North Korea, Living at the Arctic, and Jerry Schemmel!

ARE WE TEETERING ON THE EDGE WITH NORTH KOREA?  My guest at 1:30 James Carafano from the Heritage Foundation may be able to help answer that question.  Find out more about James here

THIS IS THE PART OF THE BLOG WHERE I GIVE YOU ALL THE "TRUMP IS CRAZY" STORIES That are EVERYWHERE in the news media today.  Except I'm not, because why?  You can open any news app and see them for yourself.  

WOULD YOU LIVE 197 MILES NORTH OF THE ARCTIC CIRCLE ALONE?  My guest at 2pm does just that.  Sue Aikens lives at the Kavik River Camp where nine months of the year she is the only resident.  The new season of the reality show on her life Life Below Zero on the Nat Geo channel starts tonight!  

JERRY SCHEMMEL IS RAISING MONEY FOR A GREAT CAUSE And he's doing it by doing something he loves: riding his bike.  Not only is Jerry riding across Colorado and trying to break the record for doing so, he's raising money for an organization who helps Purple Heart Veterans get dogs to aid them in their recovery and lives.  Find out more and DONATE by clicking here

THE ROCKIES NEED A RALLY ANIMAL!  They are calling him "Rally Cat" in St. Louis.  A rather cute kitty took the field during the game last night, and the entire episode went like this.

But then this happened right after the kitty was removed from the field.

The Cardinals won the game, and #rallycat was born.  Cards Manager Mike Metheny says the cat has "already been claimed" outside the ballpark and the grounds crew member who took the brunt of the cat's ire is reportedly okay.  What animal would be an appropriate pseudo mascot for the Rockies?

THE PEOPLE BOYCOTTING DENNIS PRAGER HAVE NEVER LISTENED TO HIM, GUARANTEED I am an unabashed fan girl of Dennis Prager.  His radio talk show, which is on a competing station, is the most thoughtful show on the air today.  He is a brilliant thinker and gifted orator.  And his appearance as guest conductor for the Santa Monica Symphony orchestra is now being made into a political circus by angry lefties who I GUARANTEE have never listened to ONE entire show of his.  But don't let that stop them, because being informed is always secondary to being angry.  I hope the symphony sells out this performance and a new generation of conservative classical music fans are born, because symphonies in this day and age can't afford to alienate potential ticket buyers because of politics.  

VEGETARIANS ARE DEPRESSED AT MUCH HIGHER RATES And this is not at all surprising to me.  There are nutritionally based reasons for this, which is why when someone tells me vegetarianism is so much healthier I just yell "vitamin B12" and run away.  Vegans can also have issues conceiving as well because of the nutrients they are missing in their diets.  You know what would solve this problem?  A nice juicy burger.  

WHAT THE HECK?  I MEAN REALLY, WHAT THE HECK? A guy in London is finally under arrest for pushing a woman into the path of an oncoming bus.  What the heck is wrong with people?  

ARE YOU FOLLOWING THE FOLLOW UP TO THE BILL CLINTON-LORETTA LYNCH TARMAC MEETING? If not, you should because it is a tangled web that speaks to the cesspool that is DC quite nicely.  When James Comey was head of the FBI and organizations filed Freedom of Information Act requests, they were told there were no responsive documents.  So they sued.  And lo and behold, there were 413 PAGES of documents.  It gets better from there.  Read the whole thing, and I promise it's worth is. 

A KENNEDY FIGURES OUT HOW TO GET ON COLORADO'S DOLE In this case, it's Bobby Kennedy III who wants to make a movie about Hunter S. Thompson in Aspen.  Or somewhere else in Colorado.  He threatened to take his movie no one will see to Canada, so Colorado gave him 300 grand in "rebates" to do the film here.  So let me break this down for you.  Today while you're a work, slaving away, I want you to think about how the State of Colorado, which is taking a chunk of YOUR paycheck, just gave it to a Kennedy heir.  

ARE MEN AND WOMEN DIFFERENT?  YES.  THIS WRITER TRIES HER BEST TO HIDE THAT THOUGH. In this unnecessarily long article about biological differences in men's and women's brains, it's entertaining to watch this woman contort her own article to avoid saying what she eventually says:

Still, there's no reason to discount the possibility that anatomical or biological differences translate to behavioral differences, Cahill told Live Science.

"Is it inherently plausible that biologically based sex-related influences affect all aspects of human behavior, including careers people choose?" Cahill asked. "The answer is yes."

But she also gives lots of examples of where these stereotypes don't hold true to prove it's REALLY sexism, but alas, she has to admit that biology does play a role.  

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