Tornado Tuesday? Typhoon Tuesday? Temperature Tuesday?

IT'S TIME FOR WEATHER WEDNESDAY...ON A TUESDAY But regardless of the day, it will be a fun our with our personal meteorologist Chris Spears from CBS4!  He's on at 3.

REPUBLICAN HEALTHCARE REFORM IS DEAD And no one is even guessing when this will get done.  I'm more in the camp of "it won't ever get done" but that's just me being a realist pessimist.  Read the story here.

COULD THE STATE POT LAW AND FEDERAL POT LAW BATTLE BE COMING TO A HEAD? If noises coming from the US Attorney General's office are any indication, I'd say yes.  Jeff Sessions is asking Congress to lift a budgetary prohibition on Justice using any money to interfere with medical pot sales.  If I were a recreational owner in Colorado, I'd be working on a defense and stockpiling cash in an undisclosed location.  But that's just me. 

OREGON FINALLY TAXES GREENIES AND THEY DON'T LIKE IT ONE BIT In a perfect example of "Give Me What I Want But Don't Expect Me To Pay For It" we have this story from Oregon.  The Tax and Spend liberals have been charging drivers more for gas for about year now, and you can imagine there was a lot of outrage that gas taxes didn't get paid by bicyclists, although funds from that gas tax were used for bike lanes.  So the Democrats passed a bike tax of $15 on any bike that costs over $200 and has tires over 26 inches in diameter, with ALL the funds raised going to fund MORE bike paths and bike stuff.  And the bicycle riders are INCENSED that they are being asked to pay their fair share!  INCENSED, I tell you!  Heh. 

I LOVE SO MUCH ABOUT THIS STORY BECAUSE IT'S ONE GUY TAKING INITIATIVE And this case it's a guy who has taken initiative on a HUGE problem.  Kentucky is home to some of the most unhealthy counties in the country, and one librarian is trying to lure people back into the beautiful outdoors to change that.  Read this and be inspired to go outside yourself! 


DO YOU REGRET BUYING YOUR CURRENT HOME?  I am the sort who generally doesn't look back on big purchasing decisions with regret.  I'm very careful before I spend big, so I figure that I made the best choice with the information I had at the time and I'm good with that.  I might not be so common, as a new survey shows that almost half of Americans regret buying their current home.  Many say they wish they had bought something bigger.  But ultimately, find a reason to love it.  And get a storage unit.  

THIS IS WHY WE CAN CUT THE MILITARY BUDGET I have a nephew who just got out of the Marines.  He worked in the motor pool when he was deployed, and he told stories of military waste that made me sick to my stomach.  He needed a box of bolts that cost 80 cents a piece and they sent him 100 transmissions that cost $80,000 a piece.  And when he pointed out the error, they told him to send the transmissions to the military dump to be destroyed.  AAAARRRRRGGGGHHH.  And now this.  The Pentagon is not remotely interested in saving money.  Perhaps they should be made to. 

THIS IS LIKE A LIBERAL SOPHIE'S CHOICE If you aren't familiar with the heartbreaking film Sophie's Choice the crux of the movie is that Sophie has to make a horrible, gut wrenching choice for which there is no good answer and then live with it.  Now we know that Transgender Woman Caitlyn Jenner is thinking of making a run for the US Senate in California.  This forces the liberals to vote for a white woman who was born that way or a transgendered woman who is a Republican. This could possibly lead to more heads exploding than any other conundrum.  Because if there is one thing Californians love, it's identity politics!  

SUBWAY IS ADDING SELF ORDER KIOSKS IN NEWER STORES But I'm sure this has NOTHING to do with the push for a higher minimum wage.  They aren't the only ones adding kiosks.  

IS $3500 ENOUGH TO REPAIR YOUR SHATTERED LIFE? That what people who by the Ashley Madison breach will get as part of a settlement. I sure hope the money is worth it.  

STRAIGHT FROM THE SOME PEOPLE REALLY SUCK FILE A young girl decided to make some money by selling lemonade.  An angry old crank stopped and made her cry.  I hate this guy.

BUT I'M SURE HER LOSS WAS RUSSIA'S FAULT.  This is HILARIOUS.  You know how everyone is talking about Trump's low approval ratings?  You know whose are lower?  Hillary's.  Heh. 

THIS IS WHY A HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA IS WORTH LESS AND LESS It's called "grade inflation" and it leads to tons of kids thinking they are WAY smarter than they actually are, which leads to failure in college, which leads to depression, which leads to more failure.  Can we please just give kids the grades that match their actual performance?  Or raise the standards for an A.  

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