Stem Cell Therapy, Trump's Speech and Odds and Ends

TRUMP GAVE A GOOD SPEECH ON AFGHANISTAN LAST NIGHT, BUT.... It was a good speech, a very Presidential speech, but there wasn't a whole lot of "new strategy" to me.  It's nice to hear a POTUS actually talk about "winning".  However, I remain reluctant to believe that Afghanistan can be "won".  The region is a hot mess, we've spent billions rebuilding it for people who don't seem to appreciate it much and we are still dealing with the tribalism and feudalism that has plagued Afghanistan for centuries.  Watch the speech here. 

Here's what I liked about the speech.  Trump put Pakistan on full notice.  He put India on full notice.  He put Afghanistan on full notice.  He laid out what we expect from each of them and said our patience in not unending.  We'll see what happens next, but I have a feeling this President will be far less squishy with "red lines" than the last one was.  Read the transcript here if you like

RAND PAUL DOESN'T LOVE THE PRESIDENT'S NEW PLAN And he laid out the reasons why, and I personally think he makes a good case for stopping, in this column

GOT QUESTIONS ABOUT STEM CELL THERAPY?  Dr. Gary from Downtown's Healthcare has answers.  I STILL get so many questions about my stem cell therapy shots, he's back in to answer yours at 2pm.  Reach out to Downtown's Healthcare by clicking here. 

HERE ARE SOME STORIES I'VE MEANING TO INCLUDE And if you follow my Facebook page you might have seen them.  If you don't follow my Facebook page, what are you waiting for?   

I LOVE/HATE JOSS WHEDON And many of you may not even know who Joss Whedon is, but he was the creator of Buffy and Vampire Slayer, which is one of my ALL TIME favorite shows.  As of late however, Mr. Whedon had taken to judgmentally condemning anyone who doesn't tow the progressive line and he's quite nasty about it.  Like here or here.  He was a big Hillary supporter too.  He's often held up as an ultra feminist because HE holds himself up as an ultra feminist.  You know who isn't buying it?  His ex wife, who penned a pretty damning column about his ongoing infidelities and selfishness during their 20 year relationship.  But you know who doesn't care?  Hollywood, because hypocrisy is where they live anyway.  

IS THERE A PAKISTANI SPY ON THE DEMOCRAT PAYROLL?  This is the story that EVERYONE should be watching but none of the major networks are even paying attention to.  A high level aide to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been indicted along with nearly his whole family.  Imran Awan was an IT professional who not only worked for DWS but MANY other Democrat lawmakers, but he got his family members jobs too.  But not just any jobs, those jobs where you don't show up for work.  You REALLY need to read this column for all the details.  And be sure and read the mainstream coverage where they bend over backwards to make sure DWS doesn't get any blowback.  

NOW ANTIFA IS PUNCHING BLM MEMBERS AND STABBING GUYS WITH SHORT HAIRCUTS And I am DEMANDING EVERYONE on the Left IMMEDIATELY APOLOGIZE AND SAY A ROSARY just to demonstrate they don't share the same violent and racist ideology as antifa.  I can't embed this video and it has some unintelligible language that turns intelligible just in time for cursing, but watch it here.  The video shows a man, said to be a member of Black Lives Matter, in the face of a mask wearing thug from antifa.  He demands the man take the mask off, chaos ensues and the antifa member punches the black guy.  But please tell me how they are the good guys again?  

AND THIS IS WHY I'M NOT GETTING A SELF DRIVING CAR Or a robot, or anything else that can stab me in my sleep.  A cyber company says lots of existing robots are SUPER easy to hack into.  And they made a little robot into a tomato murderer to prove it.  

IT'S STUFF LIKE THIS THAT MAKES IT HARD FOR NICE BLACK PEOPLE IN STORES In NYC a gang of young black men is robbing stores that sell shoes.  They walk in in a pack, and in just a few minutes, essentially loot the store and then leave just as quickly as they came in.  When you see this, can you blame a store for being cautious when a group of young black men walk in?  This is horrible for nice black people who just want to shop.  Just like it was horrible when the mob did stuff like this and people were suspicious of Italian people.  

REMEMBER THE AUTHOR OF THE RUSSIAN DOSSIER ON TRUMP?  The former MI5 agent who said Trump cavorted with Russian hookers?  Well he's being sued and he is fighting having to testify under oath with every fiber of his being.  Read about the lawsuits that could be very interesting to follow in the near future here. 

WHAT DOES THE RISE OF TRANSGENDERISM REALLY MEAN?  You know I love Camille Paglia, and here she is on transgenderism.  And it's VERY interesting.  She maintains that androgyny is a marker of the downfall of a culture.  And that is where we are now.  Very interesting. 

UPDATE ON THE BATHROOM TOPIC FROM YESTERDAY!  I'm very happy to announce that the Boulder Valley School District school we spoke about with the gender neutral bathrooms has changed it's position.  From the email sent to parents:

Dear Families,

We hope everyone had the opportunity to (safely) observe the solar eclipse that captured the imagination of our students today. It was very exciting to see so many kids engaged in a real-life science lesson. It truly is what we hoped for when Meadowlark was being built.

We are writing you today about an aspect of the new building’s design that has garnered some attention recently, both among our parents and the media. Over the past week, we have received some concerns and questions from parents regarding the design of our restrooms.

As we mentioned in this weekend’s MAV Minute, all of the stalls throughout the building are gender-inclusive, with the intent of ensuring all students and families are valued, welcomed and included in our school community.

Safety is a primary concern, and the restrooms were designed for increased privacy and supervision. By having the stalls open to the outside hall our staff is better able to monitor the activity of our students than we would if we had the more traditional bathroom design where gender-specific stalls are within enclosed rooms.

After collecting feedback from parents for the past week, we have decided to make changes that address concerns we have heard. We have re-designated our bathrooms. On both the first and second floors there will now be a gender-specific “boys” and everyone (gender-neutral) bathroom stalls on one side and a gender-specific “girls” and everyone stalls on the other.

Moving forward, we will be working to engage our students and families in meaningful dialog around equity and inclusitivity for all people in the Meadowlark Maverick community. We are dedicated to ensuring that every student is safe, welcomed, and included in our school.

I don't think our conversation made as much difference as the parents calling the school.  

WHEN DID YOU START HATING YOUR JOB?  If the answer is "I don't" it may be because you're under 35.  A new survey shows that is the age when people begin to feel dissatisfied with their jobs, and the reasons are varied.  From feeling unappreciated to feeling disappointed that they are not higher up the career ladder, there are whole bunch of reasons why people are unhappy.  I always feel grateful I get to do a job I love.  

AND NOW THE ROBOTS ARE GOING TO PUT COMPOSERS OUT OF WORK! Okay, maybe not, but artificial intelligence IS making music.  Now there is an album out composed by AI.  

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