The Culture of Violence Continues. From Democrats.

A DEMOCRATIC CONGRESSMAN THREATENS THE PRESIDENT ON FACEBOOK!  But it's okay, because he doesn't usually talk like that and he's not really into violence and HEH, he was just having an exchange with an old childhood friend.  At least that's what he's selling now that he's been busted.   I don't even really want to talk about this, but I'm sick to death of being told that the violent rhetoric is my fault.  

SENATOR KID ROCK MAY BE A THING NOW As the outspoken rock star and Republican has announced he's running for the US Senate.  That's right, he is going to try an unseat Democrat Senator Debbie Stabenow in the next election in Michigan.  Don't laugh, Michiganders LOVE them some Kid Rock.  And after this last election, nothing should be considered a joke anymore.  What rock star would you vote for?  I've been thinking about a few.  

WANT TO STAY YOUNG?  KEEP HAVING SEX!  In news that is sure to excite some and fill others with dread, now science says that having sex once weekly can actually keep you young!  And this study wasn't done on men, it was done on women. So get busy to stay youthful!  

A FORMER CDOT EXEC IS BEING CHARGED WITH STEALING FROM THE TAXPAYERS And considering he also worked for the City of Denver, somebody better check his old credit card statements there. 

CAN A MONKEY SUE?  PETA THINKS SO. And they are suing on behalf of an Indonesian monkey who allegedly grabbed a photographers camera and snapped a selfie.  PETA says that because the photog included the photo in a book he commercially profited from they violated the monkey's copyright rights.  Except the courts have held that monkeys don't actually have rights.  THAT is why PETA is suing, because they want to get animals rights.  Could you imagine if your dog could sue you because you only serve dry food?  I had a dog like that once.  I found an attorney's card stuffed in the cushions of her dog bed, but luckily, she didn't have thumbs to hold the phone.  

LET'S EXPAND MEDICAID!  THAT MEANS MORE PEOPLE CAN GET CRAPPY CARE! California couldn't be a more stern warning for those idiots people out there who are yearning for government run healthcare.  The Medi-Cal program is currently being sued by people on the program for crappy service.  They say that the care they get as Medicaid recipients is not the same as for other people.  And they are right. 

But Medi-Cal patients have a harder time finding doctors, wait longer for appointments, end up in the emergency room more often and have their diseases diagnosed later than those in other insurance programs, Saenz said. That’s in part because the state mismanages the health program and delays payments to doctors, making them unwilling to see Medi-Cal patients, he said.

Not to be smug about the suffering of others, but this is EXACTLY what I and others predicted would happen.  When you expand a service that was intended to the service of last resort to people who otherwise really shouldn't be getting it, you make it harder for those who genuinely need it to get service.  But please tell me how Bernie is going to fix this problem for us?  

MAN ARE WE SELLING A LOT OF POT IN COLORADO And though May wasn't another record setting month, we are well on our way to a BILLION dollars of pot sales this year.  This means that other states will soon jump on the bandwagon, which hopefully will help us reduce our pot connected homeless problem.  Which is a thing.  

IT'S NATIONAL FRENCH FRY DAY And here's an article which tells you where you can get free fries!  

ICEBERG, DEAD AHEAD! And this one is a big one.  A ginormous iceberg broke off an ice shelf in Antarctica is super big and scary and PROOF that we are all going to die or something. 



IF YOU'RE GONNA BE STUPID, YOU BETTER BE TOUGH And this story is a perfect example

IF YOU'RE GONNA BE STUPID, YOU BETTER BE TOUGH, PART 2 I love my husband, but I know our limitations, and re-enacting the Dirty Dancing lift is one of them.  One couple, who are both in the 50s, obviously didn't know theirs.  They ended up on the hospital. 

IF YOU'RE GONNA BE STUPID YOU PROBABLY SHOULDN'T POST ONLINE Especially on tourism sites where you say incredibly stupid things like:

'No-one told us there'd be fish in the sea... the kids were startled'

AND I WANT TO TALK ABOUT THIS TODAY EVEN THOUGH IT WAS ON MONDAY'S BLOG So here is the post again so you can read it!

WHY AREN'T WE GETTING RAISES? This is an important question as the labor market tightens and more jobs are becoming available.  Here are five reasons why we seem to be stuck, but I say buck up, things may be changing for the better soon.  The pendulum always swings back in the other direction and as it gets tougher and tougher to find good workers, benefits and wages rise.  You just better make sure your skills are marketable in this day and age.   If you need help asking for a raise, try these steps from Forbes.  

Mandy Connell


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