Oh Give Him a Home, Where the Buffalo Roam...

IT'S A LIVING: BISON HERDER EDITION! Ever wondered who takes care of the bison herd in Genesee?  His name is Matthew Brown and he's on today for It's a Living at 3! 

COLORADANS CHOOSE CREMATION OVER BURIAL A LOT! And we rank number 6 as a state on the percentage of us who choose cremation over burial.  I have a theory about why, and I think it's because we want our ashes scattered somewhere beautiful rather than buried.  Have you thought about this?  

NOW NORMAL SIZE CHAIRS IN A CLASSROOM ARE MICROAGGRESSIONS At least according to this document from The New School in New York City.  They've got a super list of ways you are unconsciously hurting other people that must be stopped!  You know who I'm sad for?  The people who are so fragile that they are actually mentally hurt by normal size chairs and blame that hurt on someone else rather than their health choices.  And no, I'm not fat shaming, I'm being realistic.  You may be upset if you don't fit into a regular size chair, but blame the right issue.  This is what passes for education these days. 

DON'T MESS WITH BEEF PEOPLE OR THEY WILL MESS YOU UP As ABC News found out when they decided to call the "lean finely textured beef" produced by Beef Products, Inc "pink slime" in a series of news stories.  BPI sued over the characterization of their 100% beef product as anything but and won a HUGE settlement which we now know is $177 million.  Oddly, the networks didn't report the story or the settlement.   

THE NEW YORK TIMES WILL USE STUPIDITY AND NOT READING THEIR OWN PAPER AS A DEFENSE In the Sarah Palin defamation case now working it's way through the courts.  This is going to be SUPER fun to watch.  In this column, John Sexton makes a very compelling observation that the New York Times Editorial Board is going to have to argue that they didn't read their own papers coverage of the Jared Loughner shooting.  Or that they only read Paul Krugman, who is wrong about everything.  The Paper of Record is going to look really stupid by the time this is done.  Or should I say more stupid? 

THOUGH I LOVE CHEETOS, JUST NO TO THIS And "this" is a pop up restaurant in New York where every dish is Cheetos based.  I'm not sure why this is a thing, but there you have it.  Is this the strangest restaurant you've ever heard of?  I've eaten at a Chinese Cuban fusion restaurant, but that was actually pretty good. 


ASHLEY JUDD IS NOT AMERICA'S SWEETHEART, GOT IT?  Ashley Judd is one of those celebrities I wish would go away.  She graced us with her very first Facebook Live video to complain that a man at airport security in some foreign airport had the UNMITIGATED GALL to call her "sweetheart"!  GASP!  SHOCK!  DISASTER!  She says that this sort of "everyday sexism" should not be tolerated.  I just can't even.  

HOME PRICES DIP IN DENVER?  IS THIS A TREND OR A BLIP?  No one knows, but this is definitely a story to watch going forward.  I'm not panicking, but I'm watching. 

WHY ARE PERA'S RETURNS SO WEAK COMPARED TO OTHER PENSION FUNDS?  This is nerdy but the long a short is that PERA had a respectable 7.3% return.  Which would be good, but other retirement funds earned a median rate of 12.4% over the same period.  Seems like the PERA board has some explaining to do. 

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