Live from Denver Comic Con Today!

GUESS WHO? I am at Comic Con today....

Guess Who?

Guess Who?

COMIC CON IN THE NERDIEST DAY OF FUN YOU CAN HAVE And I will be broadcasting live from the event today.  Find out more and join me by clicking here!  

BUT THERE IS NON NERDY NEWS OUT THERE TOO So I'm going to do a brief blog on some stuff just for those six of you who actually READ the blog.  You're welcome and thank you! 

BUFFALO JUST DON'T WANT THEIR PICTURES TAKEN.  IT'S BAD FUR DAY. An older couple found themselves on the wrong side of a buffalo head at Yellowstone this week.  The 72 year old woman was butted by a buffalo and fell into her also elderly husband.  They were on a boardwalk, but apparently buffalo don't give a crap about boardwalks.  Keep this in mind if you're headed to where the buffalo roam this weekend!  

HOLY COW, PROJECT VERITAS IS BRINGING THE WOOD TO CNN And James O'Keefe's newest video is out and the hits keep coming as CNN has absolutely no way to present themselves as anything but completely biased against President Trump.  There is some bad language in this.  From CNN producers.

THREE BAD GUYS CHOOSE THE WRONG VICTIM As that victim was a 62 year old cancer patient who also happened to be a Marine.  Read the heartwarming tale of an old guy shooting three punks here.

I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO WANTS TRUMP TO STOP TWEETING STUPID CRAP As 71% of voters say the moments of idiocy are hurting his agenda.  

YOU KNOW WHAT MIGHT IMPEDED YOUR JOB HUNT?  GOING TO FIGHT FOR ISIS. And now it seems Europeans who took some time off to go fight with ISIS are having a hard time getting jobs when they return.  Who woulda thunk it?  Some former Jihadis in Sweden are finding it hard to explain why they fled the comforts of Sweden for the Middle East in job interviews and are finding out that no one wants to hire a guy who may come in to work one day to blow the joint up.  My big question is, why are these guys allowed back in the country if intelligence services know they are former jihadis?  That has been a bit of a problem elsewhere.  

NOBODY WANTS YOUR STUFF. NOBODY.  I just had this moment of clarity after my father died.  So much of what was treasure to him was just garbage to everyone else.  I got some useful things, like a shotgun shell reloader, but so much of his dear possessions were just crap to the rest of the world.  As our parents pass away, my generation is facing the reality that no one wants your antique furniture, no one wants your knick knacks, no one wants any of it.  So instead of hoarding stuff, hoard memories.  That's so much better.  

That's for for today, I'll be back next Friday with more blog goodness!  Thanks for reading! 

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