The VA is actually FIRING people now!

WHENEVER SOMEONE TALKS ABOUT "DRAINING THE SWAMP" I immediately ask, "how you gonna do that?" because the civil service system is all about protecting people who do a lousy job at whatever they do for the government.  So when Trump talked about cleaning up the VA, which REALLY needs a good clean up, I had my doubts.  But then, lo and behold, Congress passed a bill that made it easier to fire people who were incompetent or downright criminal.  AND OMG IT'S HAPPENING!  500 jerks have lost their jobs in the last few months.  Maybe this is the beginning of righting the ship for our vets and their care.  

SO WE'RE ALL SIGNED UP FOR THE PARIS CLIMATE ACCORD ANYWAY.  THANKS, HICK. Yep, we here in Colorado are going to follow the Paris Climate Accord because Governor Hickenlooper needs some campaign dough from Tom Steyer signed us up for it. So now we will make our expenses to run government buildings go up and stuff like that to do something that will have ZERO impact on the climate.  Got that?  Not a tiny bit, ZERO.  But it will keep the Boulderites happy, won't it?  

AND NOW SOME WORDS ABOUT DONALD JR.  One thing I know for sure is that Donald Trump Jr. is an idiot.  I also know he's a liar, at least when he was full throatedly dismissing accusations of Russian meddling in the election during the campaign but AFTER these emails came out.  One of the things that's bugging me about the email chain released by DTJ yesterday is this: 

Rob Goldstone wrote:

"This is obviously very high level and sensitive information but is part of Russia and its government's support for Mr. Trump - helped along by Aras and Emin."

 Donald Trump Jr. wrote back:

Thanks Rob I appreciate that. I am on the road at the moment but perhaps I just speak to Emin first. Seems we have some time and if it's what you say I love it especially later in the summer. 

Now if you are JUST finding out that the Russian government is supporting your dad, don't you somehow react?  Like a "WOW, I had no idea the Russians were fans!"  Or Maybe, "HuH?  Russian government?"  OR SOMETHING??  It just seems odd that DJT just blows by that bit of news.  Doesn't it?  

That being said, I spent a lot of time this morning listening to the Right on television and radio.  And frankly, I am genuinely disheartened by what I hear.  I heard one host with a guest excoriating Rep. Trey Gowdy for "distancing himself from the President" for political gain.  Do you know what Rep. Gowdy did?  He was asked about the Russia situation and he said this,

"Someone needs to get everyone in a room and say, from the time you saw 'Dr. Zhivago' until the moment you drank vodka with a guy named Boris, you list every single contact with Russia," 

He expressed his wish that the Administration take care of this and clarify everything so it would stop being a distraction from tax reform and infrastructure.  HOW AWFUL!  Perhaps if more Republicans put forth this attitude the POTUS would actually get it together, come clean about any and all everything and we can move on.  What I'm tired of is the "THEY DID IT TOO" narrative that is trotted out when something gets indefensible.  I KNOW they did it too.  And we screamed like banshees when they did and nothing happened.  But how in the world do we right the SS Titanic of a nation and government without SOMEONE putting the country first instead of politics?  Why not stand up and tell the nation that WE are the party of law and order and WE will hold our team accountable when accountability is warranted, unlike those Democrats who will do anything to stay in power.  Now THAT'S a message I can get behind.  And by the way, I'm not any more convinced that Trump had any direct collusion with the Russians on anything they did in the election.  The evidence is not there to support that in any meaningful fashion.  But at a bare minimum DTJ did something incredibly unscrupulous and stupid and that needs to be explained.  

AFTER I WROTE THE ABOVE I saw this column by Ben Shapiro and an heartened to know I am not alone.  About "Whataboutism" and it's dangerous appeal,

"In this case, whataboutism is itself dishonesty — it’s pretending to care about the sins of the Left in order to justify the sins of the Right. It actually throws into sharp relief the hypocrisy of the Right: we complained endlessly and justifiably about Loretta Lynch meeting secretly with Bill Clinton, but we’re fine with Donald Trump Jr. meeting secretly with Natalia Veselnitskaya; we ripped President Obama’s “flexibility” hot mic moment, but we’re fine with President Trump saying that America has killed people just like Putin; we correctly targeted Clinton over Chinagate, but now we’re happy to use Chinagate as an excuse to avoid talking about Russiagate. This isn’t conservative. It’s not even moral. Kindergarteners learn that “but he did it, too” isn’t an excuse for bad behavior."

At least I'm not the only one.  Read his thoughts here. 

WHY DO SOME PEOPLE GET HOOKED ON COCAINE AND OTHERS DON'T?  A wise teacher once told our class about illicit drugs, 

Not everyone gets hooked, but you don't know if you're the unlucky one until it's too late.

And now science has found a gene variation that might explain why some people are the unlucky ones and end up with addiction issues.  I would bet there is some sort of gene variation for every substance out there that would explain why some people can smoke and never get cancer or some people have trouble with alcohol and others don't.  SCIENCE! 

YOU'RE PROBABLY TOO BUSY TO READ THIS.  Because it's a column on how busy we are.  And how we really shouldn't be so busy and we should strive to unbusy ourselves to allow our creative juices to flow.  I'll get right on that when I have time. 

THE SENATE OBAMACARE BILL DOES NOT REPEAL OBAMACARE, SO SAYS RAND PAUL And if I know him, and I do a bit, he's read the actual bill himself.  He's written a SCATHING op-ed on Breitbart that is sure to make his next encounter with his fellow Senator from the great state of Kentucky a wee bit awkward.  He sort of  quoted Senator Mitch McConnell,

I miss the old days, when Republicans stood for repealing Obamacare. Republicans across the country and every member of my caucus campaigned on repeal – often declaring they would tear out Obamacare “root and branch!”

But then he really gets going.  

The Senate Obamacare-lite bill codifies a federal entitlement to insurance. With the Senate GOP bill, Republicans, for the first time, will signal that they favor a key aspect of Obamacare – federal taxpayer funding of private insurance purchases.

The bill will transfer billions of dollars to people who will then transfer billions of dollars to insurance companies. What a great business model – encourage the federal government to use taxpayer money to buy a private company’s product. Great business model, that is, if you are Big Insurance. Remarkable.

The Senate Obamacare-lite bill does what the Democrats forgot to do – appropriate billions for Obamacare’s cost-sharing reductions, aka subsidies. Really? Republicans are going to fund Obamacare subsidies that the Democrats forgot to fund?

Doesn’t sound much like repeal to me. One might even argue it’s worse than Obamacare-lite because it actually creates a giant superfund to bail out the insurance companies – something even the Democrats feared to do.

God Bless Rand Paul and it would be great if more of you people would vote for him next time.  Read the whole column here

WE HAVE A CASE OF VOTER FRAUD...BUT....UH... It was allegedly done by a Republican.  Whoopsie, but I'm glad they are going to prosecute this case of a woman sending back in her parents ballots long after they had passed away.  Not cool.  For either side.  I am waiting for the "C'mon Mandy, don't you think Democrats do it too?"  which is not a compelling argument to me at this time. 

THIS MAKES ME HATE VISA FOR TRYING TO TAKE AWAY MY OPTIONS Because they are offering up to 50 small restaurants $10,000 to upgrade their payment systems to accept mobile ordering apps.  The catch?  The small restaurants then have to agree to STOP accepting cash payments.  I can only imagine being a small restaurant and having 10k dangled in front of my face, especially if most of my customers are already paying with cards.  This is evil genius.  And I hate them for it. 

YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY THE GOVERNMENT MUST CARE FOR OUR VETERANS MEDICAL NEEDS?  Because of stories like this.  Gulf War Illness has been a mystery since veterans starting falling apart physically with no identifiable reason for symptoms like:

sinus congestion, headache, fatigue, joint pain, difficulty remembering or concentrating, joint stiffness, difficulty sleeping, abdominal pain, trouble finding words, (feeling) moody or irritable, rash or sores, numbness or tingling and muscle pain.  

Now someone has noticed that those symptoms look a LOT like these symptoms:

tendon, joint, and muscle pain, fatigue, popping/cracking joints, weakness, neuropathic pain, paresthesia (tingling), muscle twitching, depression, anxiety, insomnia, back pain, memory loss, tinnitus, muscle wasting

And the second set of symptoms are from Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome, which is a direct result of taking Cipro and other drugs in it's class.  And guess what?  The military handed out Cipro like CANDY to soldiers serving in the Middle East for malaria and other stuff.  One Marine Vet wrote this on a message board:

“The Ciprofloxacin 500 mg were ordered to be taken twice a day. The Marines were the only service that I know for sure were given these orders. We were ordered to start them before the air war, and the order to stop taking them was giver at 0645 Feb 28th 1991 by General Myatt 1st Marine div commander. We were forced to take Cipro 500mg twice a day for 40 plus days. so the Marines were given NAPP (nerve agent protection pills) or pyridiostigmine bromide to protect us from nerve agent, and We were ordered to take the Cipro to protect from anthrax. We were part of the human research trial conducted by the Bayer corporation in the creation of their new anthrax pills. At that time they had no idea of the side effects of flouroquinolones. That’s the class of medications that Cipro falls into. After the Gulf War the FDA and Bayer co. started releasing the list of side effects.  You do need to know what was done to you so you will have to do your own research. Good luck to all of you and Semper Fi.”

Did you get that part where they used soldiers as human guinea pigs for Bayer?  This is something that is super personal to me, because my husband is one of those who was ordered to take Cipro for malaria and has had pretty much every single symptom since then, plus over 20 surgeries to repair tendons and muscle tears that happened when he wasn't even exerting himself that much.  It's also why I have to be damn near death before I take any sort of medication.  Use your best judgment for your situation, but always read the side effects.  Always.  These soldiers never had the chance to read them

LAZY MILLENIALS?  I DON'T THINK SO Especially because when it comes to the side hustle, they are the most likely group to have one.  What's a side hustle?  We used to call it a "second job" but now there are lots of way (like driving for Uber and Lyft or network marketing) to make money that don't fall into the formal second job category.  But good for the kids!  


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