If Lorretta Lynch is Investigated and No One Covers It...

DOES IT MAKE A SOUND?  Because three days ago the story broke that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch is being investigated for ACTUALLY interfering in the Clinton email investigation and I saw ONE story, this one.  I actually thought for a second I imagined it when it completely disappeared from the news cycle.  But then I realized I wasn't the only one, as Newsbusters did this analysis of how the networks simply IGNORED this rather large story.  This is my shocked face.  Oddly, they all found time to devote the Trump-Russia investigation, for which there is still no proof.  At all.  And we have testimony from James Comey that says Lynch told him to refer to the investigation as a "matter" to downplay it in the media.  I guess it worked, because the media doesn't seem interested.  

XCEL WANTS MORE OF YOUR MONEY And I am going to urge you to let your voice be heard by the Public Utilities Commission.  It seems that Xcel, who pocketed about 1.12 BILLION IN PROFITS last year, and who also has a state sanctioned monopoly, wants money to pay for natural gas pipelines.  Shouldn't that just be a cost of doing business?  I think so.  Make your voice heard by clicking on this link and filing a public comment telling them NO on the Xcel rate hike.  

JACK PHILLIPS WILL HEAD THE SUPREME COURT...HE SHOULD BRING THEM CAKE He is the owner of Masterpiece Bakery who refused to make a cake for a gay wedding.  The case will be heard at the beginning of the Courts fall session.  This one could be HUGE.  

ONE OBNOXIOUS COLLEGE PROFESSOR DOWN, HOW MANY TO GO?  An especially mean adjunct professor in Delaware is out a job for piling on Otto Wambier, the 22 year old man who died after being incarcerated in North Korea.  She thought it wise to announce her belief that the young white man "got what he deserved" on social media.  And now methinks she got what she deserved. Heh.  

DIDJA HEAR THE SCOTUS RULING THAT HAS TEACHER'S UNIONS IN A FULL PANIC?  It was a case involving of all things playground material and a private Lutheran Preschool.  But the Trinity Preschool case will reverberate throughout education as it paves the way for school systems to be able to have voucher programs.  That sound you hear is the stranglehold on education by the unions loosening.  

OH, AND DIDJA HEAR ABOUT THE RULING IN FAVOR OF PRESIDENT TRUMP?  This on the travel ban, which was reinstated until the court hears the case in October.  Funny spin I heard on MSNBC this morning, they've decided that this is really no big deal, and the travel ban will have "lost it's legs" by October.  Odd, since the last time they were talking about it was the WORST THING EVER and HAD to be stopped by the Court.  It must be exhausting to take every position on every issue.  



SEATTLE'S NEW MINIMUM WAGE IS COSTING WORKERS HOURS Which means it's costing workers money, at least according to a new study from the University of Washington.  Some economists at Berkley are all mad because they just released their own study that says the minimum wage increase hasn't cost JOBS, but the UW economists say their study confirms that, but it also confirms low wage workers are losing hours each week, costing them an average of $125 a week.  


Mandy Connell


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