Who Leaves Bigger Tips? Ladies, We Need To Do Better.

WHO LEAVES THE BIGGEST TIPS?  As a former server myself, I can tell you it's men.  And among men, it's Republicans.  People from the Northeast and credit and debit card users join Republicans in tipping at an average of 20%, while women tip a measly 18%, which is still better than Democrats, who only give 15% while complaining about how little servers make.  What do you tip and why?  

SO WHAT DOES THE DONALD J. TRUMP JR EMAIL CHAIN MEAN, REALLY? I have no clue.  None whatsoever.  I'm guessing it means DJT Jr will be hauled before angry members of Congress to be grilled about his role in Russian's meddling with the election.  But don't expect me to jump in say that Donald Trump Jr did nothing wrong, or that this IS the smoking gun, because I simply don't know if either of those things are true.  What I'm relatively sure about though, is that taking information provided by an outside source who offers it doesn't quite rise to the level of collusion in a legal sense.  Because then the media would have colluded with leakers to break the law, right?  

THANK GOODNESS WE PASSED THOSE GUN RESTRICTIONS, AMIRIGHT?  Because violent crime, including murders, is up in Colorado.  But, but, but...magazine bans!  I already know what the gun grabbers are thinking, which is THANK GOODNESS WE DID SOMETHING or IMAGINE how bad it would be??  Which is nonsense.  Read the ugly stats here. 

THE BEAR WHO CHOMPED A CAMP COUNSELOR IS NOW IN BEAR HEAVEN Because it's not normal for a bear to grab a sleeping person by the head.  The counselor is expected to make a full recovery.  The bear, on the other hand, will not.  

STOP WITH THE JAYDEN K. SMITH STUFF ON FACEBOOK.  STOP IT.  How many of you have seen a message from a friend telling you NOT to accept a friend request from Jayden K. Smith, because he is a hacker who will DESTROY YOU!!  Except any hacker worth his salt who could DESTROY YOU would easily just create a new name and page to hack you.  It's not real.  


CHRIS CHRISTIE HAS A FUTURE IN TALK RADIO IF this exchange is any indication.  He was filling in on WFAN and took a call from a guy who pointedly referred to the size of the Governor's backside.  The Governor actually handled it like a pro.  Listen here

MATT THE DEAD TO ME INTERN WOULD SAY THIS IS ABOUT RIGHT That the Denver Broncos have the second highest aftermarket ticket price in the league.  Second to the New England Patriots, that is. 

WHAT CAN RESTORE YOUR FAITH IN UNIVERSITIES AND THE MEDIA?  Because currently those on the right have very little confidence in both according to a new Pew poll released yesterday.  But it's not just Republicans who have an issue with the media, as even Left Leaners think the media is off track.  What would have to happen for you to trust the media again?  I'm working on a list.  

AND NOW HERE'S A VIDEO ON HOW FAR DOWN WE COULD DIG IF WE TRIED But I swear it's really interesting.  

TIRED OF PANHANDLERS?  WE SIMPLY NEED TO MAKE THEM PROFESSIONALS! I know, it seems counter intuitive to say we need "professional" panhandlers, but that is what two professors who have actually studied panhandling say needs to happen.  They believe that giving people an actual license to panhandle, after proper vetting takes place, could help connect those in need with those who want to give.  What I read this to be is, we need a new bureaucracy to help people beg with vetting.  Why don't we just try to help people who are begging become self sufficient so they don't have to beg?  Or get them the help them need to deal with alcohol and addiction issues that are keeping them on the street?  I don't get this at all.  But good for them for trying to find a solution. 

DO SCHOOLS JUST NEED MORE MONEY? The short answer is no.  Because they've gotten a crapload more money since the 1970's with very little to show for it.  Get the ugly stats here

FOR DEMOCRATS, THEIR OWN CLASS SNOBBERY MAY BE THEIR DOWNFALL And this column does a nice job of explaining to the clueless out of touch urbanites who increasingly prefer to call someone on the other side of the aisle a horrible name rather than engage in a meaningful way, and who also currently make up the Democrat party that they need to be nice before they can win votes.  It's really that simple. 

WANT TO KNOW HOW SMART I AM?  JUST LOOK AT MY DESK! My desk is messy.  Very messy.  Sure, I clean it up every once in a while when it becomes EMBARRASSINGLY messy, but for the most part, it's the desk that people probably judge harshly when they walk by.  But it simply means I'm a creative genius.  

REMEMBER THE DESERTER WHO OBAMA TRADED FIVE TALIBAN COMMANDERS FOR?  Well Bowe Bergdahl, who Obama welcomed back with open arms and much fooferaw is not getting off so easy.  He's now been ordered to face Courts Martial and could be sentenced to life in prison.  Well done, Obama!  Too bad he didn't trade five North Korean terrorists for Otto Wambier instead.  

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