It's a Perfect Day for Ice Cream! Or book about ice cream.

WHO DOESN'T LOVE ICE CREAM?  With apologies to those lactose intolerant among us, I'd say no one.  Thomas Jefferson's ice cream recipe is STILL served at Mount Rushmore (full report on THAT next week) and ice cream is a beloved part of our heritage in the US.  I'll talk with Amy Ettinger about her new book Sweet Spot : An American Binge Across America.  It's a wonderful book and perfect for a summer vacation read!  Buy it here.

THE TRINITY LUTHERAN CASE COULD MEAN VOUCHERS HAVE A SHOT And today I'll speak with Douglas County School Board President Meghann Silverthorn about what the decision yesterday means for the DougCo voucher case currently in the courts.  Spoiler alert: it's good news. And the best part?  This could mean another chink in the union armor is falling by the wayside.  

DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE SENATOR BEING INVESTIGATED FOR FRAUD?  And this time, it's NOT Hillary, but Bernie!  I am going to keep posting the updates about this story until it gets the kind of coverage that Trump-Russia gets.  So pretty much til the end of time. 

DID YOU HEAR THE ONE WHERE CNN ADMITS THE RUSSIA STORY IS BS?  Project Veritas is at it again, and this time, CNN is right in the cross hairs where an executive producer admits that CNN is covering Russia for one reason: ratings.  You really should watch this.  It has some bad language in it, so you've been warned.


My favorite part:

 "All the nice cutesy little ethics that used to be talked about in journalism're just like...that's adorable."

Yes, we know, but thanks for confirming what we already thought. 

BUT THE HITS KEEP COMING FOR CNN As three journalists resigned over the weekend after they published what is now widely known to be a garbage story last week.  Heh.  

TOO BAD CNN DIDN'T COVER THIS TRUMP STORY ABOUT RUSSIA Because is sure is juicy.  It seems that according to this story from Circa, the ENTIRE Russia investigation of Mike Flynn came about as retaliation by now Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.  This story involves a female agent who allegedly had her entire career derailed by McCabe and Mike Flynn having the nerve to defend her publicly, privately and officially.  So if this is true, the entire programming of CNN is based on a big, fat nothing burger launched by a sexist man who didn't like one career female agent.  If it's true, that is.  No word on if CNN is going to cover it.  JUST KIDDING!  They won't.  

I'M GLAD SHERYL SANDBERG IS USING HER PLATFORM TO TALK ABOUT GRIEF Because it is such a common, universal emotional state that we will all go through at some point.  She is open about the isolation that grief thrusts upon you.  This story spoke to me as I continue to work through the grief from my father's death.  It's getting better, but I still feel myself dragged down some days.  Why do I tell you this?  Because some of you may be going through the same thing and I just wanted to give you all a big, collective grief high five to let you know you are not alone.  

FORGET TERRORISM, WE'RE KILLING OURSELVES WITHOUT IT And this story is sad on so many levels.  St. Louis used some federal money to buy a refrigerated trailer to store bodies in case of a terrorist attack.  Only now they are using it because the morgue is full of drug overdose victims.  

EVEN OUT PETS ARE GETTING FATTER And it stands to reason if you eat like crap and get fat, so will your pets.  And now we have this story to prove it

THE NEW SECRET CODE OF ANTI-SEMITISM ON THE LEFT And who knew that a rainbow flag with GASP a Star of David on it would be the story of the day from Chicago Pride.  This column finds the oh-so-many-ways that the Left is hiding it's anti-semitism in plain sight.  

Mandy Connell


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