Politico Proves a Very Important Point

IS THIS THE MOST IMPORTANT STORY ABOUT HURRICANE HARVEY?  No, but I'm leading with it because it's a really important story about how the media sees anyone who disagrees with their dogma.  Did you see the cartoon from Politico's website?  

In one cartoon the idiot who passes for a cartoonist manages to mock everyone in Texas with a broad brush.  From the Confederate flag, which we all know is a dog whistle to indicate racism, to the Gadsden flag, which we all know represents those idiot Tea Party people, this guy manages to insult everyone affected by the storm.  Why does this matter?  Because imagine if someone had made a cartoon mocking the victims of Hurricane Katrina.  Where they were portrayed as mammies waiting for their plantation owner to come get them.  I don't need to tell you what the justifiable outrage would have been.  But at Politico, and frankly many other major news outlets, it's perfectly fine to mock people who believe the federal government is too big.  Perfectly fine to make fun of them when they are facing the biggest challenge of their lives, many with nothing left to go back to.  Perfectly fine.  Except it's not, and the condemnation of this cartoon has been pretty severe.  Here too.  But only from places that lean conservative or still have some impartiality left.  Never let them forget how little you appreciate them.  #boycottpolitico 

THE WORST IS NOT OVER IN HOUSTON And cleaning up after a hurricane in a place that remains pretty humid and hot is a nightmare.  And Harvey is still chugging along.  

ON A LIGHTER NOTE, I'VE GOT DRONE RACING TODAY!!! I am obsessed with this.  Here's yet another video.

And this is not just a bunch of guys in a warehouse.  Check this out from Dubai!

This is from Jordan's YouTube page:

I've got local drone racer Jordan Temkin in at 3 and he's bringing his drone and we're gonna race it around the parking lot when we're done.  I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! 

THE CITY OF DENVER ENDORSES LAWLESSNESS IN IMMIGRATION And it's not enough for them to openly declare that ICE can go Eff themselves, now Mayor Michael Hancock is joining a lawsuit brought by other cities who want to have their cake with illegal immigrants and eat at the federal trough too.  My absolute FAVORITE quote of this entire story:

“The bullying tactics of the president and his White House continue … we felt it was very important to us to not allow Chicago to go it alone,” Hancock said. “Whether Jeff Sessions is mad or the president is mad does not relieve them of their responsibility to follow the law.”

Got that?  The federal government has to "follow the law".  Says the Mayor the city who doesn't give a CRAP about the law.  If the GOP can't capitalize on this and field and support a decent candidate to run against this mob is idiots they should just pack it in.  

THE NEW MINIMUM WAGE LAW TAKES A SCALP In the form of a Colorado Springs brewery which is now closed.  The now former owner says the minimum wage raised his costs too dramatically, and that coupled with construction around him, was too much.  He's out, but another brewery has bought his space.  He was a new business owner.  That means the higher minimum wage has made entry into business ownership even harder.  Well done, voters!  

EXPECT GAS PRICES TO GO UP QUITE A BIT AND STAY THERE As about 5% of the nation's output is offline in Houston.  And it's not going to be a quick fix, but an ongoing concern.  Fill up today and hope for the best!  

COULD THIS BE THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF CANCER?  A brand new gene therapy, the first of it's kind, has been approved to fight childhood leukemia.   It is made individually for each patient using their own blood cells, which have been super charged to become cancer killers.  This is COOL.  And could be the future of fighting a disease I am so sick of I can't stand it.  

IT'S BEEN 20 YEARS SINCE THE DEATH OF PRINCESS DIANA And her sons are paying tribute the late Princess.  Many, however, are still very invested in the conspiracy theories that swirled around her death.  

THE SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER IS SHADY AND MOVES MONEY OFFSHORE.  I can't STAND the Southern Poverty Law Center.  Why?  Because they accuse decent and good organizations of racism for fundraising purposes and then spend very little of those funds ACTUALLY FIGHTING racism and white supremacy.  They are scam operation in my mind.  And their own tax records show they have moved money to the Cayman Islands and into offshore accounts.  For what purpose?  Someone should ask them instead of just showing the world their stupid inaccurate maps.  And it's not just me thinking it's shady.  From the article:

"It is unethical for any US-based charity to invest large sums of money overseas," said Casil. "I know of no legitimate reason for any US-based nonprofit to put money in overseas, unregulated bank accounts."

"It seems extremely unusual for a ‘501(c)(3)' concentrating upon reducing poverty in the American South to have multiple bank accounts in tax haven nations," Charles Ortel, a former Wall Street analyst and financial advisor who helped uncover a 2009 financial scandal at General Electric, told the Free Beacon.

IF THIS IS TRUE, I'M GOING TO LIVE FOREVER As slow walkers, of which I am not, are more likely to die sooner.  I'm guessing it's because us fast walkers simply outpace the Grim Reaper.  

DEAR HOLLYWOOD, STOP REMAKING MOVIES WITH ALL FEMALE CASTS.  I'm just going to leave this story about a remake of Lord of the Flies with an all female cast right here.  And they wonder why movie theater chain stocks have tanked. 

YOU SPENT MORE ON TAXES THAN YOU DID FOOD AND CLOTHING COMBINED.  Do you feel like you're getting your money's worth?  And it hasn't always been like this, your tax burden has INCREASED 41% since 2013.  But I'm sure the Obama years were as idyllic as the crowd at MSNBC would have us believe.  

AND FINALLY, IN HONOR OF MATT THE DEAD TO ME INTERN A Boston area wax museum has unveiled an eerily accurate wax figure of Tom Brady.  Judge for yourself, but I think they nailed his serial killer qualities perfectly!  

THE KASICKENLOOPER HEALTH PLAN IS OUT AND IT'S HOT GARBAGE And I can clearly explain why with one quick sentence.  The federal government needs to give more money to insurance companies, young people need to buy insurance they don't want, and we need to control costs by denying care.  Read the whole proposal here

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