Welcome to the day of my birth!

REMEMBER BIRTHDAY WISHES?  Mine used to be for stuff I wanted.  A new bike, or something of that ilk.  When I blew out my birthday candles this year, my wish was for safety and health for those I love.  Goes to show you that priorities surely do change as you get older.  Not only did I hit the earth on this day 48 years ago, so did the astronauts as they returned from their historic trip to the moon!  And here are a few other nifty holidays that share this day with me.  

DID I MENTION I'M ON VACATION TOMORROW?  Mike Rosen it taking over for me for most of it, so you won't miss a thing.  What is the BEST vacation you've ever gone on?  

YES, MONEY CAN BUY YOU HAPPINESS Especially if you use it to buy time.  How do you buy time? You pay someone else to do tasks that do not give you joy or fulfillment but that still need to be done.  Hate doing laundry?  Find a fluff and fold.  Hate cleaning toilets?  Pay someone to clean your bathrooms.  Studies have shown that even across income lines, paying people to do menial chores makes people happy.  And this is why I haven't washed my own car in 15 years.  Or done my own taxes.  Money well spent! 


HEADED TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM?  YOU MAY GET UNEXPECTED BILLS This does not surprise me at all, because hospital billing is the most confusing thing possible, on purpose imo.  Now it seems that hospitals are contracting with private companies to staff their emergency rooms.  Which is not a problem, really, they are doctors and nurses and the hospital doesn't have to worry about staffing issues and whatnot.  But for the patient who diligently went to an ER for a hospital that is IN NETWORK for their insurance plan, they are finding out after the fact that the doctor who saw them at that ER is NOT in network.  This means people are getting big bills from the doctor they didn't even know wasn't in network.  It's a racket.  Yet another health care racket.  

THOSE LITTLE SCUMBAGS WHO WATCHED A MAN DROWN May not be getting off scott free after all.  The local sheriff in Cocoa has decided to charge them with Failing to Report a Death, which IS a crime in Florida.  Now let's see how funny they think this is.  

GENIUS MARKETING OR BAD IDEA? A local roofing company is offering $500 in weed to anyone who buys a roof from them.  It certainly targets an interesting audience, don't you think?  

A LISTENER NEEDS A LITTLE HELP TODAY Jeanne needs help and she seems like a nice lady, so I thought I'd get your input.  Here is her email:

I am hoping you can help me with libs just go on and on about trashing conservatives. I was able to get them to quit their diatribe once, but it was case specific. I and a friend are looking for a quip to get them to change the subject and quit with the trashing. Any suggestions? Neither of us is particularly quick on our feet and don’t want to be rude. 

Thank you, Jeanne

And suggestions?  

YOU WANT TO FIGHT ABOUT SOMETHING?  I'LL GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO FIGHT ABOUT Or at least this author will.  He suggests we fight about Grover Cleveland.  For the record, I'm all about counting Presidents as it should be.  This might be my favorite column of the year.  

ISN'T RUINING GHOSTBUSTERS ENOUGH FOR HOLLYWOOD?  LEAVE BOND ALONE! Please let this be a bad dream.  Apparently there are people who think the next James Bond should be (gasp) a WOMAN.  Say this is just a joke.  Say this has no chance.  Say it ain't so.  I am a HUGE James Bond fan, and this would completely and utterly destroy the character I know and love.  I might picket.  I might protest.  Or I just won't go see the movie.  

LIBERAL PUBLIC RADIO STATION (BUT THEN I REPEAT MYSELF) CANCELS NOTED ATHEIST Because he thinks Christianity is stupid?  No, because he dared to speak out against the misogyny, homophobia and repressiveness of Islam as practiced in places like Iran or by ISIS.  So the man who has insulted people who choose to believe in a Higher Power repeatedly and for years has FINALLY crossed the line by saying absolutely true things about Islam.  And any statement released by anyone which says "We believe in free speech, BUT..." is not worth the paper it's written on.  

WANT TO NOT BE POOR?  FOLLOW THE SUCCESS SEQUENCE. One of the surest paths to poverty is having a baby when you aren't married.  But that's not all you should do, this article lays out what works and why.

WANT MORE INFO ON PURPOSETHON 2017?  Check this link!

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