTIRE extended family

1) all involved must turn over all illegal, fraudulent papers and identification card(s) that they use, especially to acquire any public or government benefit(s)

2) all involved must present absolute proof that they have been here, and working, for the time they say they have been here.

3) all involved must present tax returns for the same period of time. IRS can supply?

4) all involved must show proof of all required insurance, vehicle/health

5) all involved must show proof of vehicle registration, pet licensing, etc.

6) all involved must have personal references and resumes to prove quality citizenship, their work history and education

7) all involved must submit to finger printing and pass background checks

8) all involved must pass all of the same inspections, and health exams given to legal immigrants from other countries

9) all involved must submit to home inspections and official interviews that will include extended family members

10) all involved MUST swear allegiance to the USA, in a public ceremony, if they want citizenship, or, they will be given a Visa or some other temporary identification that automatically makes them ineligible for ANY USA federal and State government benefits, money, food, phones, housing, etc. (While at the same time requiring them to carry insurance and all other requirements of regular citizens.)

11) all involved must perform community service (a number of hours x years of illegal status) to atone for their involvement with fraudulent documents and the theft of public benefits. (language teachers, community support, day cares to aid working parents, etc.)

12) If any of the family members attached to the success of the DACA candidate, refuse to comply, no DACA benefit will be realized for the DACA candidate and all non-participants will be given will be given a Visa or some other temporary/renewable identification that automatically makes them ineligible for ANY USA federal and State government benefits, money, food, phones, housing, etc. (While at the same time requiring them to carry insurance and all other requirements of regular citizens.)

It's not perfect, but imagine if this were the starting point for the conversation?  Too bad it will never happen.  

HERE IS A GREAT EXPLANATION OF THE DEAL TRUMP STRUCK WITH THE DEMS And it's simply that, a deal Trump struck with Chuck and Nancy to do a budget deal for three months, instead of the 18 months the Republicans wanted.  I must say, I'm sick of the debt ceiling BS dance.  The Republicans, once again, have failed to live up to any sort of promise to return fiscal responsibility and rule of law to Congress.  Why hasn't the House created a long term plan yet?  Why hasn't leadership demanded an end to the nonsense?  I am sick to DEATH of this stupidity.  Sick to death. 

I SORT OF AGREE WITH STEVE BANNON ON THIS. He told Charlie Rose in an interview that he believes the Catholic Church has been advocating for unfettered illegal immigration because they need the butts in the seats of their churches.  This column sort of works to dispel that notion, but this graph shows where the church has had SIGNIFICANT growth as of late.  

I do not believe that the Church doesn't work in it's own self interest.  And this may be one of those cases.  If they didn't believe in national sovereignty, they should tear down the walls around the Vatican and lead by example.  


THANK GOODNESS THE WITCHES ARE ON THE CASE TO SAVE THE WORLD By working together to cast a "binding" spell on Donald Trump while he's POTUS.  They really don't need to do that, the Republican party is all the binding he needs.  

DONALD TRUMP STARVES PEOPLE!  OH WAIT, THAT'S NOT RIGHT. Because hunger is DOWN in the US since he got elected.  You know what's interesting about these statistics?  The fattest states in the country are also the most food insecure.  

ARE OWLS REALLY WISE?  THEY CERTAINLY LOOK IT.  Dave was trying to find out why they don't eat owls in Alaska (don't ask me, ask him) and he found this cute video of intelligent looking owls.  

THE GUY WHO RUINED YOUR PASSWORD LIFE SAYS HE'S SORRY AND HE WAS WRONG I struggle with passwords.  And I work for a huge corporation who makes us change passwords very frequently, and we have to have letters and symbols and a first born child in them.  Now the guy who came up with that advice says he's wrong.  From the Wall Street Journal story:

Back in 2003, as a midlevel manager at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Bill Burr was the author of “NIST Special Publication 800-63. Appendix A.” The 8-page primer advised people to protect their accounts by inventing awkward new words rife with obscure characters, capital letters and numbers—and to change them regularly.

The document became a sort of Hammurabi Code of passwords, the go-to guide for federal agencies, universities and large companies looking for a set of password-setting rules to follow.

The problem is the advice ended up largely incorrect, Mr. Burr says. Change your password every 90 days? Most people make minor changes that are easy to guess, he laments. Changing Pa55word!1 to Pa55word!2 doesn’t keep the hackers at bay.

Also off the mark: demanding a letter, number, uppercase letter and special character such as an exclamation point or question mark—a finger-twisting requirement.

“Much of what I did I now regret,” said Mr. Burr, 72 years old, who is now retired.

Well thanks for nothing, jerk.  Now the new advice is to have a really long string of random words.  Whatever. 

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