I'm BACK, Baby! Full of Patriotism to Boot! 'MERICA!

I LOVE THIS COUNTRY AND ALL IT HAS ACCOMPLISHED! And my vacation was OUTSTANDING because of some accomplishments of some outstanding Americans.  Today I'll have my reflections on Mount Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Memorial, the Badlands and more.  It's What I Did on My Summer Vacation Day on the show!  But it will be better than your rote recited essay you did in 5th grade, I promise.  And just for reference, here are links to the story of the Crazy Horse Memorial, the building of Mount Rushmore, the geology of the Badlands and Thomas Jefferson's ice cream recipe.  You're welcome. 

SO NOW THE TWITTER IS ALIVE WITH TRUMP VS. CNN MEMES And this is a story I'm glad I missed as it is so stupid it's not even funny.  Some dude made a meme where Trump slams CNN in a wrestling match and the media is all atwitter with "This encourages violence against the MEDIA" even though no media personnel have had an act of violence perpetrated against them by a crazy Trump follower.  And now we're off to the races with everyone and their mother trying to create a better meme of Trump whooping up on CNN using movie scenes and whatnot.  Get on with your bad self, Twitterers.  

WISH CAPTAIN EARTHMAN A SAFE TRIP TO THE MOTHERSHIP He's been a decades long fixture selling beer at Coors Field, Red Rocks and anywhere else he could.  Now Brent Doeden, better known as Captain Earthman, is in hospice due to inoperable brain tumors.  Please lift him up in your prayers for a speedy return to his home planet.  

SO ARE WE WARMING OR NOT?  I'M LEANING TOWARDS "OR NOT" Because now scientists have gone back to check those nefarious "bias adjustments" made to ACTUALLY temperature readings done by NASA and NOAA only to find that all the "adjustments" made were made to show things getting hotter now and colder back in the day.  Which statistically is pretty impossible.  I'll go over the high points of this article here, not that it will mean anything to the true blue Warmies out there.  And if you are inclined to not believe this, if climate science is so rock solid, why is a Warmie scientist so scared to debate and defend it?  


I DON'T USUALLY POST FROM WONKETTE, BUT THIS IS TOO GOOD TO NOT SHARE And if you've never read Wonkette, you should be aware there is usually some bad language or whatnot, but this story is fantastically fantastic.  It seems a couple of hippie vegans who run a restaurant were okay with letting their kid run around naked and show people his...well...butthole while they ate.  A reviewer was not kind and they fought back.  Just read it.  Trust me, you want to know about #buttholegate.

DID YOU HAPPEN TO SEE PRESIDENT TRUMP'S SPEECH IN POLAND? No?  You should watch it, because it was a damn good speech.  Read the transcript here.  Here is an excellent analysis of the speech if you're in a rush.  Don't skip this one.  It's important, and really amazing and hopefully sets the tone for our foreign policy going forward.  But not everyone loved it.  A writer at Vox was horrified by this defense of traditional Western ideals. 

HOLLYWOOD HAS THEIR HILLARY GLASSES ON What are Hillary glasses you ask?  They are the glasses that one would wear if they want to look anywhere BUT THEMSELVES to answer the question: why doesn't anyone like me?  Now Hollywood, which keep trotting out sequels to movies that no one is asking for (I'm looking at you, Transformers) and reboots of tv shows made of cotton candy (*coughBaywatchcough*) they are now blaming Trump for their box office woes.  I don't even have words for this.  Our pal Christian Toto breaks down this stupid, stupid story

ANTI CAPITALIST PROTESTERS TRY TO RUIN THE G20 AND FAIL.  AGAIN.  Remember when anti-capitalists set upon Seattle during the WTO summit and did millions of dollars in damage?  Remember how that protest stopped capitalism in it's tracks??? Okay, it totally didn't, but the same kind of morons are trying to disrupt things in Hamburg, Germany as the G20 meets.  This particular group of morons included  NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio, because goodness knows, capitalism hasn't made his city one of the best in the world.  


IF YOU WANT TO HAVE YOUR HEART RIPPED OUT, WATCH THIS It's the story behind the photo from a small town in Ohio that shocked the world when it showed a grandmother and her boyfriends overdosed and passed out in the front seat of a van with a four year old boy in the backseat.  This might make you ugly cry.  

THE NAKEDLY PARTISAN WHITE HOUSE ETHICS CHIEF IS RESIGNING And here is why I'm perfectly fine with Walter Shaub resigning..  First, he's an Obama donor appointed to monitor Obama's ethics by Obama.  Second, when he had concerns about the financial vetting of some of Trump's proposed cabinet members, he sent a letter to Senate Democrats ONLY asking them to delay the nominees.  Third, he defended Hillary Clinton hiding her paid speeches for the Clinton Foundation when she was running for President.  Read it all here.  Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you, fella.  

THE MEDIA CHICKENS HAVE COME TO ROOST AND NOW THE MEDIA IS TRYING TO SHOO THEM OFF THE PORCH And all I can say is they should have paid attention years ago when people started talking about media bias.  Because now we don't believe them when they say it isn't so.  And now they are LESS trusted than the Trump White House.  Which has to gall them beyond belief.  

RAND PAUL IS GOING TO WAR WITH THE GOP.  WHICH IS WHY I LOVE HIM SO. Though Senator Mitch McConnell seems to have developed amnesia about his big "we're going to rip out Obamacare root and branch!" talk in the last few years, but I haven't.  And neither has Rand Paul.  And unlike some of his more spineless compatriots in the Senate, he's not shy about reminding people of just what the GOP ran on.  Which is REPEAL.  Read about Rand firebombing the party here

BUDWEISER IS USING CHEESY PANDERING TO WIN YOUR BUSINESS And in a state chock full of some of the best craft brews in the world PLUS the largest brewery in the world in Coors, this just sort of smacks of desperation.  I'm guessing the people buying Budweiser cans labelled "Colorado" will be tourists looking for a souvenir.  Good luck with this one, A-B.  

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