Google Fires a Guy Who is Probably Right

DID YOU READ THE DIVERSITY MANIFESTO FROM A GOOGLE TECH WORKER?  I saw it yesterday after the show and read it in it's entirety.  You should do so and can by clicking here.  Why should you read it?  So you can truly grasp HOW INSANE it is that a Senior Software Engineer got fired because he wrote it.  James Damore, who is obviously very bright and thoughtful, wrote this document in an effort (at least it appears to be an effort to) bring to light the insidious nature of the diversity efforts at Google.  He has the unmitigated gall to point out that men and women are naturally gifted with different personality traits and gifts.  OH MY GOD.  It's true.  And in this document, which the main stream media is labeling an "anti-diversity screed" because they obviously didn't read it, he asks Google to stop giving minorities and women access to programs and training men don't get.  This is Animal Farm to the nth degree.  He should sue for discrimination and really blow the lid off things!  Where's Gloria Allred when you need her?  Just kidding, she only represents women who lie.  God forbid you point out that women are different than men in any way other than they can't pee standing up.  

CDOT'S SHALIN BHATT ON TODAY FOR TRANSPORTATION TUESDAY So get your kindly worded questions ready and email them to me at if you can't call.  He's on at 3!  

AN INTERESTING COMMENT ON SOCIALISM AND OSCAR WILDE This column may seem a bit fancy, as the author extols his love of Oscar Wilde's classic play The Importance of Being Earnest but it dovetails nicely with the Left's new love affair with socialism.  While explaining how the play really isn't about class warfare but about how utterly nonsensical class is, he makes a very good point:

Importance reveals this in subtle and hilarious ways, and speaks to the great unspoken truth about the opponents of freedom. The upper classes never liked it, precisely because it threatened their unique position in the social order. In fact, this was the essence of what Wilde might have believed his socialism to be: an ideology that wanted the privileges of the well-to-do spread to absolutely every human soul.

Sounds like some people operating in the US right now, doesn't it?  


PEOPLE ARE RAPING SEXBOTS NOW AND WE SHOULD BE WORRIED At least according to one law professor who says studies show that the lifelike sexbots who have a setting which simulates rape could lead to actual women being raped.  First, it never occurred to me that a "rape setting" would be a thing.  Second, who is doing this?  Third, can we make sure they never get to interact with real people?  This is the kind of ethical dilemmas we will face on a more frequent basis as AI gets better and more realistic.  It goes along the lines of whether or not animated child pornography is against the law.  Which it isn't, by the way, which is disgusting and wrong.  

SLEEP DEPRIVATION IS NO JOKE And the latest study says sleeping less than six hours a night can lead to brain damage similar to the damage that occurs from heavy drinking.  This is why you need an Innomax bed.  Just saying. 

WANT TO KNOW WHAT LIFE DAY TO DAY IN VENEZUELA IS LIKE?  Then please read this riveting account from a former AP reporter who moved there in 2014 and watched the collapse of the state in real time.  It's long, but it's very worth the read.  Although I find it fascinating that neither the reporter nor the interviewer bother to make the connection between socialism and failed state.  

DISCRIMINATION IS COOL AS LONG AS IT'S AGAINST MEN, AMIRIGHT?  At least that's the thinking behind an Australian coffee shops decision to charge a "men tax" of 18%.  That's right guys, if you want to get your coffee here, get ready to pay more.  They say they are doing it to bring attention to the gender pay gap, which isn't really a thing, and they donate the extra money to some sort of women's organization.  It certainly has garnered them a lot of attention, so from a marketing standpoint, well done.  I guess.  

WOULD YOU FLY IN A PILOTLESS PLANE?  That is the question being asked by airlines looking to shore up their bottom lines by not hiring pilots.  Me?  I'm not sure.  Most of the scary in air incidents I've experienced have been handled deftly by experienced pilots, but I know human error is to blame in a lot of crashes.  But if the computer is flying the plane, couldn't the computer be hacked?  I guess I should worry about that now with auto pilot, but I've always assumed there was some sort of human override to protect me.  Would you fly in a huge drone?  

WANT CORRUPTION OUT OF GOVERNMENT?  TAKE AWAY IT'S POWER. This is the easy fix that no politician will ever admit.  The reason government agents become corrupt is not because they are helpless in the face of lobbyists with bags full of cash, it's because they have the power to do something for those lobbyists in the first place.  As government intervention in the markets increases, so does corruption.  And I'm not just spouting off, the correlation is made nicely in this article about government corruption around the world.  The freer a society, the less opportunity for corruption because there are fewer benefits to those who wish to corrupt.  This is a big part of why I consider myself a truly small government libertarian.  

DENVER'S SUBURBAN COMMUNITIES SHOULD TAKE NOTE OF THIS ARTICLE About how millenials are moving to the 'burbs, but not their parents burbs.  They want the amenities (re: great restaurants, walkable streets, high end stores) without actually being IN the city.  As I watch the outlying areas of Denver burst wide open with new homes, I hope they incorporate more of this strategy into their city planning because honestly, it makes a community a lot nicer place to live.  Not to mention it creates a much more diverse tax base going forward.  I lived in a place in Florida that was almost ALL homes and when we actually needed more money for something necessary (like rehabbing an aging water system) the only option was property taxes, which is horrible.  

FOR BALTIMORE'S SAKE, I HOPE THIS WORKS As Baltimore has become the poster child for gun violence much hand wringing has taken place about what to do.  One group created a weekend ceasefire this past weekend and whether or not it worked when two people were murdered is up for debate.  However, they believe that this is the beginning of a movement, created by people trying to chance the culture of violence that grips sections of the city.  Here's hoping it is a huge success, even if it got off to a rocky start.  

BIG PHARMA AND THE GAMES THEY PLAY COULD BE KILLING PEOPLE I am not fan of Big Pharma, though I recognize the good many of their products do.  This article explains how they game our complex regulatory system for their own financial gain and leave many potentially life saving medicines out of reach for the people who need them most.  

WANT TO LIVE LONGER?  MOVE TO THE US. This column takes a simple stat, life expectancy, and uses it to compare the health care systems around the world.  But in addition to looking at the simple statistic, he digs deeper to figure out why the US only ranks 43rd in the world.  Using ethnicity breakdowns from around the world, he finds some interesting stuff, such as African Americans living in Africa would die much sooner than African Americans living in the US.  But that's not all, because most of Africa is still a hot mess.  Even Asian Americans fare better than those living in Japan.  It's nerdy and fascinating, you can read it here

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