I've got the short timers real bad.

WE'RE GONNA TAKE THE PRESIDENT'S COMMENTS ON HEALTHCARE At about 1:15 today and I'm interested to see what President Trump has to say.  I think it's gonna be a scolding, but I'm sure it will give us some stuff to talk about.  

CHEF TRAVIS SMITH WANTS TO JOIN A VERY ELITE CLUB And it's one that only 69 chefs in the country currently belong to.  It's the American Culinary Federation Master Chef Certification and it's a BIG deal and really, really difficult.  I'll find out today if doing this rises to the level of stress that being a chef in the military did, as he's done both.  Visit Chef Travis' restaurant Bistro Colorado soon, and check out the website here

JARED KUSHNER IS GIVING UP INFO And today he met with the Senate Intelligence Committee to talk about Russia and his connections or not to them.  Tomorrow he meets with the House Intelligence Committee and I'm guessing that we should have a full accounting of every word he says by 2pm tomorrow because none of these politicians or their aides can keep their yappers shut.  Democrats shouldn't hold out much hope that anything significant comes out of these meetings.  But hope springs eternal.  

DEMOCRATS ARE STILL BUTT HURT AND HAVING FEELINGS ABOUT TRUMP VOTERS And this is something I would worry about if I were the Democrat party.  Because how are they supposed to win the hearts and minds of the People if they can't stand having a conversation with them?  And lo and behold, 68% of Democrats say just TALKING to people who don't agree with them is "stressful and frustrating".  This compared to 52% of Republicans who feel the same way.  Can't we all just get along?  

WANT TO GET OUT OF JAIL EARLY?  GET THE BIG SNIP.  A judge in Tennessee is offering a unique way to get out of jail 30 days early.  He's telling male inmates they can get out if they get a vasectomy, and female inmates if they get long term birth control inserted.  So far almost 40 women have taken the judge up on this, and almost 40 men are waiting for free vasectomies.  The ACLU says the program is "unconstitutional", although I hardly think a voluntary thing violates someone's rights.  The judge says he's tired of seeing repeat offenders who can't pay child support and he views this as an opportunity for drug offenders to get themselves together without the "burden" of additional children.  I sort of love this.

CHUCK SCHUMER DEMONSTRATES HE'S MORE IGNORANT THAN I THOUGHT By not recognizing that gas prices go up and down.  You know why?  He probably hasn't pumped gas in 30 years.  He also laid out the Democrats new plans to price fix drugs, help people find the jobs being created by the Trump administration, and bust monopolies.  Can you feel the excitement?  Me neither.  

WHAT NOT TO DO WHEN SOMEONE YOU HATE GETS CANCER Is what was done by a professor (shocker, he's liberal) from San Diego State University.  He took to his Facebook page to rail against John McCain and those who dared to wish him well.  He has since deleted the post.  I wonder why.  A normal human being who does not like the person who is sick simply announces the illness and suggests those who are the prayerful sort lift the person up in prayer.  At least that's what I did, and I do not care for John McCain.  At all.  But I'm a decent human being. Unlike said professor. 

THIS IS TRULY A GAME CHANGER FOR CANCER TESTING Japanese scientists have come up with a test that uses one drop of blood to test for 13 kinds of cancer!  The list of cancers it test for are:

Stomach, Colorectal, Esophageal, Pancreatic, Liver, Biliary tract, Lung, Breast, Ovarian, Prostate, Bladder, Bone and soft tissue and Glioma

This will allow people to get treatment much sooner for cancers that don't have symptoms until the cancer is far advanced, like Pancreatic.  The test should be ready to go in about 3 years.  


AND NOW MILTON FRIEDMAN SCHOOLS A YOUNG MARXIST Who first read a statement demonstrating how well he can regurgitate Marxist talking points.  It does not end well for this young man.  

WOULD YOU BE MICROCHIPPED TO SHOP AT THE COMPANY STORE?  This is already happening at one Wisconsin company who designs software to use at company break rooms.  They are testing out the microchip system to let their employees pay at THEIR company store using the wave of a finger over a scanner.  This is creepy and I hate it.  

YOU KNOW WHY SO MANY PEOPLE WILL "LOSE" COVERAGE IF WE REPEAL OBAMACARE?  Because 16 million of them would choose to roll the dice and self insure without the mandate.  This is a point that the GOP needs to HAMMER constantly, and then deal with the other 6 million people who would be adversely affected.  

CHARLIE GARD'S PARENTS HAVE WITHDRAWN THEIR PETITION TO BRING HIM THE US  Because his latest scans have shown his condition is too far gone for treatment.  One must wonder what fewer delays, fewer court hearings and more parental choice earlier in the game might have meant for this little boy.  However I'm sure that single payer is what we need here, amiright?  

THERE'S HOPE FOR THE WORLD IF THE GREENIES TAKE ALL THIS ADVICE From a recent study from Lund University in Sweden.  To REALLY do your part in the fight against Man Made Global Warming, you can just do these four simple things. Ditch your car, don't fly in airplanes, eat plants and have fewer children.  Simple, right?  So you live like a cave man, I'm sure it will be fine.  It's the "have fewer children" part that intrigues me, because if this is true, there will be far fewer little brain washed rug rats running around.  

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