I hate it when I think I don't have a show but I do

STUPID ROCKIES GAME WAS SUPER SHORT And now I'm going to have a TEENY WEENY show to do, which is a lot harder than it sounds.  Right now I'm leaning towards "what one chore would you most love to outsource?"  Don't laugh, I told you it's harder than it sounds.  


40% OF BRITS DON'T THINK SEX WITH A ROBOT IS CHEATING.  WHAT??? First WHAT???? that we are even having this conversation, but also WHAT??? that so many think sex with a life like robot isn't cheating.  We're not talking a doll here, we're talking full blown robot lady.  This is one of those questions that is initially so shocking I reserve the right to evolve on the subject.  

NOW AN ADORABLE THREE YEAR OLD IS A WHITE SUPREMACIST And this is why I can no longer take the hard Left, or the ACLU or ESPN or anyone acting like it's the Robert E. Lee statue removal that is going to deliver Black People to the Promised Land seriously anymore.  This story right here

More on this stuff and more tomorrow!  Join me for a short show now....

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