I'm Back BABY! And Ready to Roll!

CHUCK AND I AGREE, THAT WAS THE BEST VACATION WE'VE EVER HAD! And I have to thank two groups of people specifically.  Charlie and the whole team at Cruise and Tour travel are OUTSTANDING.  Everything they deliver is first class and they make the trip effortless.  Second, I must thank the listeners who spent their vacations with us.  What a GREAT group of people we had!  If I had handpicked people to go with us, I couldn't have done better than the wonderful folks on this trip.  I hope to see them on the future trip, which we will announced shortly.  But I already know it and OH MY GOODNESS it's SPECTACULAR!  More on Alaska later, with videos to be added soon.  The only downside is the wifi on the ship stunk so I couldn't stream more videos.  

SO WHAT DID I MISS?  I saw that Mooch got canned after 10 days, and some other stuff, but what were the biggies?  I'll need an update at 2 when we start talking about the news again.

IF YOU'RE FAT AND YOU SMOKE, DON'T EXPECT THE NHS TO PAY FOR HIP OR KNEE SURGERY And this is what socialized medicine looks like when you run out of the other people's money.  The National Health Service in Britain is now rejecting some patients for knee and hip surgery if they are fat or smoke.  This is called "rationing" and if you want socialized medicine, you want this.  My friend Michelle, who lives in Northern Ireland, posted this comment to my post on Facebook:

Loads of people here in the UK have private insurance. That doesn't mean that they can't utilise the NHS services, it just means that if they want to see a private physician in a more timely manner, they can. My mum-in-law opted to go private with her knee replacement surgery (without private insurance, she just paid for it herself) and is still receiving care from the NHS with all of her other 84 year old needs, including her breast cancer lymphectomy and radiation treatments, including all of the follow up exams n'stuff.

Get that?  Rich people have access to better healthcare then poor people.  But I'm sure that won't happen here.  

RETIRED STATE WORKERS IN CALIFORNIA SEE THEIR PENSIONS SLASHED And this is why we must fix PERA NOW rather than later.  Because if the money runs out, there are two options.  One, take more from the taxpayers, many of whom will stand to have a much more modest retirement than one retired state workers are looking forward to, or two, demand more money from the cities and municipalities who made the promise in the first place.  When the cities can't pay, this is what happens

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU TAX THE RICH?  THEY CHANGE THEIR BEHAVIOR And France is finding this out as they are enforcing the ridiculous fees on docking and fuel for boats, and those who boats/yachts cost the most with the new fees are taking those yachts elsewhere rather than be raked over the financial coals in St. Tropez.   Amazing what happens when you decided to randomly take more money from a person who has the means to take their business elsewhere, isn't it?  

TRUMP IS MORE EFFECTIVE ON NORTH KOREA THAN OUR PREVIOUS POTUS Why do I say this?  Because China has finally agreed to help reign in the rogue nation it funds.  At the same time, Russia, who has vetoed even strongly worded UN condemnations of the North Korea's missile tests, is on board with new sanctions.  Why is all this happening?  Because Trump has been calling people out and SoS Rex Tillerson has been following up.  There is no other reason for this now.  


And we did, indeed, catch some salmon!  

WHY COLLEGE IS BECOMING UTTERLY USELESS, PART #5746 A business school professor in Georgia has created a curriculum so stupid I hope it's a joke.  It's not the material they are covering, it's the tests and grading systems in place.  Look at this:

Got that?  If your GRADE makes you feel "unduly stressed" you can just choose your own grade.  And all tests are open book, open computer, open whatever.  This is insane.  If my kid told me he had this professor I would demand my money back.  And by the way, this professor has been given awards for being a great professor.  

ALGORE'S NEW MOVIE FLOPPED BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW HE'S WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING And for all the hullabaloo from the Warmies you'd think at least THEY would have gone to see it, but they couldn't be bothered.   It brought in a measly million bucks or so.  Heh.  

MEN, DON'T DO IT.  DON'T GET SUCKED INTO THE EXPENSIVE WORLD OF COSMETICS My first thought upon seeing this story is WHY??? One of my least favorite things about being a dame is wearing makeup.  I do it, because if I came to work without it everyone would spend the entire day asking me if I'm okay/sick/tired.  But men, you've been given a pass until now.  DON'T START THIS MADNESS.  And yet, L'oreal says we are just five years away from male makeup counters in department stores.  I wonder if male makeup will be cheaper than female makeup?  Everything else is.  

EVEN ATHEISTS THINK ATHEISTS ARE IMMORAL This study is very interesting.  It shows that even among atheists there is the inclination to think that a fictional morally depraved murderer is an atheist.  

THIS ABOUT ELON MUSK.  1,000 TIMES THIS.  Get Elon Musk off the dole.  Now.  He's gotten 5 BILLION dollars from the government and only invests in heavily subsidized industries.  It's time to cut him off and let him make his own money.  

WE NEED TO TALK TO OUR KIDS ABOUT CHEATING And why it's wrong, because they don't think it's a big thing at all.  Now we know about 30% of them cop to cheating using electronics, but that number shouldn't surprise anyone.  We do a crappy job telling kids that cheating is wrong.  Period.  

WANT TO HAVE SOME GOOD INFO TO TALK ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING WITH WARMIES? This is a handy dandy guide with some information about the real deal. Download them by clicking here

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