It's A Living: Cruise Ship Entertainer Edition!

IT'S A LIVING: CRUISE ENTERTAINER EDITION! If you ever been on a cruise you know that every night they have entertainment on the ship, most of which is REALLY good. I'll talk with Duncan Tuck, who works the ship circuit as an entertainer, at 3!

DAVE THE INTREPID PRODUCER PUTS ON HIS BOXING ANALYST HAT And we shall talk about what I think is going to be the most overhyped event of the year: Mayweather v. McGregor.  

DON'T LAUGH ABOUT HICKENLOOPER/KASICH 2020 Or Kasich/Hickenlooper 2020.  I'll tell you one thing, you should not scoff at this.  I'll explain why today.

HERE IS SOME STUFF I HASTILY PASTED UP YESTERDAY WHEN I HAD TO DO A SHOW But there was seriously NO time to talk about anything.  So here we go.

40% OF BRITS DON'T THINK SEX WITH A ROBOT IS CHEATING.  WHAT??? First WHAT???? that we are even having this conversation, but also WHAT??? that so many think sex with a life like robot isn't cheating.  We're not talking a doll here, we're talking full blown robot lady.  This is one of those questions that is initially so shocking I reserve the right to evolve on the subject.  

NOW AN ADORABLE THREE YEAR OLD IS A WHITE SUPREMACIST And this is why I can no longer take the hard Left, or the ACLU or ESPN or anyone acting like it's the Robert E. Lee statue removal that is going to deliver Black People to the Promised Land seriously anymore.  This story right here

IS THIS WHAT HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS HAS BECOME?  I was a cheerleader in high school.  As a cheerleader, our primary concern was actually cheering for the sports teams we had specifically football, basketball, and wrestling (and yes, cheering for wrestling is as ridiculous as it sounds).  Now, cheerleading ITSELF has become a sport and a highly competitive sport at that.  So it is no surprise that we now have a story of cheerleaders being physically tortured by a coach to achieve a ridiculous goal.  What's worse is that the school knew about it and did nothing.  I guess another trophy in the case is more important.  Shame on every adult involved in this. 

BOULDER'S NEW SODA SIN TAX IS ALREADY FAILING TO LIVE UP TO THE HYPE As they are dramatically lowering projections of how much money will be taken in on the ridiculous tax.  I feel sorry for the money grubbing groups who were probably already counting their filthy lucre and figuring out how to spend it.  No I don't.  

DENVER COMIC LEARNS THAT SUPPORTING TRUMP MEANS HE SHOULD DIE or something.  Longtime Denver funny man Steve McGrew had the nerve to stand up for Donald Trump after his initial Charlottesville comments and now there is a full scale war against him on Twitter with people trying to get him fired from every job he has booked.  The shocking part is that there are alleged "comics" taking part in this movement.  They must be the stupidest comics alive to not recognize that shutting down another comic only means it will be easier to shut them down at some point.  But whatever, they can take solace in their cloaks of moral superiority.  I heard they ordered them from ACME. 

I SURE HOPE THIS WORKS TO HELP CHRONICALLY HOMELESS DENVERITES Because it seems this privately financed (well partially privately financed) project seems to be attempting to address the underlying issues of homelessness like mental illness and addiction while getting chronically homeless people off the streets permanently.  Read about it and pray for it's success here

WHAT IF THIS GUY'S OBSESSION WITH BEING HUGE IS JUST BODY DYSMORPHIA?  The news always has the random story here or there about a woman who starved herself down to 80 pounds because of anorexia, or a person who had so much plastic surgery to look like a dragon, and why is this sad tale of a guy with 1.5 million Instagram followers any different?  He was a body builder, and a successful one, who used anabolic steroids to get his ridiculous physique.  And now he's dead because of his drug abuse.  How is this different than someone feeling like they were born the other gender?  Just a question.  

THIS IS YOUR NERDY ECONOMIC POST OF THE DAY And if you aren't reading and you want to know more about economics, please do.  Today's post is 12 economics concepts you should know

YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO BE PRETTY AND KICK BUTT.  MMKAY, GOT IT.  Renowned director James Cameron is taking shots at the new Wonder Woman film franchise for not making Wonder Woman ugly.  Or something.  He says the new movie, which kicked so much booty on so many levels, is just Hollywood men doing what they always do.  Why?  Because Gal Gadot is hot.  

HERE'S HOPING HURRICANE FORECASTERS ARE WRONG ABOUT HARVEY Because a Category 3 storm is no joke.  But I'm hoping that Texans will awake in a few days and complain about how badly the forecasts missed this storm.  I've been there many times.  Say a little prayer just in case!

THIS IS WHY I THINK DOGS RULE Even though there is a cat in this, but he does act like a dog.


PLEASE DON'T CLAP WHEN YOUR PLANE LANDS SAFELY Because we don't necessarily applaud when the bus driver gets across town, do we?  Pilots are not as enamored with this public display for a few reasons, which you can read about here

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