Toilet Paper, Terrorism and Willie B!

WILLIE B FROM KBPI IS IN TODAY AT 3 Because he is not only one of my favorite co workers, he's also get a pretty epic car show happening this weekend.  He'll tell you all about it.

WHICH WAY DO YOU HANG YOUR TOILET PAPER?  After the couple of years I've been working with Dave, I had no idea he was an under guy rather than an over guy.  THE MADNESS!  We need to bring him to the light.  

I HAD A WORK NIGHTMARE THE OTHER NIGHT And in my work nightmares, I usually walk outside the building during my show only to realize that I can't get back in.  This one, I was broadcasting from somewhere else, I think a phone booth, when the microphone cord frayed and broke and I was frantically trying to weave it back together to make it work.  What are yours like?  

THE WHITE NATIONALISTS MUST BE SO PROUD TO BE LIKE ISIS And they are, as one of theirs used his car to plow into a crowd and kill people, and now in Barcelona Isis is claiming responsibility for a similar attach that killed 13 and injured more than 100.  Terrorism is terrorism.  

OH, AND THERE WAS AN ATTACK IN FINLAND TOO Where a man went on a stabbing rampage while yelling Allahu Akbar but I'm sure there is no connection to Islam.  Watch the video (it's not graphic) here.


VITAMIN C COULD HELP FIGHT BLOOD CANCERS And I take a bunch every day, so should live forever, amiright?  Read the story here, but ignore the UK doctor who poopoos high dose Vitamin C as part of cancer treatments because she is married to the chemo train, which is usually what kills people in the long run.  Read this if you wan to know the latest science on IV Vitamin C as part of a cancer regimen.  It works well for some cancers.  OR this. OR even this study.  

BANNON IS OUT AT THE WHITE HOUSE And to this I say GOOD.  He is the only member of all the President's men who I have thought from the outset was in this for personal enrichment only, and now he's been shoved out.  And I just don't care for the guy.  We'll see who is out next.  

HERE ARE THE MONUMENTS THAT MUST GO According to the outraged Left.  It's long and merely makes Donald Trump more right than wrong on this issue. 

LENIN IS JUST A QUIRKY OLD DUDE, ISN'T HE?  That's what the Fremont Chamber of Commerce said about the giant Lenin statue which sits on their property.  Here's the pullquote:

A chamber spokesperson told SeattlePI the statue, which is often dressed up in tutus and decorated for the holidays, is a symbol of freedom of speech, celebrated as public art and "an integral part of the quirkiness of the neighborhood."

Got that?  Quirky!  I wonder if the millions of people killed by the policies of Lenin would have chosen the same words?  This all started when the mayor of Seattle asked that a Confederate monument AND the statue of Lenin, both on private property, be taken down.  

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