I'm at Taste of Colorado today broadcasting LIVE!

I LOVE FOOD.  I LOVE FOOD, FOODIE, FOODIE, FOOD. HERE IT GOES DOWN, DOWN INTO MY BELLY And that's why I am STOKED to be broadcasting live from Taste of Colorado today!  I'll give you an overview  of what's happening, who is playing each day and what you can expect.  Come see me by the main exhibitor tent!


MY DRONE VIDEO WAS SO BAD I DIDN'T BOTHER TO POST IT Because Jordan let me wear the headset goggles while he flew the drone.  It was AWESOME.  I'm so getting one.  

GOOGLE HAS MADE THEMSELVES THE DECIDERS OF ALL THAT IS RIGHT And I sure as hell hope you are as uncomfortable with this as I am.  They forced a conservative website to remove an article delineating the differences between the alt-right and actual Nazis.  I didn't read it, nor would I, but the fact that Google demanded the removal of the article under penalty of pulling Google ads from the site, essentially demonetizing it, is scary.  Coupled with their latest moves to punish academicians who stray from the dogma as well, this is some scary stuff.  I wonder why Progressives don't ever demonize Google.  It IS a massive corporation which wields too much power.  Don't they usually hate things like this?  

NOW DOGS HAVE TO SUFFER BECAUSE THEIR OWNERS SUCK I have to admit, there is NOTHING more annoying to me than a barking dog in my neighbor's yard.  But even I wouldn't demand the dogs be "debarked" through surgery.  That's what the Oregon Court of Appeals has ruled a couple do to it's pack of constantly barking dogs.  They have tried shock collars and other things, but the dogs still bark.  The owners lost a lawsuit (a suit where I definitely sympathize with the suit bringer) but this seems a little barbaric.  Too bad the owners didn't hire proper help to help them train these dogs to be quiet.  It can be done people, it just requires a lot of effort.  

THAT WHOLE HILLARY INVESTIGATION WAS INDEED THE SHAM WE THOUGHT IT MIGHT BE And now transcripts prove that James Comey had decided to clear Hillary LONG before he or his people even interviewed key people on her staff.  He just went through the motions for the benefit of people who actually cared that the Secretary of State trafficked secret documents through her personal server.  But I'm sure he's completely non partisan and can be trusted.  

IF YOU'RE GONNA BE STUPID, YOU BETTER BE TOUGH As two idiot armed robbers found out when they chose a bar full of off duty cops to rob.  It didn't go well for them.

WE'VE FINALLY REACHED PEAK COLLEGE IDIOCY And it happened when a greek life social event was cancelled because someone threw a banana peel into a tree.  The sight of the banana peel triggered and frightened students who have become so paranoid and fragile they probably need to be hospitalized.  Okay, I made that last part up, but you wouldn't have been surprised if I hadn't, amiright? 


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