Why Is Everyone So Excited About the Eclipse?

I SORT OF FEEL LEFT OUT OF ECLIPSE EXCITEMENT And I've tried to gin up some ohmygoshisntthisamazing feelings but alas, I have none.  Why are people so eclipse crazy?  I actually got an email from a company I do business with telling me they will be closed Monday for the eclipse.  WHAT?  Now you're just using a stupid excuse to get out of work.  If you, like me, didn't get eclipse glasses and don't want to scar your retinas and possibly blind yourself you can just watch this video of an eclipse from 2006.  You're welcome.

BOYS AND GIRLS ARE NOW USING THE SAME RESTROOMS IN SCHOOLS IN BOULDER And if you're asking yourself "what could go wrong?" you must not have the same memories of middle school I did.  One parent sent me a frantic email about the situation and I think she has a valid point.  From boys purposely peeing on the seats because they think it's funny that girls will be seating on those seats to the significant potential for inappropriate behavior in the bathrooms, this is a recipe for disaster.  Apparently all bathrooms in Boulder Valley are now gender neutral.  Why?  Because they don't want the handful of students who are transgendered to feel uncomfortable.  One must wonder how many girls, who perhaps are going to be dealing with their menstrual cycles for the first time, are uncomfortable now?  How long will it take before two high school students are busted having sex in the bathroom?  Or do we now get to post teachers inside every bathroom to prevent such nonsense from occurring?  This is a dumb, dumb idea.  

RIP JERRY LEWIS AND HERE'S HOPING YOU'RE LESS GRUMP NOW Jerry Lewis was a comedy legend and now he's dead at the age of 91.  If you missed his last recorded interview, it was a doozy, with the comedian being anything but funny.  He was angry, sour and sullen and gave one word answers to an interviewer who surely must have wondered what kind of contest in hell he won to get the interview.  I don't mention it to make him look bad, but it was pretty bad. Watch it here. 

It seemed to me when this interview came out that Jerry Lewis was just done.  Done with interviews, done with Hollywood and done with life.  I imagine being 91 isn't all it's cracked up to be for some, and Jerry Lewis did seem to fall into that camp.  I think we all have this notion that being 91 would make us feel like we had beaten time and give us something to crow about, but we don't know what kind of physical ailments were plaguing him, and he may have just been in pain and miserable all the time.  Old age is a bitch.  Rest in Peace, Jerry Lewis. 

AND IN TYPICAL FASHION DICK GREGORY WAS UPSTAGED BY A WHITE GUY EVEN IN DEATH I'm not going to pretend to have been a Dick Gregory fan from way back.  However, I recently saw a great profile on him on CBS Sunday Morning and I learned a lot that impressed me.  As he was beginning to make his mark as a comedian, he made a choice to become very active in the Civil Rights Movement, which surely damaged his career prospects.  He lived his life with a strong desire for justice and was a humanitarian until his death.  But no one will know because Jerry Lewis died on the same day.  

I FULLY EXPECT EVERY LEFT WINGER ADVOCATING VIOLENCE AGAINST NAZIS TO APOLOGIZE IMMEDIATELY Because a guy in Sheridan, Colorado was STABBED because a rabid left winger thought his haircut made him look like a Neo Nazi.  Is he a Neo Nazi?  Nope.  But HIS HAIRCUT was so offensive it triggered an unhinged lunatic who has heard enough "Punch a Nazi" stupidity that he decided to up the ante.  Well done, Progressives, well done!

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN TOO MANY COUNTER PROTESTERS SHOW UP?  THEY THROW THEIR BOTTLES OF URINE AT THE COPS, OF COURSE!  And it happened in Boston as a Free Speech rally attended by a few hundred people (and no, this wasn't a Nazi rally or white nationalist rally, it appears to really be about free speech this time) was met by 40,000 protesters.  Of course antifa showed up with their bottles of urine, but since there were no actual Nazis to throw them at, they tossed them at police instead.  Oh, I'm not sure whether it was before or after they knocked down an elderly woman and stole the small American flag she was waving. 

CHUCK E. CHEESE IS GETTING RID OF THE SUPER CREEPY ANIMATRONICS SHOWS And not one single kid in the world cares. The animatronics were weird and no one paid attention to them anymore, and now they are being phased out.  Let's face it, Chuck E Cheese is where we teach our kids to gamble these days, with them drawn to games of chance where they spin a wheel to win tickets to cash in for prizes.  Sound familiar?  If it does, it's because it's SLOT MACHINES FOR CHILDREN.  I made it until my daughter was 7 years old before she even knew Chuck E. Cheese existed.  I consider that a victory.  

THIS STORY COULD BE ABOUT MY MOTHER IN LAW My mother in law turns 90 in January.  For the last 10 years or so, she has had several dogs.  She adopts a senior dog from the pound and gives it a wonderful life for the couple of years it has left.  A local vet waives the fees to put the dogs down when it's time.  I jokingly call her house Miss Barbara's Home for Aged Dogs.  She's outlived them all, but they have all given her so much joy that I truly believe it has kept her going when she didn't have much of anything else to do.  This woman got an article written about her by a local paper when she adopted an old dog with cancer.  If this helps this catch on, then I'm all for it.  A senior dog never as the energy of a puppy, making them the perfect companion for someone who doesn't move as quickly as they used to.  If you know a lonely senior, maybe suggest this as an option.  They could help each other not end up bitter like Jerry Lewis.  

BUT...BUT...I THOUGHT JUSTIN TRUDEAU WANTED EREBODY TO COME TO CANADA?  Now that Canada actually HAS a problem with illegal immigration, he is singing a different tune.  All of sudden, Canada is a nation of laws or something.   I had no idea he was a xenophobic bigot!  What a nationalistic jerk!  Oh wait I forgot, he's dreamy, so it's all good. 

I'M USUALLY NOT IN FAVOR NEW LAWS BUT I CAN GET ON BOARD WITH THIS ONE Stamford, Connecticut is thinking about outlawing walking and texting.  The Darwinian side of me says let these idiots just thin the herd themselves but then the speedy walker side of me takes over and thinks that maybe I can actually get to where I'm going without running into someone not paying attention.  This is really Sophie's choice for me. 

THE SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER IS A TOTAL FRAUD AND IT'S NOT JUST ME SAYING IT I learned about how the once noble Southern Poverty Law Center had become simply a scam operation some years ago and it still makes me angry when news outlets quote them as some sort of authority on hate groups.  Read this but be sure and click through to this article, which is what I read years ago about what a racket the SPLC had become. 

RIGHT NOW TOBACCO EXECUTIVES ARE KICKING THEMSELVES FOR NOT THINKING OF THIS Could you imagine a campaign by smokers to end the "healthism" and "smoke shaming" that take place when a doctor tells you to quit smoking because it's unhealthy?  Well swap the word "fat" for "smoke" and that is exactly what happens.  Now there are "fat studies" classes at colleges.  Yep.  And it's just as bad as you think it might be.  And this notion that you can be obese and healthy at any age is not just wrong, it's dangerous.  Check this study on how obesity, even moderate obesity, affects longevity.  

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