Maybe Crazy Like a Fox is What We are Seeing.

PRESIDENT TRUMP TALKS TOUGH WITH NORTH KOREA And I am beginning to think his reputed unpredictability may finally be an asset.  After all the efforts we've had since the Bill Clinton administration to bring this rogue regime into line, it's time to try something completely different.  And maybe talking the same language that Kim Jung Un uses is just the ticket.  And seriously, do we really need Guam?  (That was an insensitive joke, but a joke nonetheless)

ASIAN STUDENTS ARE BEING DISCRIMINATED AGAINST BY COLLEGES And my guest today wrote a great column on it yesterday.  Helen Raleigh joins me at 3 to discuss it.  Read it here

THE SALT NUTRITION PENDULUM SWINGS IN THE OTHER DIRECTION With one New York scientist now saying that for most of us, a low salt diet is not only unnecessary, but unhealthy.  This as people are cutting salt out of everything (can we please add it back to soup now??) and ignoring our bodies need for sodium.  Not everyone is on board, as government scientists usually lag behind anywhere from 20 to 25 years. 

WE ARE GIVING OUR FRIENDS TO THE NORTH A GIFT THEY DON'T WANT In the form of illegal immigrants crossing the border in upstate New York.  About 400 a day so far.  They have sent the military to the crossing point to help set up a tent city to deal with the influx.  At what point do they get tired of this?  And where else are people crossing?  It will be interesting to see how this plays out. 

25% OF FEDERAL PRISONERS ARE HERE ILLEGALLY  Which means that would cut our prison population dramatically if we enforced our borders.  Only 7 of these criminals have been given relief from deportation.  But hey, they all just came here for a better life, amiright?  

THIS IS WHAT THE PRO CHOICE MOVEMENT HAS BEEN REDUCED TO The Pro Choice movement used to tout the necessity that abortion be legal, safe and rare.  Okay, that makes sense.  Then it became cool to talk about how having an abortion was the best thing EVER!  We even had stars like Lena Dunham bemoan the fact that she hadn't had the chance to have one.  Now this woman is one upping them all by writing an entire column about how HER OWN MOTHER should have aborted her.  This is honestly the saddest thing ever.  

THAT SUPER SECRET CLIMATE REPORT SCOOP THE NEW YORK TIMES HAD?  IT'S NOT. Because the super secret report that the New York Times breathlessly reported was SURE to be suppressed by the Evil Trump Administration has been available online since January 2017.  That's right.  Since January.  Online.  On the internet.  For anyone to see.  But please keep telling me how great the NYTimes is.  

MONKEY VASECTOMIES ARE A THING NOW IN THAILAND And I'm tempted to just not say anything more, but this story is actually really unusual so here goes.  Macaque monkeys are out of control on one island in Thailand and figuring out what to do about it, short of extermination, has been an ongoing challenge.  Castration didn't work, because other male monkeys just kept popping up to do the job, so now the Thai Navy is capturing the male monkeys and giving them vasectomies.  They can keep on doing what male monkeys do, with no results.  

THIS IS A SWEET STORY ABOUT A SOUTHWEST EMPLOYEE...BUT... Airline employees do stuff like this all the time with absolutely no recognition. I'm glad this Pittsburgh based Southwest employee who drove a woman's bag containing some critical items she needed for her chemo treatments the next day is getting a bit of love.  

AS A MOM, I IMPLORE THE FASHION INDUSTRY TO STOP DRESSING OUR GIRLS LIKE SLEAZEBAGS And I totally get this columnist's feelings about trying to find shorts that actually cover a girl's behind.  Short shorts are not for little girls.  Heck they are barely for most of the women wearing them.  But for little girls, they are not only inappropriate, they continue the over sexualization of our young women.  Just stop it.  Or at least offer options. 

HOW TO KILL YOUR CAREER IN ONE EASY STEP Here's a good video on celebs who ruined their careers with one move. 


IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON QUITTING YOUR JOB BEFORE WINNING THE POWERBALL You might want to think twice, as your chances of hitting a hole in one on your birthday are better than winning the big time lottery.  But hey, someone is going to win, right? 

Mandy Connell


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