DACA, Irma, and CDOT. It's a full show.

SO I SORT OF FEEL LIKE THE APOCALYPSE IS UPON US Texas is still dealing with the aftermath of Harvey, Irma looks like it is going to hit a very populated area and wreck stuff, North Korea is testing actual nuclear weapons and President Trump does something with DACA.  A LOT is going on.  It's almost too much.  And yet, here we are.  Let's start with North Korea.

KIM JUNG UN IS NOT A STABLE MAN And I don't see any real hope of him becoming one any time soon.  The US is proposing increased sanctions via the UN, although Vlad Putin says more sanctions are "useless" as the North Koreans would "rather eat grass" than give up their nuclear program.  So what does this mean?  I'm not sure and when pretty much EVERY pundit I talk to says some variation of "there are no good options" it doesn't leave me with a warm and fuzzy.  Ultimately, we need China and Russia to step in and help, and I mean really, really help, not secretly arm the NKoreans while saying they are helping.  I also believe that Russia isn't going to help because they not so secretly love that North Korea has become the new boogeyman, thus relieving them of that role temporarily at least.  And I also believe that Russia would welcome a war or something with North Korea on our part.  We shall see.  

IRMA IS GOING TO MESS UP MY HOME STATE. And though I still feel greatly for the folks in Houston, a category 5 storm hitting the Southeastern part of Florida will result in a devastating loss of life and property.  Pray for Florida, and make sure any friends and relatives who live there are planning to evacuate if this storm stays as powerful as it seems to want to be.  It's going to crush Puerto Rico and the Bahamas at a bare minimum.  

PRESIDENT TRUMP AND DACA As I type this, I am awaiting the decision to be announced about what the Trump administration is going to do with the young people who are part of the DACA program.  I'm hearing a lot about how this program needs to be extended, from members of both parties.  I have a question for those advocating that approach.  If this is the humanitarian issue of our lifetime, why not just move to legalize them all?  Give them citizenship?  I'm asking that specifically of the Democrats who had a President who created this program in the first place, and of Rep. Mike Coffman, who is putting up legislation to extend DACA for three years.  Why not?  Now mind you, I'm not advocating that position, merely asking the question.  Trump seems to be looking at Congress for a legal solution with a Tuesday morning tweet.  Good move, Trump.  Throw the thorny issue to the lawmakers who should have acted long ago.  And he pulled the program with a six month window for Congress to fix this mess. 

GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTHCARE IN COLORADO IS PUTTING DOCTORS OUT OF BUSINESS But I'm sure Colorado's significant problems with Medicaid are just because the wrong people are in charge.  A doctor in Denver says he is almost out of business because he can't get paid by Medicaid.  But again, I'm sure it would be fine if the feds ran it. 

THE BRONCOS SURE MADE THINGS INTERESTING THIS WEEKEND By releasing Pro Bowl safety TJ Ward and picking up Brock Osweiler for a song and prayer.  This is going to be a really interesting season, I'm guessing. 

THIS COLUMN IS THE MOST PERFECT COLUMN I'VE EVER SEEN IN THE ENTIRE WORLD And it's about Amazon cutting prices at Whole Foods and the horrible impact on Whole Foods shoppers.  It's magic.  Read it here

SO ABOUT HUMAN EVOLUTION, THE SCIENTISTS GOT THAT WRONG TOO At least in terms of when men walking upright in Europe occurred anyway.  Now fossilized footprints have thrown all the settled science of evolution into a tizzy. 

WANT TO KNOW WHAT SOCIALIZED MEDICINE IS REALLY LIKE?  Read this enchanting tale of a woman and her quest to get a kidney stone removed from her urethra.  It's totally worth the read, but let me shorten it for you.  She has to wait AGES in the UK for both an appointment and then scheduled surgery, but the surgery got cancelled and it was AGES again before she could get in to see the urologist. Fast forward, she got really sick but eventually passed the stone no help from the NHS necessary. But really, you should read it.   

BEFORE YOU BELIEVE THAT HARVEY WAS BAD BECAUSE OF GLOBAL WARMING... You may want to consider the source, in this case discredited climate scientist Michael Mann of "hockey stick" fame.  Investor's Business Daily does a deep dive on his recent proclamations that Harvey was horrible because of global warming. 


DON'T FORGET THAT SHALIN BHATT IS ON TODAY FROM CDOT!  Email your question to me at mandy@koanewsradio.com or join us at 3pm to get your questions answered. 

HEY BERNIE BROS, IT'S YOUR FAULT HILLARY LOST But don't feel bad, you're in good company that includes Donald Trump, and everyone who isn't Hillary Clinton.  As more leaks come out in an attempt to gin up sales of over the 2,000 Chelsea already ordered, we now know that Hillary blames Bernie for "lasting damage" to her and her campaign.  I'm sure the fact the DNC rigged the primary and then got caught doing it means nothing. 

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