It's Time for a FREE for ALL FRIDAY! Who's with me??

WHEN SHOULD WE MERGE?  This is an article which confirms something that I already knew to be true SO THERE.  When you are approaching the end of a lane where you are forced to merge, don't merge too soon.  Those merges are set up to use the "zipper effect" where cars go one after the other from each lane until everyone merges.  IT'S SCIENCE PEOPLE.  I posted this on my Facebook page and it drew such passionate reactions I realized it is a burning issue of the day and must be discussed on the air.  We can work this out, people, we are smart enough.  

WHAT SONG PSYCHES YOU UP?  I think the younger you are the more likely you are to do this.  You're getting ready for a big event, a big presentation, a big date, there a song that you jam on your stereo to get you pumped up?  Like your own personal walk up song?  Mine is actually Lose Yourself by Eminem.  No, I'm not kidding.  It's got two bad words in it, which have been edited out in this video, but it's about laying it all on the line, leaving nothing on the table and going for it.  How can I not love that?  

YOU LOW CARBERS ARE TRIPPIN' In the same way drug users trip, at least that's what one study says about how a low carb diet affects the brain.  Seriously.  You're practically raving as you pile unlimited amounts of bacon your plate.  Being in ketosis has a similar impact on your brain as taking liquid GHB, which apparently is called liquid Ecstasy now.  So you can party like you used to and lose some weight in the process!  

RAND PAUL DOES NOT LOVE THE SENATE HEALTH CARE BILL And honestly, that's good enough for me.  I hate it too now.  The issue?  It is simply Obamacare light, it doesn't do anything to address costs and continues to provide a really nice stream of bailout money for insurance companies.  If he's agin, I'm agin it.  And as a doctor, Rand Paul has a very specific knowledge about health insurance that an overwhelming majority of his colleagues can't even begin to touch.  

BUT AT LEAST HE'S READ THE BILL I was one of many who shouted a chorus of "READ THE BILL" to legislators who rushed to pass Obamacare without even reading the full monstrosity.  And now the GOP, many of whom were OUTRAGED...OUTRAGED I tell you in 2008 about how Obamacare was passed without anyone reading the bill are now poised to do the EXACT. SAME. THING.  And they should be roundly condemned by every person who condemned the Dems for doing it back then.  This column pretty much lays it out

A FOOL AND HER MONEY ARE SOON PARTED And Gwyneth Paltrow is taking their money via her ridiculous GOOP site.  GOOP just posted their new product online for suckers people to buy.  What was this new miracle?  Patches that GOOP said would heal some sort of energy somethingorother because they were made from fabric that NASA uses for spacesuits.  Only NASA had to go and pipe in that the claim was, well, let me quote a NASA scientist actually said:

 “Wow. What a load of BS that is.”


EQUALITY IN JAIL TIME MAY BE JUST AROUND THE CORNER! Women are going to jail at record numbers.  Yay equality!  This story is truly heartbreaking because it's not about the crime committing women, it's about the kids they leave behind and the system that fails the kids.  Horrible.  This is only the tip of the iceberg, and if we don't figure something out, this kids are going to be lost to the patterns that put their moms in jail too.  

COLORADO DEMS TAKE A PAGE FROM THE DNC PLAYBOOK WHEN IT COMES TO PRIMARIES And you don't even need me to complain about it because this column by a guy who I'm sure is going to vote in this primary does it for me.  


IS THIS TONE DEAF OR A GENIUS IDEA?  A charity in Sydney, Australia is being blasted for letting CEOs of prominent companies "experience" homelessness using Virtual Reality (VR) goggles instead of sleeping out on the streets for a night instead.  I'm guessing St. Vincent De Paul got feedback that indicated the CEO Sleepout wasn't a huge hit, as asking CEOs to spend a night out in a city on cardboard boxes with sleeping bags doesn't seem like a great idea to me.  Don't get me wrong, I get trying to make people sympathetic to your cause, but if doing so means they won't show up in the first place, you've failed.  I actually think this technology has the potential to reach far more influential, busy people than the Sleepout idea.  

IS JOHNNY DEPP THIS DESPERATE FOR RELEVANCE?  I have always been a Johnny Depp fan.  I think some of his early work is simply amazing in terms of his acting ability.  However, he's alleged to be completely broke, he's playing the same character over and over again and now he's apparently offering to off the POTUS.  And he did so overseas, which Americans don't take kindly too (paging the Dixie Chicks, paging the Dixie Chicks).  Why?  Has he reached Madonna-level anxiety over his increasing irrelevance?  I hope not because this makes me sad.  He even sounds like he's doing this on stage bit as Captain Jack Sparrow.  Poor, poor idiot.  

BUT HE'S NOT THE ONLY HOLLYWOOD IDIOT TO THREATEN THE PRESIDENT And here is a handy list you can consult and ad to as it necessary.  

TRUMP FOLLOWS THROUGH ON YET ANOTHER CAMPAIGN PROMISE This time by signing a VA accountability bill into law.  This bill means people who lie to get bonuses while veterans die waiting for care TO BE FIRED!  And that's not all, they could have to give back the filthy lucre they stole by lying.  

ALABAMA SCHOOL TEACHER ATTEMPTS TO INJECT BALANCE, IS TOLD IT'S NOT BALANCED And this particular balance came in the form of a VOLUNTARY summer reading list for AP History students.  The issue with this VOLUNTARY summer reading list?  It featured only conservative and libertarian authors.  Liberal parents lost their mind because it was SO UNBALANCED and the school district demanded the teacher rescind the VOLUNTARY summer reading list.  You know the super cool upside of this uproar?  I guarantee at least some of these students will read ALL these books because they are being told not to.  

REMEMBER WHEN TRUMP SAID MILLIONS OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS VOTED?  HE MAY BE RIGHT. And this is something that should concern anyone who says they care about the sanctity of the vote.  A new study confirms what older studies posited and that is that millions of non-citizens are illegally voting in the last three elections.  But I'm sure it won't be a problem until it starts helping Republicans.  

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