The Media Doesn't Like It's Own Creation

ADAM ROBINSON IS ONE INTERESTING DUDE And I am truly terrified to interview him at 3pm because he is mindblowingly smart.  Who is he?  He founded The Princeton Review and wrote the only test prep book to be a New York Times Bestseller.  Read more about him here

DID TRUMP LAST NIGHT IN PHOENIX And after giving a rousing speech to an adoring crowd, he picked on the media.  I heard some breathless reporter say it was "incitement" and it was only a matter of time before SOMETHING BAD HAPPENED. The media is not enjoying the fruits of their labor.  I shall explain today.  Here is Jim Vandehei saying it best.

SPEAKING OF THE MEDIA, DENNIS PRAGER CRUSHES THEM HERE And he does so in typical Prager fashion, with clear examples to prove his point.  He uses the recent coverage of the kerfuffle created by a handful of musicians in Santa Monica to prove how utterly biased the media is.  

HOW THE CULTURE OF FEAR IS NOW AFFECTING OUR SPORTS COVERAGE This story should prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Social Justice Nazis Warriors have won.  ESPN, who had assigned a man of Asian decent whose name happened to be Robert Lee, moved him to another game because ROBERT E. LEE AND CHARLOTTESVILLE AND RACISM AND FEAR.  I weep for our nation.  

VEGAS COULD GET CRUSHED AS BAD AS MCGREGOR IS GOING TO BE Las Vegas bookmakers are worried they are going to get destroyed as more and more bettors are taking Connor McGregor in Saturday night fight with Floyd Mayweather.  Lots of people are willing to bet on the long odds and roll the dice.  

THE BEETLEJUICE DIVORCE IS NO MORE IN INDIA Until now, if you were a Muslim man who wanted to ditch your wife, you could do what was called a Triple Talaq.  You simply said, "I divorce you" three times in succession and bada bing, bada boom you were divorced.  Now a high court has ruled it unconstitutional and "un Islamic" at the same time.  

DEAR SAMSUNG, YOU SUCK AND YOUR ADS SUCK I know this is a total first world problem, but I just did the latest update on my Samsung phone and now when I try to do ANYTHING, I get an ad popup on my screen.  I came perilously close to throwing my stupid phone out of the window.  

WHY PEOPLE HATE UNIONS, PART #1,996 This one is a public sector union defending employees who lied on their time cards and stole a lot of money.  

Agency officials conducted an internal inquiry whose findings were shared with The Washington Post, showing that the employees improperly charged the government hundreds of thousands of dollars over several years. In the most egregious cases, officials found that some employees worked two hours a day but billed taxpayers for eight, plus two more overtime hours.

A union official denied any impropriety, saying his members “were available to work” but often finished their tasks quickly and awaited more assignments, a practice that went on for as long as a decade.

“My employees are not in the wrong,” said Harold Ross, president of Local 243 of the National Treasury Employees Union, which represents the unit. “They produce fast. They’re available for the whole time. All of a sudden, management wants to come against them.”

Yep.  That's what he said.  And this is just one example of the idiocy that passes for government jobs in DC.  Read the rest here, but be warned, duct tape your head first.  

NOW SHE HAS EMPATHY.  Hillary Clinton says seeing Trump during the campaign "made her skin crawl".  At least now she understands how the women her husband attacked probably feel when they see him! 


I HAD NO IDEA JOHN CENA WAS SUCH A SOFTY.  I don't care if it is an ad for wireless company.  And I'M NOT CRYING, YOU'RE CRYING. 

WHAT WERE ANIMALS DOING DURING THE ECLIPSE?  Despite what we were told by the teevee people, our animals are not staggering around blind because they stared at the eclipse.  However there were large scale experiments where people watched animals during the eclipse and reported their behavior.  It's actually sort of neat, read about it here

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