College campus ridiculousness and Motorway Monday?

I'VE RENAMED TRANSPORTATION TUESDAY TO MOTORWAY MONDAY Why?  Because CDOT's Shalin Bhatt is on today to answer all of your questions about Colorado's roadways. 

COLLEGE CAMPUSES ARE SPINNING OUT OF CONTROL, BUT THERE MAY BE HOPE As it seems students are beginning to fight back and things like "due process" become a reality.  Here are some of the highlights:

A COLLEGE PROFESSOR RESIGNS AFTER DINGING THE GRADE OF A TRUMP SUPPORTER And good for the kid for fighting back against unreasonable grading procedures by a wacko lefty teacher.  The kid alleged that any subjective measures for grading were used in a punitive way by this professor, as the kid did well on all quizzes.  The professor must have realized (and not be tenured) the error of his ways because he simply resigned.  One lest unhinged lunatic on campus for now! 

STRAIGHT FROM NYU, ANOTHER REASON I'VE STOPPED TRYING WHEN IT COMES TO RACE RELATIONS And that doesn't mean I am unkind to those of other races, but I simply treat those not like me like human beings worthy of respect and move on.  I'm done trying to worry about how that treatment makes them feel.  Here is a prime example of why.  A NYU librarian left an American Library Association conference and immediately put fingers to keys for her blog to bemoan her exhaustion at the "race fatigue" she felt from being around so many white people.  What is race fatigue?  She explains it like this,

Race fatigue is a real physical, mental, and emotional condition that people of color experience after spending a considerable amount of time dealing with the micro- and macro-aggressions that inevitably occur when in the presence of white people.  The more white people, the longer the time period, the more intense the race fatigue.”

I'm sure the nice librarians who went to this conference didn't even know they were so exhausting!  It's this attitude that exhausts me.  You really should read the entire blog nonsense here, just so you can recognize one eternal truth.  It doesn't matter how you treat other people, some of them are aholes who will find a way to be offended.  Not all, mind you, which is why I continue to treat others with kindness and dignity, but it is why I no longer care if I offend someone accidentally.  That's on them, not me. 

IS FIRING A GUY WHO WROTE RACIALLY CHARGED TWEETS AN ACT OF VIOLENCE?  That's the line being thrown out by a group of people who say they are "student affairs professionals" who are angry the new head of the Queer Resource Center was fired.  Why was he fired?  Because of his Twitter feed.  Now I could go on and on about whether or not someone should be fired for a Twitter feed, but he tweeted out more than one thing that could call into question whether or not every queer student would be treated the same by Mr. Higgins.  Such as this:

One tweet prompting unease is from April, made in response to a user who asked: “Who are you automatically wary of/keep at a distance because of your past experiences?” Higgins replied: “White gays and well meaning white women.”

Or this one:

I finally have nothing to say other than police are meant to service and protect white supremacy.

Students expressed concern that they would be treated differently because of their skin color.  Which is legit. 

ONE STUDENT FIGHTS BACK AND WINS BIG FROM COLUMBIA Most people don't know the details of the story behind a female student at Columbia University carrying around a mattress with her to visually protest what she says was a failure of Columbia to find her accused rapist guilty of the crime.  However, like most things we only hear a bit of before we move on, there was a lot more to the story.  So much more that Columbia is paying a settlement and issuing a rather half assed apology to the MALE student she accused.  You read that right.  The male student suffered harassment endlessly while he finished his studies, and now the university has been made to pay.  Expect more of this.  

NOT EVERYONE IS HAPPY THAT MEN DEMAND DUE PROCESS ON COLLEGE CAMPUSES And this column addresses the issue nicely.  What it comes down to is in the zeal to ALWAYS believe the victims, there is a movement that would prefer to see NO due process when it comes to claims of rape.  I, too, believe that rape accusations must be investigated the police who are knowledgeable about such things, not campus admins who have no experience investigating anything.  



SOMEONE MUST HAVE HAD EGG SALAD Because three crew members on an American flight nearly had to go the hospital after being overcome with an odor described as "flatulence".  Can you imagine the people on that plane calling their rides to let them know the plane was going to be late?  

I'M SHARING THIS STORY AGAIN BECAUSE YOU NEED TO PAY ATTENTION TO THIS It's yet another follow up to the recently released study of temperature adjustments made by the Warmies.  Short story, they are all hot garbage.  But not as hot as they initially appeared to be.  Heh. 

THIS WAS MY ABSOLUTE NUMBER ONE FAVORITE BOOK AS A CHILD And the first movie they made based on it was TERRIBLE.  HORRIBLE.  AWFUL.  So I am hopeful they got it right this time, but I'm already doubtful because of the fancy nature of the witches.  But you can watch The Wrinkle In Time trailer here.


BE AWARE THAT EVEN KID GAMES ARE POTENTIALLY FULL OF PREDATORS And this is one of my biggest fears, that someone will lure my daughter into a conversation that will eventually help them victimize her.  If your kid uses the game Roblox, you need to be aware of who they are talking to!

FEMALE SOLDIERS ARE TOLD TO GET USED TO SHOWERING WITH WOMEN WITH JUNK And by "junk" I mean complete and total boy parts.  The Army is creating slides for training (they LOVE PowerPoint in the military) that are designed to make women forget that men who have decided they are women will be joining them in the shower.  Here's the slide that is most notable:

Got that?  All Soldiers should be respectful of the privacy and modesty of others, HOWEVER, transgender soldiers are not required or expected to modify or adjust THEIR behavior based on the fact that they do not "match" other soldiers.  Does that mean if a transgender person is not respectful of my modesty I am to blame?  

A LEOPARD CLUB STOPS BY THE LIONS CLUBS FOR A SNACK  And what happens next sort of blew up some significant "facts" about animal behavior as we know them.  Read it here

THE LUCKIEST ELEMENTARY STUDENTS IN THE WORLD!  And they are lucky because the Marion County schools Superintendent has BANNED homework for elementary age children.  She wants them to read instead.  

Mandy Connell


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