How do Other People See YOU?

HOW DO OTHER PEOPLE REALLY SEE YOU? It's a question I'm not sure I want the answer to, but my guest at 3pm has spent three years studying this very thing and how a higher level of self awareness can help you in pretty much every aspect of your work and relationships.  Tascha Eurich joins me today to talk about her book Insight: Why We're Not as Self-Aware as We Think, and How Seeing Ourselves Clearly Helps Us Succeed at Work and in Life which you can buy for Kindle by clicking here. 


REMEMBER WHEN THE SCIENCE WAS SETTLED ABOUT LOW FAT DIETS?  And governments all over the world told us to cut out fat and we'd all be healthy?  Remember how right about then we all started to get really fat?  Well low fat diets are not only ineffective, they can actually RAISE your risk of death.  And you know what else?  Saturated fat is not the devil.  How do I know?  A HUGE new study in Europe says so.  Although Dr. Atkins figured this out decades ago and was scorned and demonized for it.  Remember this when someone calls you a flat earther for not believing that man is the biggest driver of climate change.  

THE CITY OF DENVER CARES ABOUT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS MORE THAN IT CARES ABOUT THE LAW And that's okay, but the actions they took last night at the City Council meeting will have repercussions I'm guessing.  But hey, I don't live in Denver, so if the Feds decide to pull any and all federal funding from the city for this conniption fit, so be it.  The DPD is applying for federal funds this week, so will find out soon.  My favorite quote from this story is this one:

"People should feel free to drive a car to work and to go to school and not be worried about ICE working with their police officers to deport them," said Corrine Rivera-Fowler, an immigrant rights advocate with Padres Y Jovenes Unidos. 

Because if you break the law to get here, you should be free to do whatever you want, amiright??? 

IS THE YELLOW STAR A FASHION STATEMENT OR A POLITICAL STATEMENT? In the case of Hollywood Jews who are wearing a yellow star reminiscent of the yellow stars Jews were forced to wear during World War II and the Holocaust, it is a statement.  I read the headline of this article and immediately got incensed:


But the story tells a much different tale.  This isn't a case of a young starlet wearing a Indian headdress at Coachella, but the story of Jewish members of the Hollywood crowd making it known they are proud to be Jewish after the hate displayed at Charlottesville.  Good on 'em.  However, if any of those attention hungry non-Jews decide to wear the star, THEN it becomes something entirely different.  

HAS A DNA TEST BLOWN UP YOUR FAMILY HISTORY? And I don't mean the Maury Povich kind, I mean the kind or the kind.  For me, it was finding out that family lore that we have native American blood was a myth.  Another friend of mine who had ALWAYS believed herself to be Hispanic and found out she is mostly Native American.  You're not alone if you found out something crazy, but I think this is a good thing.  It knocks us out of our "categories" and perhaps makes us more interested in others we previously weren't.  Good article on it here in the New York Times


HERE IS TODAY'S LESSON IN JUST HOW BAD COMMUNIST RUSSIA REALLY WAS DURING WWII Because there is a move afoot to recast the Soviets as the heroes who helped defeat the Nazis.  Au contraire my ill informed friends.  Read this very accurate description of the aid and comfort the Soviets provided the Nazis until they didn't need them anymore.  Bastards stick together.  

HERE COME THE STORIES ABOUT PRICE GOUGING....BUT.... Is there ever a legitimate justification for charging an exorbitant rate for a common item that is currently unavailable?  This story is about hotel prices (and good for Best Western Corporate for their response on this) but I can make the case for high prices on occasion.  

DUMB PROFESSOR GETS FIRED AFTER DUMB TWEET ABOUT HARVEY And for the record, I think it's just as dumb when a religious leader says New Orleans got hit because it's a sinful city.  A University of Tampa assistant professor took to Twitter to declare that Texas deserved what it got because they voted for Trump.  When you work in a city where a hurricane strike is a real possibility, don't be an ahole and gloat about others misfortunes.  Maybe he can drive to Houston and help out, now that he has the time. 

TRANS GENDERED LESSONS TERRIFY KINDERGARTNERS As two moms whose children were abruptly given a lesson in trans genderism by their progressive teacher come forward to talk about the after effects their girls are experiencing.  One is terrified she is going to become a boy, and the other got sent to the office for referring to her friend by his boy name, instead of his girl name.  But I'm sure it's only because this two FIVE YEAR OLDS are merely transphobic and homophobic jerks, amiright?  

COULD YOU PASS THE CITIZENSHIP TEST?  IF you can't, please re educate yourself using any history textbook not written by Howard Zinn and his ilk. Take the test here.  

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