Could this whole Russia thing be a big rope a dope?

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THE NEW YORK TIMES HAS A BIG SCOOP...OR DO THEY?  When is a bombshell an indictment?  The New York Times has a big story out about a meeting that took place between Donald Trump Jr and a Russian lawyer.  The fact a meeting took place is not in question.  Why the meeting took place is, but not NECESSARILY for the reasons the New York Times is throwing out.  The Trump team is already out with their version of events, which is they took the meeting because it was put together by a guy who was connected with Miss Universe and this lawyer implied she had damaging evidence on Hillary.  But the Trump team also says that they found out after the fact that the meeting was also set up a member of Fusion GPS, the oppo research firm who contracted out for the utterly unconfirmed Russian dossier that was shopped before the election.  So the Trump team is alleging that the Democrats set THEM UP, but dangling nasty oppo research before them while setting up the narrative for later that the Trump team met with Russians to collude before the election.  If they Dems did do that, I have to give them a slow clap on the evil genius of it all.  Read all the details on the back story about this Russian lawyer and her denied visas here.  This is like Boris and Natasha level Russia stuff here.  But if Fusion GPS is shown to have had any contact with this woman before this meeting, all hell should break loose sucking the DNC into this whole affair.  This is getting good, folks, pop some popcorn and buckle up!  

BUT WAIT KIDS, THERE'S MORE ABOUT THE HACK OF THE DNC And God bless the nerds on Reddit who are drilling down on this stuff far deeper than anyone at CNN is.  Here is a sort of background/timeline on the alleged Russian hacks into DNC servers.  Why does this matter today?  Because if the above is the beginning of the connection of the DNC to Russia it's not a big leap to imagine they themselves created a fake Russian leak to make the Trump team look bad after they realized they got hacked.  Curiouser and curiouser, don't you think?  

DO KIDS HAVE IT BETTER OR WORSE DURING THE SUMMER THAN WE DID?  I ask this as I get ready to shovel my eight year old daughter off to ANOTHER summer camp.  She learned how to invent things, cook, paint, sing church songs and more during her break.  When I was a kid, I did do sleep away camp for a whole two weeks every summer, but a lot of the time I was trapped at home, dying of boredom, trying not to be stabbed with scissors by my sister.  (Okay that only happened once, but it stuck with me.).  But did that boredom make me more creative?  I've been pondering this.  


SO THIS IS FUN, THE MEMOS JAMES COMEY MADE CONTAINED CLASSIFIED INFO AFTER ALL And this was the big question I had from the get go.  How can you leave  private meeting with the POTUS and make detailed memos about the meeting and have them NOT have classified info in them?  So he broke the SAME RULES he busted Hillary Clinton's chops about.  But we all know no REASONABLE prosecutor would ever pursue those issues, right?  

HEY, WHAT'S A LITTLE LIBELOUS LYING BETWEEN FRIENDS, AMIRIGHT?? That is actually pretty much what the New York Times argued when they went to court this week to seek a dismissal of the libel lawsuit Sarah Palin filed against them for dredging up false accusations that she was somehow responsible for Jared Loughner shooting Gabby Giffords.  They essentially said, "Whoopsie, mistakes happen, right?"  I can't wait to see this one in court.

FINALLY MY TEAM LEARNS FROM HOW THE UNIONS DO IT.  And by "my team" I mean reform minded people in Douglas County who watched their collective heinies get kicked in the last election cycle.  They have already unveiled a whole slate of candidates, finally realizing that it's easier to band together to fight the big money donations that will surely be piled into this school board race, yet again, by the teacher's unions looking to regain their power in Douglas County.  I'll be having this team on soon.  

WHY AREN'T WE GETTING RAISES? This is an important question as the labor market tightens and more jobs are becoming available.  Here are five reasons why we seem to be stuck, but I say buck up, things may be changing for the better soon.  The pendulum always swings back in the other direction and as it gets tougher and tougher to find good workers, benefits and wages rise.  You just better make sure your skills are marketable in this day and age.   If you need help asking for a raise, try these steps from Forbes.  

THIS IS A GREAT EXPLANATION OF WHY PEOPLE REALLY DON'T LIKE THE MEDIA And folks at the papers would do well to peruse it and maybe learn something. 


IF YOU ARE SNORTING CHOCOLATE YOU ARE DOING IT ALL WRONG And this is now a thing we have to worry about our kids doing to excess and killing themselves like they have with energy drinks.  I've heard of and enjoyed sipping chocolate, I love dark chocolate in pretty much any form but sniffing chocolate?  As in, shove it up your nose instead of enjoying it's tasty goodness?  This is just stupid.  And can't be good for you.  Your nose is designed to keep things OUT of your airways.  This just seems like a bad idea. 

WANT TO AVOID GETTING MURDERED?  YOU MIGHT WANT TO AVOID THESE COUNTIES THEN. Because 2% of counties are home to 51% of murders in the United States.  Read that again.  And guess what else?  54% of counties in the US have NO murders.  NONE.  Not ONE.  ZERO.  ZIP.  NADA.  And you are right when you think to yourself, I bet those murder counties are big cities, because they are.  Nerd out on stats and graphs by clicking here

WHY DEMOCRATS ARE STILL LOSING IN ONE EASY COLUMN And it's better than I could have imagined.  It's not JUST because they nominate bad candidates, it's because they are completely devoid of ideas the American people like.  

SPEAKING OF LOSING IDEAS, MAYOR MICHAEL HANCOCK HAS A BIG ONE And that is getting you to give up YOUR car.  I emphasize YOUR car because I'm guessing there is a zero percent chance that the Mayor will give up HIS ride.  He wants to get the percentage of us to car pool to work or use some other sort of transportation to 30% by 2030.  And he wants to spend an absolute BUTTLOAD of money to do it.  Good luck with this, Mr. Mayor.  You're going to need it.  

WE ARE LOVING GARDEN OF THE GODS TO DEATH And who can blame us, as it's one of my favorite places to take visitors or recommend people visit.  They are  studying ways to reduce the car traffic in the park.  Give me a shuttle bus that runs on a regular schedule and I'm cool with that.  I'd even pay for it. 

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