It's Not About Preaching Love, It's About Preaching Freedom

A PERSON IS DEAD BECAUSE A MAN COMMITTED TERRORISM IN VIRGINIA Period, full stop, end of discussion.  What happened in Charlottesville is an atrocity.  A white nationalist mowed down a bunch of people who came out to protest a bunch of white guys with Home Depot torches who want to save the world from anyone who isn't exactly like they are.  That's bad enough.  But in the ensuing days, I've seen too many of my friends on the right say things like,

"But what about Black Lives Matter??  They are violent.  What about Antifa?  They are violent too!"

Except I don't care.  Someone has to be the grown up in the room and accurately describe what happened in Charlottesville and hold people to account.  His watered down statement where he too tried to spread the blame around certainly didn't check the passions of the idiots and nincompoops who inhabit this far right, fringe fascist group of white guys.  They are are nothing more than hooligans in white hoods itching for a fight.  And boy did our President disappoint.  

I don't think Donald Trump is some right wing nationalist.  But I think he enjoys the kind of nasty attacking vitriol white nationalists do on his behalf.  He should have come out and in no uncertain terms said that such naked racist behavior as that displayed by these idiots has no place in society.  And the notion that we have to "love each other" is hot garbage.  What we have to do is RESPECT each other.  RESPECT our differences.  RESPECT our God given rights and RESPECT that others may not think like us but they deserve to have the opportunity to have their voices heard.  

I can hear some of you screaming at me now.  That I am forgetting all the ills perpetrated by those on the hard left.  I haven't forgotten any of them.  But how am I to ask why peace loving Muslims don't stand up and shout about Islamists when I sit quietly when someone who claims to be on my side of the spectrum does something so vile?  Or instead of calling this an act of political terror I try to draw a moral equivalence to a far left group?  In my opinion, anyone who has ever claimed to lean right, or center right, or who espouses conservative ideals needs to be shouting the loudest.  Because if we don't, who will?  Our President certainly did not.  

Jason Kessler, the man who planned the White Supremacist rally to fight the removal of a Confederate statue from a park, was punched in the face at a press conference on Sunday.  Read this paragraph:

“Jason Kessler has been bringing hate to our town for months and has been endangering the lives of people of color and endangering other lives in my community,” the man, Jeff Winder, said in an interview later. “Free speech does not protect hate speech.”

Jason Kessler may be the scum of the Earth, but his speech is protected.  And the we must get over the notion that you or me or some guy named Jeff Winder gets to the arbiter of what is allowed and what is not.  Though you may secretly applaud Mr. Winder, he is as much, in his own way, a part of the problem as Mr. Kessler is.  This is not the last of this sort of nonsense.  

***UPDATE ON THIS POST Which I started Sunday night.  Today, President Trump gave the statement he should have given on Saturday.

This is EXACTLY what he needed to say on Saturday, but he did not.  Will this stop the angry leftists who want to incorrectly label him a racist?  Of course not.  The difference between the two statements strikes me as proof that President Trump still does not understand that as Leader of the Free World, every word he says matters.  And it matters a great deal.  George W. Bush knew it and tried to tell Trump in an interview earlier this year.  

FOR THOSE WHO THINK I NEED A MORE BALANCED APPROACH TO MY RESPONSE I will share with you Matt Walsh's latest column.  In it he takes all the degenerates from each side of the spectrum to task.  And he does it very well. 

OH NOES, KYLE CLARK LEARNS WHAT IT'S LIKE TO ACT LIKE A CONSERVATIVE What horrible act did he commit?  He aired a story on the Flag Man.  Who is the Flag Man?  He's a Trump supporter who goes to an overpass over I-25 to wave a flag so people driving below can see it.  HORRIFIC!  Well Kyle learned what it's like when you dare to cover a Trump supporter in a positive light.  Watch this. 

TOO BAD WHITE SUPREMACISTS DIDN'T TWEET SOMETHING MEAN AT TRUMP Because he would have come after them gun's a blazing on Twitter, for sure.  The CEO of Merck, who happens to be black, quit the President's Manufacturing Council because of his weak response on Saturday.  Of course Trump had to take to Twitter to send a nastygram

GO DADDY TAKES A STAND AGAINST WHITE NATIONALISTS By telling them to find someone else to host their domain.  This is sort of interesting because what if internet service providers (isp) DID decide to start regulating content with more care?  It sounds good, until your local constitutional conservative site gets taken down for questioning whether or not government has a role in healthcare (it doesn't) or other such sticky subjects.  This is a slippery Camel's nose sliding under the tent slope.  

THAT HILLARY CLINTON EMAIL INVESTIGATION IS STILL A THING Which is weird because Hillary and her people were SO forthcoming that I'm SHOCKED to learn that in June the FBI turned over 7,000 MORE documents from Huma Abedin's laptop.  Though it's moving much slower, it's still going on.  

AND NOW HERE'S WHAT WILL BE THE FASTEST GROWING SPORT IN THE WORLD SOON It's drone racing, and I may be obsessed with it.  

THE SODA TAX IN CHICAGO MAY MEAN THE END OF FEDERAL SNAP PAYMENTS Of course this will never happen, but it sure does lead to questions.  Questions like, who knew that charging tax on SNAP eligible products was against the rules?  Also questions like, why is soda SNAP eligible?  If we are going to socially engineer using government edicts, why don't we start with people who are dependent on other people's money for their food?  It is a well established statistic that people living in poverty are FAR more likely to be obese.  How about this from the NIH:

Counties with poverty rates of >35% have obesity rates 145% greater than wealthy counties.

So why is soda SNAP eligible again?  

DRUNK PEOPLE ON AIRPLANES TRULY SUCK And I've witnessed it from the flight attendant side and the passenger side.  Good news, the way I see it, drunk passenger arrests are up by 50%.  Good news except some poor air cabin crew had to deal with the drunk person until they could land and be arrested.  If you're flying soon, don't be this person.  

BECAUSE INTERNS DON'T NEED A LIVING WAGE?  Most of the idiots people on Capitol Hill who support the idiotic $15 for All Movement don't pay their college age interns.  So they enslave college students and want private citizens to pay more for the formerly enslaved interns.  I'm kidding about the enslavement, by the way.  They are more like indentured servants.  

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