Can Islam Be Reformed?

THERE IS A MOVE TO REFORM ISLAM And it is coming from the sorts of Muslims people talk about when they clearly want to show that not all Muslims are terrorists.  These are the people who truly believe Islam as a religion of peace and want to see it practiced in that fashion.  Christine Douglass will join me at 3 to discuss her new book The Challenge of Modernizing Islam which you can buy by clicking here

SO WHAT'S HAPPENING IN EDUCATION THESE DAYS?  As Betsy DeVos is mixing it up as the head of the Department of Education, I thought I would have on Gerard Robinson, who is a staunch school choice advocate and an American Enterprise Institute Scholar.  He's on at 2 and this will be a good one! 

WHAT SORT OF SOCIETY RAISES TEENS LIKE THESE?  This is officially the worst thing I've seen in about ten years.  A group of foul mouthed obnoxious and horribly heartless teens not only watched a man drown in a pond, they laughed about as he did.  What kind of adults are these kids going to be?  The worst part is, they got away with it because being a horrid excuse for humanity with no consequences.   You can watch it here, but THERE IS A LOT OF BAD LANGUAGE AND IT WILL SCAR YOU EMOTIONALLY BECAUSE THESE KIDS ARE SO HORRIBLE.  You've been warned.




SEAN SPICER QUITS THE WORST JOB EVER And I mean that about the job.  As the White House Spokesperson you shouldn't have to worry about your boss talking to a reporter and submarining everything you just said and making you look like an idiot.  He resigned today rather than work for new Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, who I'm pretty sure used to be a Bond villain.  Look for Sean's book in 3...2...1...

I HOPE TIM TEBOW MAKES IT IN BASEBALL And that is tough for me to say because he was the quarterback for the dastardly Florida Gators *turnsheadandspits* but dang it, I like the guy.  He's just a nice man.  And since getting off to a rough start playing the game he hadn't played since high school at a professional level, he's been doing well.  And getting better all the time.  Good for Tebow!

DALI'S MUSTACHE IS FOREVER!  And I'm not being metaphorical, his body was recently exhumed as part of a paternity case and his famous waxed and carefully groomed mustache was completely intact

THE STORY OF CHARLIE GARD IS HEARTBREAKING AND MADDENING But there is no simple answer.  Charles Krauthammer writes about the conundrum of this case beautifully here

ANDREA MITCHELL SEEMS TO HAVE SUFFERED SOME BRAIN DAMAGE As that can be the only reason for her answer to the question,

“Do you feel that you’ve ever gone too far where you’ve shown bias in your reporting?” 

Ms. Mitchell was confounded by the question.  CONFOUNDED I tell you!  How can she, in light of the "bias" accusations that have been FLYING for year, have NEVER considered this question???  She's never taken a moment of introspection to ask herself if SHE is part of the problem?? Oh, but it gets better.  Here is her answer,

I don’t think anyone is ever perfect. One of my early mentors, David Brinkley, when he was anchor at NBC, said, “There is no such thing as objectivity because the very decision of what you think is important for our broadcast, the stories you choose, you’re making a decision.” Everything is subjective to a certain extent. Let me think about that. I’m sure there have been times where I have —either through not enough reporting or through some sort of incipient opinion — let something creep in. I can’t think of it. Maybe I’ve been too aggressive at times? I know some of the candidates that I’ve covered might think I’ve been too aggressive. I know that Hillary Clinton didn’t like being asked a lot of the questions she got asked on rope lines, but if she had had more news conferences and been more accessible, maybe we wouldn’t have to chase her down at rope lines. That is what everyone had to do.

Did you get that?  Ms. Mitchell believes she was TOO HARD ON HILLARY.  The only explanation for this must be brain damage.  I wish her a speedy recovery.  

REMEMBER WHEN OUTING A CIA AGENT WAS THE WORST THING EVER!!! GOOD TIMES. And when The Washington Post published the name of Valerie Plame, who at the time was NOT in the field, it resulted in a Special Prosecutor and Scooter Libby being convicted of not being forthcoming during the investigation.  So what happens when the New York Times outs a currently undercover CIA officer who is working on Iran?  Well CIA Director Mike Pompeo had this to say at the Aspen Institute recently.


I'll tell you what happens, the same Democrats who were out for blood about Plame will simply say this is necessary in the Trump era.  

WHY I DISLIKE TEACHERS UNIONS, PART #4985 The teachers union in Massachusetts has not yet endorsed a bill which would make teachers having sex with students younger than 19 a crime yet.  In their defense, they've ONLY had six months to read it, and reading is hard.   

SPEAKING OF UNIONS, THEY ARE HAVING A MARCH TO PROTECT THEIR POWER IN SCHOOLS And it's all because the Trump Administration is committed to horrors like local control (GASP), parental choice (WHAT???) and giving all students the best chance at success.  This march is allegedly a "grassroots" movement, but since their two biggest sponsors are the American Teachers Federation and the National Education Association, we all know who is behind it.  

THIS ARTICLE IS EVERYTHING WRONG WITH HOW THE MEDIA COVERS RURAL AMERICA And it made me really, really annoyed.  The article covers a family from Virginia who lives on disability checks and cigarettes.  Why does it annoy me?  Because scattered throughout the story there are quotes with no purpose except to elicit pity from the reader, while the facts of why this family is so pathetic are dispersed in a way as to cast doubt on the family's own culpability for their own plight.  I may have a tear on how disability and government assistance has actually prevented people who are being displaced by innovation and progress from adapting and overcoming.  

Mandy Connell


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