Donald Trump V. The Press Was Pretty Unreal

TRUMP TOOK ON A COMPLETELY HOSTILE PRESS YESTERDAY And if you haven't seen it, watch it here. 

Though I thought some of what he said was dumb, I also thought some of what he said was true.  The Press, on the other hand, showed EXACTLY what their agenda was by the continuing barrage of "When Did you Stop Beating Your Wife" questions.  My favorite was when someone shouted out, "Do you support the Confederacy?".  Really?  Really?  If you don't want to watch it, which I really think you should, you can read the transcript here. 

WHO ACTUALLY STARTED IT IN CHARLOTTESVILLE?  That is the 64,000 dollar question, but the LA Times does a nice job here of taking eyewitness accounts of the events from across the spectrum.  

THE LEFT IS FEEDING THE WHITE NATIONALISTS At least according to the Left's well known logic that being overly concerned about Islamic terrorists plays right into their hands as a recruiting tool. This editorial says we need to stop hyperventilating about these stupid, tiny groups of white nationalists and Nazis because it simply makes them bigger than they are.  


CHARLES HARRINGTON ELSTER IS ON TODAY AT 3 And by then I will be overjoyed to talk about something other than Charlottesville.  Get your grammar and word questions ready.  Find out more about Charles by clicking here

FOR PEOPLE ACTING LIKE IT'S CRAZY FOR TRUMP TO BE ASKING IF WASHINGTON IS NEXT You need to be aware that is ALREADY happening.  Meaning, if we take down every Confederate monument, what's next?  Trump asked if Washington and Jefferson were next and people scoffed.  Read this. 

FEMINISM DROPS MALE SPERM COUNT! Okay, probably not, but male sperm counts have dropped considerably since 1973.  Is it a coincidence that feminism really hit it's stride at about the same time???  I'm kidding, of course, but it is always funny to draw causation when there is none. 

DOES THE SHOW SOUTH PARK HAVE A "RESPONSIBILITY" TO ATTACK TRUMP?  The answer is a definite no, as the show has made it's mark by skewering pretty much everything on it's own terms.  But when everyone else is doing it, don't expect South Park to do it, and they are catching all kinds of hell for not feeding the lefty angry army (which they have skewered in the past) what they want.  

NEDERLAND PROVES IT TRULY IS FANTASYLAND As they reach for the holy grail of hippiness, which is running the city on 100% renewable energy by 2025.  Sounds great, right?  Except it's not attainable, according to scientists.  

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