German Jews Helped Defeat Hitler

YOU MUST READ SONS AND SOLDIERS Which is a fantastic new book about a group of mostly Jews who escaped from Nazi Europe to the US, only to return to Europe as part of the US Army to fight Hitler's men.  I'm talking to author Bruce Henderson at 3pm and you can buy the book here!  

DOUGLAS COUNTY SCHOOLS IS ALL ABOUT THE POLITICS AGAIN And a group supporting the union backed slate of candidates had the cops called on them for politicking where they had no business politicking.  You are going to hear a  lot about this race, because I am not going to let the reform board go without a fight.  

PRAY FOR HOUSTON And donate money if you can.  Resist the urge to go through your closet and dig out that leisure suit to donate, as there will be truckloads of garbage clothes sitting around for a long time.  Give money.  That's what is needed and then people can actually buy themselves the things they need.  Here is a link to a Houston tv station with some helpful ideas and links on how you can help.  Here is the link to a Houston Food Bank.  Do NOT MAKE A DONATION OVER THE PHONE IF SOMEONE CALLS YOU.  Those are usually ALWAYS scams.  

MAYWEATHER WON THE "MONEY FIGHT" SATURDAY NIGHT And I watched it and enjoyed the heck out of it.  I think the big winner here is the MMA because Connor McGregor did not get embarrassed.  The other big winner was Corona, who found girls capable of looking good in a bikini and smile on command for long periods of time.  Mayweather is now apparently going to be in the Athlete Billionaire club, which sounds like a pretty cool place to be.  

AMAZON IS ALREADY SLASHING PRICES AT WHOLE FOODS And the first thought I had when I found out that they dropped prices on things like bananas and salmon 33% is what a ripoff Whole Foods is.  If they can drop the prices on that stuff by that much IMMEDIATELY, one must wonder why they were so high in the first place.  The answer, of course, is that they found a crowd willing to overpay for bananas and salmon and milked them.  If I were a Whole Foods shopper, I'd be pissed.  I wonder if Whole Foods shoppers are mad that the great unwashed masses might be able to afford to shop there?  

VIOLENT ANTIFA MEMBERS BEAT UP JOURNALISTS AND ANYONE ELSE THEY DON'T LIKE And the fact they beat up journalists is interesting, because goodness knows the journalists have been carrying the water for these Nazis.  Antifa tore up Berkeley.  Again.  But I'm sure they are still the good guys.  

AFTER WATCHING AN INTERVIEW WITH CONNOR MCGREGOR I realized I knew nothing about Irish slang.  I couldn't find a video on Irish slang, but here's a video that teaches you to insult people using British words.  It'll work in a pinch.  

GAS PRICES ARE HEADING UP THANKS TO HARVEY And you may want to fuel up today, as prices will continue to creep up over the next two weeks.  Why?  Harvey took some very important refineries offline for the foreseeable future.  

WELFARE REFORM IN KANSAS LEADS FORMER RECIPIENTS TO A HIGHER STANDARD OF LIFE And this is the sort of story anyone who thinks welfare is a trap should be touting.   Read these little nuggets of great news:

The study found that those who left welfare saw their earnings increase by 104 percent in one year, which is $20 million more than they had while on welfare. In four years, these individuals saw their incomes increase by 247 percent.

Individuals who left welfare are also better off because they found employment in more than 600 different industries and found long-term, high-paying jobs.

"Critics of work requirements frequently suggest that enrollees who leave welfare are only able to find low-wage, entry-level employment," the report states. "Able-bodied adults removed from TANF found employment in more than 600 different industries, ranging from health care to finance to information technology. Even better, those who did find initial employment in entry-level jobs—such as those in food service, retail, or temp agencies—quickly found longer-term, higher-paying jobs."

Got that?  Once they got an entry level job, they were able to work their way up to better paying jobs.  Welfare is an insidious thing which should be made to be very temporary.  

SOCIALISM CREATES JOBS!  AS HOOKERS. There is nothing shocking about this very sad story of young girls, some 12 and 13 years old, turning to prostitution to avoid starving to death.  And it's happening right now in Venezuela.  

WHY CAN'T THE LEFT LET GO OF RACISM?  Shelby Steele, who happens to be black, makes the case here that they can't let go because if they do, they lose the power of guilt, shame and the ability to undermine America properly.  I paraphrased, but that's pretty much it.  Read it here if we can get you behind the pay wall.  

SOUTHWEST GETS PEOPLE OUT OF HURRICANE HARVEY And this is yet another reason I love Southwest.  There were 500 hundred people stranded at Houston's Hobby airport on Sunday when the airport was shut down because of the storm.  Southwest got permission from the FAA and moved 5 planes and 500 people to Dallas Love Field.  Yay, Southwest Airlines! 

ARE IDENTITY POLITICS KILLING THE DEMOCRAT PARTY?  THIS LIB THINKS SO And I must say, I agree with Mark Lilla, who has written a book about that very thing.  Here is a pretty darn good review of said book that takes his arguments and runs with them.  If only liberals would listen! 

CORRECTION: THE GUY ALLEGEDLY STABBED FOR "LOOKING LIKE A NAZI" IS A BIG FAT LIAR And since I reported on this story, I am issuing this correction.  He lied about being attacked by a man for looking like a Neo Nazi.  He has been arrested for filing a false report.  

WE WON'T HAVE KASICHLOOPER TO KICK AROUND IN 2020 As Hick has already said no, now John Kasich is poo pooing the whole idea.  I say their mouths say no, but their eyes say yes....

NOW THIS IS BUREAUCRATIC OVERREACH I CAN GET BEHIND!  And it has to do with cooking fish sticks in a microwave at work.  It's banned according to a contract between the city and county in Aspen.  That's right, cooking fish sticks in the microwave is SPECIFICALLY banned.  What about burning popcorn!!!  

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