Solar storms, earthquake clusters and Chocolate!

YOU KNOW WHAT YOU NEED TO FORGET THE STRESS OF LIFE?  CHOCOLATE. My guest today at 3pm is Julie Pechs, who owns The Chocolate Therapist in downtown Littleton.  She makes the BEST chocolate EVER.  I'm not kidding.  Find out more about them here

HURRICANE IRMA HAS TAKEN HER FIRST SCALP And it appears the beautiful island of St. Martin/St. Maarten is a complete disaster.  Here is video from when Irma hit St. Martin.   It's not pretty.


And here is the aftermath.  


AND NOW FOR THE LIGHTER SIDE OF HURRICANE REPORTING I love a good compilation, and there is nothing I love more than weather people standing outside in a hurricane telling everyone else to stay inside.  This is the best of both worlds. 


BUT DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THAT OTHER FREAKY BIG STORM?  The one in outer space?  It seems the sun has launched quite the solar storm our way.  The Space Weather Prediction Center (yes, that's totally a thing) has issued a geomagnetic storm watch for today and tomorrow, but it's at a level really not seen much because it's SO POWERFUL.  What does this mean for us?  Probably nothing, but I'm adding it to the list of things that prove we are nearing the End Times.  Like cluster earthquakes near a supervolcano.  Read more below...

YES I SAID CLUSTER EARTHQUAKES NEAR A SUPER VOLCANO.   Did you know that Yellowstone National Park contains a SUPER VOLCANO???  I just watched a show on it recently, and if it blows, we won't die IMMEDIATELY, but the ash it spews into the air will likely plunge us into an ice age for the foreseeable future.  Did you know that a HUGE earthquake swarm has been underway since June?  Scientists who study such things say this isn't totally uncommon but they also say predicting a volcanic eruption is dodgy business, so I'm prepared for pretty much anything at this point. 

NOW TO RECAP, WE'VE GOT HUGE HURRICANES, A SOLAR STORM AND EARTHQUAKES.  But I'm sure it's all a coincidence.  Right?  

BERNIE AIN'T BUYING WHAT HILLARY'S TRYING TO SELL And that is that HE is one of the many things she blames for her loss to Donald Trump.  In this, I think Bernie and I are in agreement.  For once.  And likely the last.  

NOT CONTENT WITH YOUR LIFE?  WAIT UNTIL YOU HIT 60!  Because according a recent survey people over 60 are more likely to be content with their lives.  Why is this?  I can speculate but I would imagine that at least some of it has to do with the realization which grows as we get older that a lot of the stupid crap we worried about when we were younger, like status, looks and keeping up with the Joneses isn't important anymore.  

CORY GARDNER IS ALL IN ON THE DREAM ACT And I'm guessing that more than a few Republicans are going to concede that they have lost the semantics battle on this one.  Hats off the Democrats for renaming illegal immigrants brought here as children "Dreamers", because no one wants to vote against dreams, do they?  Cory Gardner has announced his support for the Dream Act of 2017, and this is a significant shift from his earlier positions on DACA.  We are trying to get him on the show to explain. 

NOW YOU CAN TWEET ABOUT THE BRONCOS GAME TO YOUR HEARTS CONTENT As the Broncos and Verizon teamed up for a $6 million dollar upgrade to the wifi.  If they can pull this off, maybe they should rename the stadium after Verizon.  Because they are still in business and stuff.  

WOULD YOU PAY MORE FOR A LARGER SEAT?  Airlines say no, although they keep rolling out ways for you to do just that.  There is a newish jet by Bombadier designed to replace cramped smaller planes, and they have more seat room, overhead space and wider aisles than other aircraft.  But airlines say we don't care about such things.  Do you?  I might be tempted.  

THE DACA DECISION HAS BROUGHT OUT THE IGNORANCE IN EDITORIAL PAGES NATIONWIDE! Let me be clear about what President Trump did yesterday with DACA.  He cancelled an indefensibly unconstitutional Executive Order and asked Congress to pass a legislative solution.  That's it.  And he gave Congress six months to do it.  But you wouldn't know it from the hot garbage passing for newspaper editorials today.  The Denver Post says "Trumps failure to lead on DACA".  The Washington Post insanely says "Trump's Heartless Decision".  The New York Times screams "Donald Trump's Cowardice on Dreamers".  I would link to them but WHY.  I'd love to ask these editorial board writers one question.  If Congress can't get tax reform done, and Donald Trump issues an Executive Order saying Corporations simply don't have to pay the 35% tax rate, would they want that to stand?  I'm guessing we'd be treated to all kinds of editorials about how unconstitutional that is.  THIS is the SAME thing.  

THERE'S A NEW MICROAGGRESSION IN TOWN, AND THIS ONE IS A WHOPPER It's the "invisibility microaggression" and I could explain it here but I want you to go to the article and read about it in ALL it's glory because I don't want the author of said story to feel invisible.  Read it here.  I said READ IT. 

ABOUT THAT TRADE PRESSURE TO STOP NORTH KOREA.  IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN. And this article does a great job explaining the catastrophic effect of simply stopping all trade with China.  So Cliff May was right when he said it would need to be more targeted to specific companies who do business with North Korea. It's a nerdy but very interesting read.  

Mandy Connell


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